Saturday, April 15, 2017

On "Global Warming: Science or Dogma?"

I have submitted the following comment to an article, "Global Warming: Science or Dogma" on the American Thinker site, in response to other comments there which hew to the dogma that there is a CO2 (carbon dioxide) greenhouse effect in the atmosphere:

Those scientists who think they are experts in talking about CO2 absorption of radiation from the planetary surface are over-educated and mis-educated. The point that any such "experts" need to understand is that such absorption is just one pathway by which heat is transferred from the surface of the planet to outer space. Heat is transferred not just by radiation, but by conduction and convection, and it is a BULK, macroscopic process, not a molecular, much less quantum, process. What governs the global mean surface temperature (and that at any other pressure level in the lower atmosphere, the troposphere) is the weight of the atmosphere above any level, pressing down on that level: Overall, the pressure at any level is due to the weight of the atmosphere above that level; this is called the hydrostatic condition, as it is the same condition in a static column of water. The global mean temperature has nothing at all to do with CO2 or any other constituent of the atmosphere, it is controlled, essentially, solely by the hydrostatic condition, the height (or total mass) of the atmosphere, and the intensity of incident solar radiation. The atmosphere is not even warmed by the heated planetary surface, on the global scale (uneven surface heating only drives the transient WEATHER patterns over the globe, not the global mean temperature) as all of the "experts" have been miseducated to believe, but by direct absorption of incident solar radiation and downward transfer of heat by CONDUCTION (not radiation at all, note), as strictly enforced by the hydrostatic condition (that means it happens very fast, through uncounted molecular collisions), so CO2 absorption of long wavelength radiation from the surface is doubly irrelevant. No "expert", on either side of the climate debate/war, wants to have anything to do with that explanation, it is too alien to the accepted dogma. But the real, true science is simple and easy, not complicated and contrived. This is why I have continually written, "There is no valid global climate science, and no competent climate scientists", ever since my Venus/Earth temperatures comparison of November 2010. There is NO global-warming "greenhouse effect".

Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Science Is Not Just Not Settled; It Is False

The American Thinker site has an article, "The Science Is Settled, So Shut Up", referring to the climate alarmism on the political Left, and its tyrannous consequences, but also bringing in other political debates over science. My response:

False dogma is generally ascendant over true reason now. That is why we see evolution and sexual orientation aguments intruding into the debate over climate science. And it is not just the Left vs. Right, it is just that the Left has taken the politically correct, consensus position in every confrontation, while the Right is more open to alternative reasonable views. This is actually a disease on the Left, as the consensus ideas, or reigning dogmas, in so many fields today, are wrong, despite the false dogmas having been nurtured for a long time, in science and in wider society. Darwin set science on the wrong path of denying design of the natural world over 150 years ago, and Agassiz contributed with his theories of past ice ages, which led directly to the false "greenhouse effect" in an attempt to explain a false paradigm of "global climate change"; Milankovitch furthered the miseducation of scientists by supposing recurring changes in the Earth's orbit and the tilt of its spin axis; and the followers of Alfred Wegener overreached, and turned further from the truth, in the 1960s, by "explaining" past continental movements as due to ongoing global "plate tectonics".

Virtually everything scientists so confidently assert as fact in the earth and life sciences today is not only not settled, it is false. There is no undirected, Darwinian evolution; there have been no naturally-occurring ice ages; the Earth's orbit does not change as Milankovitch supposed; the continents were not moved to their present forms and positions by plate tectonics; and there is no valid global climate science being taught.

On the other hand, all religions today are full of myth, not sure knowledge, insofar as they tell stories about the pre-historic past, before events were written down as they happened, according to living witnesses to the events.

So they are no substitute for true science, and that cannot be overemphasized. It is no use trying to go back to ancient religious dogmas to counter the dogmas in modern science.

My research into the so-called "ancient mysteries", undertaken as a modern physicist and to the highest standards of true science, has uncovered the fact--not theory, not ancient religious dogma, not freely-imagined speculation--that a great design WAS imposed upon the Earth, between roughly 20,000 and 10,000 years ago (so modern geology itself is only right about the last 10,000 years or so; it cannot be trusted farther back than that). That design establishes what I wrote above, about the falseness in all the earth and life sciences, due to the false paradigm--the false dogma--they have slavishly followed.

In this, I write as the Copernicus, or Galileo, of this time, informing of a new understanding of the world, its motions in space, and the late origin of its present conditions, only a few tens of thousands, not hundreds of millions, of years ago.

Between the dogmatic scientists and the dogmatic religionists, few want to confront this new knowledge. But all who can see, can see from present debates and wars that such knowledge is very much needed. Without it, everyone is blind, on both sides of every debate about the physical world.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Marching For Dogma

This will be a very short post, as I see no real good in arguing at length with the deeply deluded. This is just a succinct reminder of the truth so many refuse to confront now.

Judith Curry has a post on "What Are Scientists Marching For?". (There is going to be a march on Washington around April 22nd, basically in hysterical protest over the new President and what they so deludedly think he represents, along the lines of "anti-science".) My response:

They will be marching in defense of dogma, that is all--and specifically, false dogma (not science at all). They will also be marching in favor of unabashed tyranny over critics of their dogma (which they believe, religiously but falsely, to be science). This is all about defending what is in fact a general incompetence among today's scientists, the false paradigm that gave rise to that incompetence, and all the false theories--false speculative structures--they have built up in their minds (and in peer-reviewed papers, and books, and countless lectures), based upon that false paradigm.

Actually, I have let myself go on too long here. I meant only to say, "They will be marching in defense of dogma over good, honest reason," and leave it at that. But again, I have to immediately add, "and for the tyranny that is always needed to sustain false dogma."

Now look, I have said it twice. Words all over the place, and to what end? They WILL NOT listen. They have a million, a billion, a trillion times as many words, saying the opposite. How does a generation take stock, and unlearn a century and a half of false dogma and misdirected scientific effort? In the end, they must confront revolutionary new knowledge and a new, truer paradigm--the Great Design of the "gods"--that's how.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Layers of Belief: Political, Religious, and Scientific Dogma

I have submitted the following comment to the American Thinker site, to an article on the "causes of scientific decline in American academia". The article imputes the decline to Leftist beliefs and actions.:

Left (versus Right) is just the top, political, layer. Underneath that is the atheist (versus spiritual believer) religious belief system. And under that, at bottom (in the context of science and scientists), is an undirected-evolution (versus deliberate design) paradigm (or fundamental, unquestioned assumption) directing scientific research. The underlying cause of scientific decline is the miseducation of scientists, ever since Darwin, that the world as we now observe it came about through undirected physical processes alone (with, in the case of living things, the addition of an all-powerful but basically undefined "natural selection", to supply the obviously necessary direction displayed by it all; note, in the case of non-living things--the world that sustains life--scientists don't even have a "natural selection" deity to "explain" its amazing construction and harmonious working order, of land and ocean, mountains and valleys, rivers, rock of all kinds and sizes--and thus uses--and above all life-nutrient soil).

At bottom, the problem is a failing scientific paradigm, increasingly unnoticed by scientists--pursuing their unquestioned, uniformitarian evolution paradigm--for the past 130 to 160 years. I call this paradigm--which covers the non-living world, in addition to the living--the extended Darwinian paradigm. I don't even know if I invented the term or not, as I have not seen it used by other scientists for as long as I remember (nor have I gone looking for it); it comes naturally out of recognizing that earth scientists--for example, geologists--assume, just as biologists and other life scientists do, that what they observe is the result of undirected physical processes alone. The same guiding assumption, in both the life and earth sciences--and false.

Other critics of evolution can only approach this tangentially, in the context of creationism or "Intelligent Design" theory. I am the only scientist in the world who can confront it head-on, without theory, with new, revolutionary knowledge, independent of any prior belief system known to modern man, gained through dispassionate research, discovery, and verification, to the highest scientific standards for certainty, along every line of study.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Modern Scientific Ignorance and Dismissal of the Ancient Truth

I have submitted the following response to the climate etc site of Dr. Judith Curry, who carries a post on "the Dansgaard-Oeschger cycle". The introduction states, "Dansgaard-Oeschger (D-O) events are the most dramatic and frequent abrupt climate change events in the geological record.":

Impressively detailed speculation, but wrong. The Earth's surface was re-formed, wholesale and late in geological history, to a great design:

"Challenge to Earth Scientists", and

"Challenge to Science II: Focus on Design".

In fact, the entire solar system was re-formed, and reoriented to follow the Earth's new (present) orbit:

"Challenge to Science III: The 'gods', the design, and man".

The continents were deliberately moved, shaped and oriented. Some were moved as late as 10,000 years ago, along paths that are today thought to be spreading ocean ridges. They are instead the sutured scars of past movement of landmasses like Atlantis/Greenland (just one of the most famous ancient mysteries, originating in the design, solved by my research):

"Atlantis At Last", and

"Atlantis Details".

The Earth's--and solar system's--new orbital orientation was effected c. 17,000 years ago (as mentioned in "Challenge to Science III", above link). Plato's "Timaeus" reported that the Egyptians dated the disappearance of Atlantis to 9600 BC, indicating the change to the present distribution of landmasses was performed over several thousand years' time, between roughly 20,000 and 10,000 years ago.

Modern geology (including paleoclimatology, e.g. ice core data) cannot be trusted any farther back in time than the end of that deliberate re-formation, by the 'gods', who were worshipped by ancient man worldwide. That worship directed the religions and religious obsessions of man for thousands of years, as observed in the perennially-popular "ancient mysteries", all of which hark back, in precise detail, to that single source, the deliberate world design.

The Fig. 18 in the above article notes that the periodicity in the DO cycle has less than 1% probability of being due to chance. Compare that to the probability of chance placement of the continents in their current, precisely-set form and distribution, which is on the order of 1 in one million million (1 in 1 trillion). What I have just informed you of is so far beyond the "certainty" of modern scientific speculations, like the article above, that to dismiss it is logically perverse, in the extreme. The great design makes practically all that current earth scientists think they know, immediately irrelevant to the truth, and useless to continue with or build upon. It literally sweeps away, effortlessly, the underlying assumption--no design involved--in both evolution and plate tectonics, the central theories of all the life and earth sciences. They are wrong; everything proceeding on the basis of their truth is wrong.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

An Ever-Darker Future Imminent

The Jo Nova site has a post on South Australia's energy infrastructure woes, and the comments put blame on all the usual suspects. The following is my response, as a competent scientist:

Underlying the lazy (still too well fed and entertained), politically polarized public, and their representatives, and the larger tyrannous agenda of the Insane Left, is the fundamental crisis:

A general scientific incompetence–not among the public, but among the “experts” themselves, across all specialties that intersect with the climate or atmosphere, and thus among all those who should have nipped this in the bud–brought about and maintains the insanity surrounding “global warming/climate change/energy infrastructure transformation”.

Back in October 2011, I posted the following comment on Judith Curry’s “Climate Etc” site:

“Judith Curry’s testimony: ‘It is now up to the political process (international, national, and local) to decide how to contend with the climate problem.’

That’s what is wrong with this [Curry's] blog site, in a nutshell.”

In other words, she failed (and continues to fail, despite her stand against the “consensus”) to see how wide and deep is the incompetence in the “climate’ science itself–although all of you here who see the society-wide strict adherence to the alarmist narrative–in all of our most trusted institutions–on a daily basis, and know it is nonsense, know better.

As I have also written for the last 6 years, 1) stop all “climate policies” immediately, and 2) take “climate” science away from the “climate scientists”, indeed, take it away from any scientist who believes any part of it. It is all false; it all has to be redone, from the bottom up (as far back as the Standard Atmosphere, which alone is good science).

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

On the Consequences of Too-Long Nurtured Dogmas

I submitted the following comment on American Thinker, in response to other comments that were speculating about the "real evil" confronting the American people and the world now (on American Thinker, the common answer is "Democrats and the Left", and they are right, right now--but not necessarily for long):

I am an independent scientist, who has made a uniquely great--literally unprecedented in history--discovery that has allowed me to see the hardening and escalating confrontations of dogmatic thoughts and divisions of this time, the early 21st century, in a larger light than, basically, anyone else. Right now, we are confronted with what I call the Insane Left, but that is not the full extent of what is going on. I don't have all the answers--I know the heart of it, but not the myriad living connections, acting throughout history and even before, involved--but I know, as no one else on Earth does, that it is not limited to any particular group, or even groups, of people. It is not even a single world view, such as "globalist". It goes beyond any "conspiracy theory", beyond "Left" vs. "Right", and beyond any physical nexus. It involves the entire set of divisive dogmas held by mankind on Earth, and too-long nurtured as inviolate--religiously, unquestioningly held by each separate group, that makes of each such group a cult, when taken too far--and as such it is not even "evil", in its essence. It is instead a GENERAL TESTING of mankind. Unquestioned dogmas--and especially the worst of the worst FALSE dogmas--are generally ascendant over good honest reason in the world now, and we are all being shown the insanity of man adhering to dogma rather than to his god-given ability to reason. Such adherence is false at its heart--to the very freedom of man to THINK--no matter how many "honestly" believe a given dogma. For now, it is appropriate to confront the immediate danger of the Insane Left, but we will be faced with the insane radicalization of other dogmas--Islamic terrorism and expansion is another prime example now, just as an insane "climate science" is--as long as we fail to learn the real lesson being taught mankind. Too many have for too long abused their reason and the reason of others, and it is now a worldwide, full-blown epidemic.


As a scientist, I would add that what makes nurturing a dogma "too long" is, generally speaking, the uncovering of evidence definitely counter to that dogma. "Climate science" is well past that point, for example.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Positive Morals Versus Coercive Dogma

I submitted the following comment on American Thinker, to a post titled "The Catholic Church You Never Heard Of":

It is necessary to separate the personal morals espoused, from the dogmas insisted upon as being unquestionable, in a religion. This article seeks to defend the moral effect upon history of Catholicism.

But Catholic dogma is advanced here, in the comments, with no supporting evidence other than arguments from authority, such as that "it is widely believed" (that is, that the vast majority of "Catholic" churches, or sects believe); or that (for example) the Inquisition was somehow standard, "accepted" procedure at the time--that it was even "BENIGN", as one commenter here wrote, in capital letters. The innocent victims, such as Giordano Bruno, would beg to differ.

It is really pretty simple, though, if you're ready to lay down your dogma in favor of truly moral precepts, which of course Catholics commenting here show they are not willing to do (just like everyone does, of course, when they spout received dogma): You cannot call it "Christianity" if you worship "The Virgin"--that's ancient goddess worship, if you look far enough back in history, rather than just obsess about early Catholic sources, which operate in their own pagan-denying but pagan-promulgating, pagan-propagating bubble (the Pope is really nothing but a God-King, ruling "by Divine Right", and to be believed as such, "ex cathedra", as one commenter admitted). The dogmas in the Catholic Church--not "The Church", Catholics--are older than Catholicism, and you don't seem to know that, and, considering your apparent devotion to ancient history, are no doubt blocking from your own minds, in defense of your dogma.

All of today's religions still contain dogmas--good and bad, encompassing truth only in metaphorical, "mythical" form, and therefore misleading lies--from the first religion, before the beginning of history. Catholics are not alone in this, and should not be singled out for it. The millennia-long "war" between the Goddess and the patriarchal Gods, and later God, who followed Her in the religious development of Man--a war still alive in the Catholic Virgin worship--goes back to the very beginning of religious belief in pre-history, as it was the storied overturning of the Goddess by the patriarchal "gods" that marked the end of the "golden age", universally remembered in the earliest "myths" worldwide. The Titans overthrown by the "new generation" of Zeus were, before the patriarchal rewrite of ancient history, led by the White Goddess of many names, in many lands around the world: Eurynome, Venus, Cerridwen, Aphrodite, Astarte, Isis, Ereshkigal, Pele, Izanami, Atse Estsan (Navajo), ...virtually every goddess in myth is but another name, or title, in just another story, of the One Goddess.

The ancients worldwide, called pagans by the Catholic Church, LOVED their Goddess, beyond the ability of any new dogma to discard her. That is why the early Church--and it will always be "the early Church", or more correctly the Roman Catholic Church, not "the Church", to any but Catholic cult believers themselves--brought the Virgin into their midst, into the very center in fact (virtually as a goddess, The Goddess, in fact).

Just as the pagan "corn god" or other-named "agricultural" god, was sacrificed each year (like Jesus was said to be) at the winter solstice (that's Christmastime, to modern, still-pagan Christians), only to "rise again" at the time of the spring equinox (just as the Sun-God of old--and later, the son of the Sun-God--did, and Jesus the "Son of God" did, and as the physical Sun itself actually does, every year, in rising above the celestial equator just at that time), so the "fertility goddess" suffered her various mythical travails and lost her virginity(!), and subsequently gave birth (re-birth) to the Son of God (also of many names) each year, only to renew that virginity each spring, in token to all that new life springing forth at that same beginning of spring, and to her "eternal" nature--thus "ever-renewed", in her virginity, herself, and ever-renewing of the life on Earth.

The truth behind all the "sacrifice of the Son of God" stories, long before and up to the time of Jesus of Nazareth, and sacred tales that "He rose again", is that they are all variations on a religious mnemonic for the actual yearly passage of the Sun, as it makes a circuit of the starry sky, or celestial sphere, as seen by earthbound mankind--above the celestial equator for six months, then crossing to below the celestial equator for six months, with the crossing points defined as the vernal, or "spring" equinox (when it rises, or "springs", above the celestial equator), and the autumnal, or "fall", equinox (when it--wait for it--"falls" below the celestial equator).

I am the only scientist in the world who knows, for a fact, WHY the Sun's motion was so religiously enshrined, worldwide, before the very beginning of known human history, before the first human religion was in fact invented. It is the same reason--the same objective, physical origin--for the fact of all the "Creation" myths, including that told in Genesis. Because all of it--all the precise construction and working mechanism of it--was in fact deliberately imposed. It was not "Creation", but a re-formation, and a real 'overturning" of an older world (and solar system) order. But later religions TAUGHT it as "the Creation".

This new knowledge will usher in a new paradigm, in both science and religion. It is a crucial milestone in human knowledge. And only the many divisive dogmas, still going strong today, are blocking its revelation and new intellectual and spiritual honesty. When new truth becomes known, the path forward necessarily becomes "straight and narrow". The way has suddenly become very straight and very narrow, that will not allow mankind's unquestioned dogmas--whether the oldest religious ones, or the newest "scientific" ones--the free rein they have had up to now.


A few readers here may note I emphasized the historical passage from "gods-driven" ancient religions to later, morals-teaching religion, in the recent post, "Religion, Dogma, and the Ancient 'Gods'".

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

The Central Mystery of the Earth and Man -- Solved

The tallbloke site has another post on "Advanced Geometry Used By Prehistoric Architects", in the U.S. Southwest in this instance, with the "Pueblo Indians" of c. 1200 AD. Their buildings incorporated equilateral triangles, 45° and other "Pythagorean", or right, triangles, and the "golden rectangle" (whose longer side is 1.618 times as long as the shorter side). The post begins, "Another one to add to the ‘how and why did they do that?’ list of ancient sites. Years of research lie ahead." My response:

I have already done the years of research; I have already found the answer, 20 years ago now.

Equilateral triangles, right triangles (including the 45°), and the "golden rectangle" (this last is the proper clue to consider, to the real mystery) -- These are indeed easy to construct (the golden rectangle can be gotten from the 2:1 rectangle and its diagonal); all that is really required is to have the idea of each one, and an accurate method of construction is almost child's play. I would think the building of well-constructed walls, which has been obvious from the time the Pueblo buildings were first known, is harder. The "hardest" geometrical element would be the right angle, and the idea of constructing the perpendicular bisector of a line solves that (and anyone who chooses even as a child to devote himself to angular constructions could reinvent that wheel for himself, shortly after he realized he could use a cord to mark off distances accurately). Of course, the architects would have to have been more than just primitive hunter-gatherers, at some time prior to the building, and had the leisure time to consider such things; but again, we have known this all along for those people. In other words, they were CIVILIZED, in a thoroughly modern sense, as shown by their knowledge of geometric shapes and their competent building with same.

These were built, they say, c. 1200 AD. Compare that with the much more advanced Greeks and Euclid (who DID have writing), c. 300 BC. And don't say they can't be compared, as all I am saying is that the Greeks of 300 BC were not more innately intelligent than the Pueblo "Indians" of 1200 AD. Indeed, we absolutely know, not only from the written works of various "ancient" peoples, but the creative "myths" of all ancient peoples (with many ideas and precise details in common), that they had minds as good as ours today, when they weren't obsessed with bloody religious dogmas, long inherited.

The only real clue to the greater mystery--why should peoples, worldwide, have thought of these precise shapes at all--is the golden rectangle, which by itself shows that peoples on opposite sides of the world had that same idea, and expressed it. That proves what I said in the last paragraph, that the people of 300 BC can and should be compared with those 1500 years later, as far as their geometrical imaginations went. Why the golden rectangle?

But you have been asking that question, not only about the ancient peoples, but about the solar system, for some time now (and your forebears have done the same, for centuries, as the various CIVILIZATIONS of the past have re-emerged from exploration of the world).

And as I have told you before, the amazing answer is that it goes back to a common inheritance, of a great design at the heart of ancient peoples' imaginations and religious beliefs. And even that idea has been speculated on, long before this.

But no one, before me, has discovered THE great design, which is not speculative at all, but a proven fact (by me and me alone).

The golden ratio is the mark of that great design, which encompasses both the Earth and all the life on it (that ratio is present in the DNA molecule itself), AND the entire solar system.

That great design--I call it "The Great Design of the 'gods' "--is the next scientific paradigm, replacing the "undirected evolution" paradigm so vehemently defended today.

And that is why you also cannot trust today's theories, insofar as they are based on the false assumptions underlying the undirected evolution paradigm. Everything was CONSTRUCTED (even the reproductive machinery of life); it didn't simply "EVOLVE" into what we observe today.

Friday, January 20, 2017

What Every Scientist Needs to Know

I have submitted the following comment to the Not Even Wrong site, to a post on "Fake Physics":

I haven't looked up any of the links above; they are not worth my time, because I know from long experience that the fakers are, just like virtually all scientists today, 1) operating within their own mental straitjacket, i.e., on their own favored beliefs, their own unquestioned dogmas, including about what is and is not "settled" science, and 2) they are trying too hard to answer what is to them the ultimate question--"ultimate" only in the sense that they think they know so much, "almost everything", except their favored theories have hit a wall (long ago, actually...when they were first advanced, in reality) and there's just this "final" answer they want (desperately, but they don't know that) to find--the answer to the question, "but is it real?"

Well, "it" is not real. In a word, they are simply deluded all around, because of those unconfronted, unquestioned dogmas they don't even see, won't even look at when they are pointed out to them. Here's the real problem, though: Most scientists today--you too, who are reading this--are religionists, not scientists, and they don't even know it.

Bottom line: There is a general crisis of incompetence across ALL fields of science today, due to a too-long nurturing of false dogmas in the foundations--like uniformitarianism and Darwinian evolution--and new, definitive knowledge needs to be properly confronted and admitted into science to begin to correct ... everything.

Dogma--inherently divisive, false dogma--is ascendant in the world today, in every confrontation, every debate or war, over good (honest and competent) reason.

I don't have all the answers, but I HAVE, as a hard, modern physicist--with the standards of evidence, especially precision, which that description indicates--made what I consider the greatest discovery in hard science in all of history to date, that mandates a new general paradigm about the origin of the world, and mankind's history-long intellectual journey, in search of more knowledge and more peace. If that sounds awkward, even crankish, tough; it merely indicates how central, how all-encompassing, is that discovery.

There is too much anguished pursuing of the whichness of the why, when you all should be open to new, clear and simple knowledge. Scientists have all lost their way, and they are all looking for it under the bright but useless light of current false theories, pursuing questions they only THINK are most important, rather than where they dropped it, deliberately, long ago.

This is off-the-cuff, and should not be taken as designed to be immediately convincing. You are going to have to LOOK and STUDY, competently and seriously, at what I have found, in order to be convinced. Just know that it is essential that you do, if you want to be a competent scientist...because it's the gospel truth, not to be denied forever.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Religion, Dogma, and the Ancient "Gods"

I submitted a comment this morning on the American Thinker site, in response to another comment there which stated that "Communism is a religion." I wanted to distinguish between a "religion" (an institutionalized set of beliefs about God and man's relation to Him/Her--ancient man at one time worshipped the Goddess as the Highest) and "religiously-held ideas" (which includes those that do not purport to come from God, but are held inviolable, unquestionable, by their believers). Because false, divisive (to the point of war) dogmas are showing themselves generally ascendant over honest reason in the world now, I also wanted to inform of one or two points my research and discoveries have led me to uncover about the development of the idea and practice of religion among men--the history of religion--and which I think modern man needs to be aware of, for the sake of truth itself and for a thorough, competent understanding of the all-encompassing "Great Design" I found, which began and, for most of history, directed it all.

We are getting into needing to distinguish between religion and good old-fashioned, unquestioned dogma. The latter is rampant in the world today--many, inherently divisive, dogmas abound--and includes, but is not limited to, the dogmas of the various religions. A religiously-held dogma can be just as bad, but not the same thing, as a religious dogma (which purports to come from God). As someone just pointed out above, Islam is not a MORAL religion in the sense of modern Christianity, and is basically a cult of lies, claiming to rule--by coercion, not reason or faith--over every aspect of human life; as such, it is really a throwback to ancient religions, which WERE immoral, coercive state religions (based upon fear of the "jealous and capricious gods" like Zeus, and maintained by "god-kings", ruling by "divine right"). In contrast, modern religion, as a system teaching positive morals rather than "fear of the Lord", was reborn only in the 2nd and 1st millennia BC, in reaction to the hideous outrages of one ravaging Empire after another, through most of that time. The separation of Church and State in the late-appearing U.S.A. is a huge advance in human civilization, and I believe is in fact the proper basis for "U.S. exceptionalism"; it allows for the very flowering of the "inalienable rights" of man.

Communism is not a religion, it is a religiously-held ideology or philosophy (although the latter word, meaning "love of knowledge", is a ridiculous, pretentious title to give to communism).


The person who I was responding to responded in turn--and predictably, by insisting upon his dogma, thereby unintentionally underlining my point, that dogma is ascendant over honest reason today.