Sunday, October 28, 2012

On Climate Science and the Nobel Prize: Indict the Entire Process

Many blogs are castigating climate scientist Michael Mann for claiming to have been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, when that prize was in fact awarded to the IPCC, although even the IPCC presented certificates to Mann (and many other scientists) whose work led to that award. I don't much care about going after the small fry, however; I prefer to strike at the heart of a problem. Following are two comments on the present episode that I have made on other blog sites.

At notrickszone:

I consider all of the IPCC-associated climate scientists to be incompetent to the point of mental delusion, and every one of them responsible for bringing worldwide shame and loss of trust upon science itself. But the added certificate clearly says, "Presented to Michael E. Mann for contributing to the award of the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 to the IPCC". It doesn't appear to claim the Nobel Prize was awarded to Mann. You must know, as I do, that the shame for this particular fiasco remains firmly with the Nobel Prize committee that picks the winners. It is first and foremost the IPCC and the Nobel committee that stand disgraced and humiliated, in my book -- and you can tack on the names of Mann et al. after that prime indictment (just as Mann's "trick" here does), as a piggyback.

And at tomnelson:

All of this rests firmly upon the foundation of a quite general incompetence among climate scientists. On top of that is the fraudulent promulgation of that false science by the IPCC -- which has suborned all of our institutions -- and on top of the latter is the awarding of an unearned Nobel Prize to the IPCC by the Nobel Committee. If you just castigate Mann for inflating his sense of professional worth, and leave intact and unindicted the reputations of the Nobel Prize itself, of the IPCC, and of the climate scientists who enabled the IPCC in its fraud, then you miss the real lesson to be learned -- that all of those now piling on Mann's reputation have no credibility either, in the larger, true picture, because they fail to provide that picture to their readers, and thus to the world.

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