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Re-Presenting Old Articles -- Design Behind the Ancient Mysteries Part 1

Old articles I wrote and presented, on my site and on, have all disappeared. I have just made myself aware of this (they were up for years, and I just stopped checking on them). I will re-present some of them here now, as I have done three times in recent days already. The following is the first part of a larger piece I wrote, originally in 2005, which introduces my unprecedented discovery of the "Great Design of the 'gods'". (I linked to it, on a now-disappeared web page, on this blog in 2009, in the post Challenge to Science III. I sent it, as noted there, to President-Elect Obama immediately after the 2008 election.). I think I will re-present it here in 4 parts:


All of the sacred traditions of man on Earth are indicated to have originated in a great physical re-formation of the surface of the Earth and of the entire solar system, by the "gods" of worldwide myth and legend. This design requires a new paradigm of scientific investigation and a re-thinking of modern scientific theories, especially the earth and life sciences.


The most ancient traditions of man worldwide speak of a time when “gods” ruled; even in the Bible, in the book of Genesis, God is given the plural name Elohim and refers to Himself as “us”, and the unexplained "sons of God", interacting with the "daughters of men" to produce the heroes of old, the "men of renown", are the prime movers of world events leading to the flood of Noah. The ancient worldwide stories about the gods, and the heroes who interacted with them, are today called myths and are practically defined as fantastic, patently untrue tales about the origin of the world and man. The myths all characteristically affirmed that the gods made or re-formed the world.

The author, an experienced research physical scientist, has proven the existence of those who were known to ancient man as the “gods”. He has found their own records, in a great design written upon the celestial and terrestrial spheres (in the forms of the constellations and the ocean-outlined landmasses) that, together with the myths and other ancient knowledge handed down throughout history, reveal a coherent, objectively-verified story of the time of the “gods”, and the origin of the world as we know it. All of the major mythological traditions refer directly to the central elements of the world design, containing symbolic, dramatized descriptions of the images wrought in the design. These precise images, precisely described in myth, were the original “sacred images” of mankind, and the descriptive words of the myths were likewise based upon sacred originals, in an original world-tongue, whose meanings are preserved in the many similar words the peoples of the Earth use to this day. All that mankind now is--its languages, its cultural traditions, all of its highest endeavors--initiated in or passed through the defining filter of the great design. After the “gods”, people could not see the design, nor entirely understand the knowledge they inherited, resulting in thousands of years of religious misunderstanding, division and dogma.

In a short paper, only the most obvious proofs of the design of the "gods" can be presented. Readers are referred to the author’s book, "The End of the Mystery" (Volumes 1 and 2, available on, for much independent, interlocking supporting material.

The central fact of the design--which may be first simply stated, then supported with objective evidence--resides in the basic structure of the solar system and the motions of the Earth within it: The solar system revolves, predominantly and approximately, around a single axis, which can reasonably be defined by the Earth’s own orbital axis (all the planets except Pluto orbit in nearly the same plane as the Earth, and even the Sun spins about roughly the same axis). When the great design was implemented, Earth (and the rest of the system) was made to orbit in a new plane, and its spin axis was tilted (by about 23.5°) with respect to its orbital axis. It was set up exactly as a leaning, spinning top, a child's toy, and like a top its spin axis precesses, around its orbital axis (Figure 1). Its spin axis points to the celestial north pole, or CNP, among the stars, and its orbital axis points to the ecliptic north pole, or ENP. Precession causes the CNP to circle the ENP, with a period of almost 26,000 years.

Figure 1--Precession: The Earth as a top.

One can visualize the precession of Figure 1 in the larger context of the celestial sphere, by projecting that sphere onto the surface of any conveniently-sized smaller sphere. The “gods” used the Earth itself for this, as we will see. This allows one to literally “look down on all of creation.” One can readily compare the view of the precession circle on the celestial sphere (Figure 2, next page) with the image of the precession in Figure 1.

Figure 2--The celestial sphere projected on a globe, showing the precession circle.

Figure 3--The precession circle and constellations, as seen from Earth.

The image of the precession circle on the heavenly sphere (Figure 3, looking upward from the Earth in this view) was the primary focus of every major mythological tradition, including Greece, Scandinavia, India, Egypt, China, Meso-America, and so on. Most fundamentally, the area within that circle was the "home" and "garden" of the “gods” in every tradition: Olympus, and Hyperborea (Greece), Asgard (Norse), the lotus of creation (in both India and Egypt), Swarga (India), Xian (China), the Duat (Egypt)--and the garden of Eden, of course: The ENP point at the center of the circle was remembered in every major tradition as the Tree of Life in the center of the Garden. The constellation Draco--the dragon, or serpent--surrounds the ENP and its primary form lies within the precession circle, so it represents the serpent in the garden (it was also "leviathan", the "twining" serpent). The succession of CNP points that define the circle were represented in myth as mountain peaks, or “points”; thus we read of “many-peaked Olympus”, the “many-pointed lotus”, and the many “peaks” independently said to surround Xian and the Duat. The area inside the circle was Hyperborea, or “beyond north”, because its rim always just touched celestial north, the CNP (Figure 2). Also important was the double-cone shape carved out by the Earth’s spin axis as it precessed around the orbital axis.

Figure 4--Ancient usage of the precession images.

Figure 4 shows two ancient illustrations, from c. 2000 BCE, which feature the characteristic images of the precession. On the left, Ur-Nammu waters the Tree of Life before Shamash, the god of justice; on the right, Hammurabi stands before the same god, who holds the same object in both images. The first image shows the Tree of Life growing from a double-cone shaped container, precisely like the ecliptic axis at the center of the precessing spin axis in Figure 1. The cup held by Ur-Nammu is also double-cone shaped, and represents the “golden cup of the Sun” of many mythological traditions, including most famously the Holy Grail, the cup of the “Son” of God--the right-hand illustration in Figure 1 shows the instantly recognizable goblet shape of the double-cone with the (Earth) sphere at its middle; “grail” comes from an earlier “grial”, and the Irish word for the Sun was “grian”. The object held by Shamash, consisting of circle and straight line--the sacred symbol of his divine justice (in this context, the right-hand illustration adorns the top of a stele containing the famous Code of Hammurabi, a celebrated milestone in human justice)--is identifiable as the precession circle and the 0h/12h line of right ascension, leading to the vernal and autumnal equinoxes, as shown on the right in Figure 2 (the view seen by looking straight down on the CNP).

End of Part 1

Part 2 is here

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