Friday, October 19, 2018

Man, God, and the "gods"

I have posted the following comment to an American Thinker article on "Being Human and the Abuse of Science", which sets belief in God above science:

The problem is, all of our religions grew out of previous history, which personalized God, and thus put God in a too-small box of man's own making. The most obvious problem with this, of course, is the proliferation of man-made "Gods", which led to competing religions -- a division of mankind that has yet to be healed by new understanding, rather than kept alive by man-made, false dogmas masquerading as the truth, as "revealed" through various "prophets". Mohammed and Islam is an extreme example.

God, in purest truth, is overarching meaning; meaningfulness itself. Of course, to personalize that: God is the Designer of all that exists in the material world, the material universe.

But there is new, more immediate knowledge now. Not about the truth of God, but about the "gods" of ancient myth. Those who are blind to the underlying order and coherence in the physical world, and the indicated overarching meaning, are second or third rate thinkers, blind to the uncounted wonders (not mere scientific observance and dispassionate listing of the details) of the world and man.

Human religions, despite human learning throughout history and such fundamental advances as monotheism, have all been suborned from the beginning, by the once-sacred stories passed down about the "gods", now relegated to "myth", or primitive fantasy. But in fact -- as many have wondered but only I have uncovered and verified, scientifically, by my discovery of the "Great Design of the 'gods' " -- the "gods" did exist. For their "Great Design" IS great, encompassing the entire world, and unavoidably indicating that ALL was designed -- as we can note in even the smallest of things, all around us -- and appreciation of the design of all things is key to appreciation of the truth of an overarching meaning, and thus intelligence, known as God. They were the ones who taught Man to fear them and thus to "fear God", and the ones who divided Man into separate tribes, with false dogmas that still rule us in too many ways.

This is not wild, or merely hopeful, speculation. Through my discovery of the Great Design of the 'gods', it is now fact, constituting a new paradigm for both human science and religion. And the breakdown of order, and the rise of old, false dogmas, that we are seeing today is but an indication that this new knowledge is needed now.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Alienation, Meaning, and False Dogma

I have submitted the following comment to the fabius maximus site, in response to an article on alienation:

Large-scale, or mass, alienation is due to a general incompetence on the part of the "experts", particularly in science and religion. Or to make a long story short, too long nurturing of false dogmas in the underlying assumptions of a civilization or society. The primary false dogma of modern times is the establishment of Darwinian, or undirected "evolution" as the paradigm for all scientific observation and explanation of all that we observe, without thought for the essential meaninglessness behind that assumption.

This works on the individual level too, because the individual's mind is the very unit of intelligence, which absolutely requires meaning, or more fundamentally, meaningfulness of all that is in our lives, all of the physical universe particularly (which feeds our senses).

In my book, "The End of the Mystery", I identified what I have learned through my research and lifetime of experience as the natural philosophy of Man: "I think, therefore God exists." "God", in turn, is identifiable as the meaningfulness behind all things. Our own, slightest rational thought presupposes such overarching meaningfulness; without it, our thoughts must fall apart -- hence, alienation, from ourselves and from the meaningful world.

Alienation is the individual's natural response to an assumed meaninglessness, to which the meaningfulness of our own thoughts give the lie, always and ever. The answer is, and has always been, to realize once and for all that the world and everything in it is meaningful, both in itself and in its connections to all else. Which is not to pretend that any human being knows all of those meanings, or the overarching meaning of it all. Just that logic itself tells us, or should if we are intellectually competent or wise, that the meaningfulness of all is real, and independent of our limited understanding.

I have probably said, "protested", too much...but such is life; I have said it, I take responsibility for it, I proclaim it to the world. Go forth, and multiply the understanding

As if that weren't already a lot to think about, I added separately:

The growing trouble with multiculturalism should also be mentioned. You can see how that is going, with the Western embrace of Islam and the bringing together of cultures that don't WANT to come together, but to cling each to their own culture as superior, despite evidence to the contrary. Our societies are not judging the long-held dogmas of each culture competently -- it's kind of like introducing a new predator into one's biosystem, without regard for its predatory nature. Really stupid, and the scientists have been guilty of that themselves, in their trying to improve on the established systems of the natural world while not understanding those systems well at all.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

"Post Modernism" and the General Incompetence in Science Today

I posted the following comment on the American Thinker site, in response to a comment that referred to "cultural geography" and "post-modernism":

As a physicist, the term "cultural geography" sounds like another meaningless term, that belongs in sociology, not hard science.

I just took the time to look up "post-modernism" in my 4-inch thick dictionary (the only clue -- other than the vague mention of "gaia" -- your comment gave to the nonsensical "cultural geography"), and it wasn't there -- so I looked up "modernism", and found that it had to do with "a movement in Protestant Christianity...that seeks to establish the meaning and validity of the Christian faith in relation to present human experience and to reconcile and unify traditional theological concepts with the requirements of modern knowledge"...I think I see why you didn't get into that little detail.... "Post-modernism" would then refer to those who believe and assume that science and the world are past that "religious nonsense".

My unprecedented research and discovery, of the single OBJECTIVE origin of all of the "Ancient Mysteries" of mankind, is the real, historical truth, not any current "post-modernism" (i.e., anti-religion dogma), that declares that any mention of design of the "natural" world is out of bounds in science.

The truth is that the world WAS designed, and later re-formed wholesale to a lesser but still all-encompassing design (the latter, only 20,000 to 10,000 years ago, and NOT done by "God", but by the "gods", of worldwide ancient worship, and later relegated to mere "myth").

The war between "God" and science is quite false -- because it neglects the very real but misapprehended "gods" who remade the world and man -- and science is now in a crisis of general incompetence over it, as only my research has proved, with new knowledge of the actual design imposed upon the Earth by the "gods" -- as I said, the single objective origin of all of the ancient mysteries, all of mankind's earliest religious and religiously-held beliefs.

Challenge to Earth Scientists

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter Once Again

I have posted the following Easter comment on American Thinker:

Roman Catholicism, the original "universal" Christianity, appropriated many popular beliefs of earlier, so-called "pagan" religions, which were clasped tightly and unquestioningly by their followers in happy obedience to long, long tradition -- the colored eggs and new, green grass filled baskets of Easter, for example.

This was done to enable the swift acceptance of Christianity by the "pagans" who preceded it. They didn't call themselves that (hence the quotation marks around the name); the common-folk followers of the "pagan" religions simply called themselves the followers of one or another god or goddess, while the initiates, learned in the wider tradition, knew they were followers of the truly ancient "mysteries", or "wisdom" traditions -- handed down, it was averred, from the very "Beginning".

Easter predates Christianity, by many thousands of years. (I and I alone, could tell you just how many years, but you would have to read the whole book I wrote, "The End of the Mystery", to really accept it.) It was, and remains, an integral part of the original "Wisdom Tradition". The resurrection of Christ is tied to Easter because of that far longer tradition.

In fact, a host of other once-famous "saviors", "healers" and "Sons of God", in earlier religions, who all died and were resurrected, preceded Jesus -- whose name, by the way, MEANS "savior" and "healer", so it was a title, in that far longer religious tradition, more than just a name. Jesus was "born at Christmastime" because that was when those earlier "saviors" were born, all in accordance with the ancient wisdom tradition. And he died and rose again at Easter, for the same reason.

Easter was the most ancient celebration of the spring equinox -- the beginning of spring each year, around March 21 -- when the Sun itself "rose again" (every year), above the celestial equator, and Spring (when the Sun "springs" above the celestial equator) came once again to renew all life.

Christmas was originally the celebration of the winter solstice, around December 21 each year, when the Sun is at its furthest distance below the celestial equator, and starts back "up" (hence, the "New Year").

The "Resurrection of the Son of God" commemorates -- to any initiate of the eternal "wisdom tradition" -- the rising of the Sun, each year, above the celestial equator. And that, in turn, commemorates the higher truth, of the renewal of the spirit of Earthbound man, reflected in the new life around him.

All of that does not mean Jesus did not die on the cross, nor that he did not "rise again" (although the latter is highly unlikely, because it was after all a sacred myth, endlessly repeated, far before his time). But his story was meant to be just a template for all men, all Earthbound souls; that they -- we -- all rise again, after death in this life, to a greater, eternal life, in a higher reality known as the Spirit.

What happens after that depends, the ancient traditions all tell, upon how much we have learned here.

The Wisdom tradition is independent of the story of Jesus of Nazareth; his story merely follows that tradition. It is his TEACHINGS, not the stories told about him, that truly define him. In the end, we are all doomed, all promised, to be the resurrected Christ. That is what all Earthbound souls find so nearly impossible to believe, unless they can first accept it for ONE, like Jesus. Love him for what he taught, and meant to so many, and you can do it.

The Easter Egg Hunt is really a happy enactment of seeking and finding the spirit, the higher self -- to the initiate in the mysteries, that is.

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

An Imbalance In Modern Thought

I submitted the following comment on the American Thinker site, in response to another comment stating that the United States suffers now from an "ideological imbalance" -- specifically, towards the far Left, or Democrat end. It may, and should be, of interest here (and, by the way, I will take no political comments on this science blog):

The ideological imbalance came from cutting man off from the ancient wisdom, the traditions that the Enlightenment itself sprang from, and which is the unchanging foundation of all human wisdom. It was present from the beginning, but few in each generation were able to pass it on more or less whole, until democracy wrested power from the "divine Kingship", culminating in a country founded upon the inalienable rights of the individual ahead of the state.

Of course those wisdom traditions, so powerful in their effects, were bound up with religion, and the roots of religion have been hidden, despite all of the Creation myths, including the Genesis summary.

We are suffering today the consequences of false dogmas, both ancient and modern. The ancient ones -- the false ones, remember, is what I'm talking about -- all revolve around the idea of coercion of the individual in the name of one or another god or goddess, later in the name of an omnipotent, omniscient God behind all things. The modern ones all stem from the "humanist" backlash to all the old religious abuses, to throw God out with the bathwater of science as it were. Only the scientists, and their secular-humanist followers, got it wrong from the very beginning of their revolution (in Darwin's theory of evolution): It turns out there IS meaning to the world, not just human experience, without conscious learning to improve one's self and one's lot.

The Left is just the canary (tired, old, and stubborn to the end, but still just a canary, a bellweather) in the coal mine of human experience.

God is meaning, meaningfulness itself, and it is not accidental, conditional, or transient. It is eternal, and we are only here to learn that THAT is the only proper foundation for a life well-lived. From THAT flows the idea that All Men are Created Equal, etc., etc., etc..

And from that comes the knowledge that nothing on this Earth is accidental or the mere product of uncounted natural accidents, altogether added up and judged, falsely, as "evolution". It was all designed...only not all at once, direct from God.

No use trying to get into details, not all of which anyone knows anyway. Suffice it to say, undirected "evolution" is not the way of the world...Learning is the way of the world.

Which requires avoiding becoming attached to dogma, which inevitably descends into false, and from that coercive, dogma.

No, we are all here to LEARN the design of things, and know them as designs, within a greater design.

This is just a learning world. We actually come from and go back to, a greater and truer existence than the merely physical.

That's what we all, and especially the Insane Left, need to learn.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Dark Side of Science And Religion

I have posted the following comment to an American Thinker article on "The Dark Side of Science":

Both science and religion -- as practiced by human beings, who are ignorant of far more than they are knowing -- may be classified as "fake news" (to take advantage of a current idea): Science as practiced is not necessarily good reasoning, and religion as practiced is not necessarily good in spirit (or "spiritual"). Both are, more often than not, not what they are supposed, or meant, to be.

Good reason and spirituality are the objects to be desired; science and religion are at best tools to those ends, and mankind has seen enough value in both to have made them institutions, necessary for civilization -- but also capable of holding mankind back (as religion has repeatedly done throughout history, and science is increasingly doing, for the last century and a half, with the rise, and current general belief, in scientific materialism, most famously represented by Darwinism, or undirected evolution of the world and all of its life).

The key, of course, is learning, and the institutions of both science and religion are -- at least, they are meant to be -- institutions of learning.

We are not here to love one another, for example, because we make ourselves unlovable, in our selfish ignorance; we are here to LEARN to love one another; we can argue over just how great a majority -- if not all -- of us NEVER learn it very well. It helps (immensely) if we are taught the lesson by example from earliest childhood, and consistently until we grow up to reason for ourselves. Religion CAN help provide that, but the chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and if that weakest link is our parents who teach us, or the morally weak (or even false) religion they practice, we grow up mentally deficient, relative to those of us who were taught better.

There is new knowledge that mankind needs to learn, which would correct fundamental ignorance in both science and religion. The "experts" -- so-called -- in both fields don't want to hear of it (nor do their followers, the unquestioning believers in the consensus, in either field). It will replace the currently ruling paradigms in both science and religion.

Here is a gentle example of what the new knowledge can provide:

advice to a truthseeker

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

My Venus/Earth Comparison Should Not Even Have Been Needed

I received a comment (from one Chris Carter) yesterday (on this post), agreeing with, and emphasizing, my continual refrain with respect to my November 2010 Venus/Earth temperature vs. pressure comparison, that the close (or rather, precise) agreement between the Standard Atmosphere for Earth's atmosphere, and the actual profile of Venus's atmosphere over the same range of tropospheric pressures, cannot legitimately or even competently be laid to "coincidence" (as all of the critics of that comparison essentially do).

I don't want to debate with such critics; I say I am only here to inform, and I only maintain my original analysis is correct, as originally written, and definitive against the consensus "climate science" theories, of radiational forcing of global warming within the atmosphere, due to a "carbon dioxide greenhouse effect". The comparison of Earth and Venus shows there is no such effect in the real atmospheres (and Venus has 2400 times the concentration of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere as does Earth), and the simple physics of the Standard Atmosphere explains why -- because, for atmospheric pressures above approximately 200 mb (as can be observed in all the planetary atmospheres), the atmosphere overall, and thus globally, obeys the hydrostatic condition, and thus behaves like an unmoving ("static"), incompressible medium (to wit, water, hence the "hydro"). That condition enforces an increasing pressure with depth in the atmosphere, and the ideal gas laws in turn mean the temperature must also increase with depth in the troposphere (which, again, exists above 200 mb in all the planetary atmospheres). This explains the simple vertical temperature "lapse rate" structure, defined in the Standard Atmosphere (and based upon many years of temperature measurements throughout the real atmosphere), of -6.5 degrees Celsius per km of altitude above sea level. (The condition is quantified by simple calorimetry, in the equation mcΔT = -mgΔh, or ΔT/Δh = -g/c, where g is the gravitational acceleration and c is the effective specific heat of the air, determined empirically.)

I am only mentioning this yet again, because the very EXISTENCE of the lapse rate structure -- obviously a global constraint upon the temperature in the atmosphere, as any excess heat will only escape "down" that temperature gradient, without affecting the temperature at any point along the way, to outer space -- should have rung a bell in the minds of competent physicists, that there can be no radiative global-warming "greenhouse effect" in the real atmosphere (despite what radiation transfer theorists and laboratory physicists observe in an enclosed tank in a laboratory, for example).

This in fact is why I did the Venus/Earth comparison in the first place, because the subject of the lapse rate structure was brought up in the internet blogs earlier in 2010 (and not by me), and I quickly understood just how powerful a contradiction of the consensus it was, and I couldn't understand why others, of even the most pronounced "skeptical" positions in the climate science debates, weren't treating it as such. I felt a quick comparison of Venus, with its almost pure carbon dioxide atmosphere, with Earth should reveal, clearly and decisively, the truth of the matter. And of course, I found the utterly precise (!) agreement that I, and I thought any competent physicist should have, expected.

So my Venus/Earth comparison wasn't really even needed. Competent scientists should have agreed that, if in fact the Standard Atmosphere model correctly represented the temperature structure of Earth's troposphere (and of course it was developed, between approximately 1850 and 1920 -- the latter date, when the American Standard Atmosphere was first officially adopted -- to do just that), it should also, and just as accurately, represent Venus's atmosphere over the same range of pressures -- modified only by Venus's closer distance from the Sun.

And it did, and always will, due SOLELY to the fundamental nature of the hydrostatic condition. It should always be remembered that my comparison was between the Standard Atmosphere, known for decades, even a century, with the Venus profile on a much later, and single day, October 5, 1991 -- showing there can not have been any global warming in Earth's atmosphere since the development of the Standard Atmosphere model, a century and more ago. This negates all the research of all the alarmist "climate scientists" of the last two generations and more (since they turned away from the Standard Atmosphere in order to chase a chimera of unstable atmospheric temperatures) -- lifetimes, and generations, of work, wasted by miseducation and incompetent physics (and the resulting degeneration of modern science itself, as the many "skeptics" of the consensus have by now well shown).

So thanks for reminding me to emphasize this critical point once again, Chris.