Monday, October 28, 2019

Only New Knowledge Can Correct False Dogmas in Today's Religions and Sciences

I have submitted the following comment to the Conservative Treehouse site, in response to another comment averring that we need to start separating true religions from violent ideologies (Islam):

It will take new knowledge of ancient history -- more correctly, pre-history -- to clean out the false dogmas in every religion. Islam was created when Christianity was seen to be the inheritor of the Roman Empire, exercising its "worldwide" power (as it has ever after tried to do, from the walled "city" of the Vatican). Islam was an Arabic jealous reaction to that exercised power, mimicking both Christianity and Judaism while positioning itself in total opposition to them; it is literally founded upon a view of a religion as a coercive world power. Islam itself teaches that the term "Islam" means "submission", but that is an ancient lie (though a telling truth about its coercive nature) and false dogma -- Islam literally means, to any properly educated in the ancient languages, "No Peace" (as "I-Salaam", just as the biblical Isaac, the son of the century-old Abraham and Sarai, means "no laugh", because Abraham childishly swore to God that he "did not laugh" when God told him a son would be born to them so very late in life -- though he DID laugh). Islam is a mirror of the dogmatic imperfections in the religions it aped, making those false dogmas central rather than mere hangers-on from the older time, of the "capricious and jealous gods" who once ruled the minds of men.

New, unprecedented knowledge -- which I, an old and better educated scientist, have uncovered, as the Galileo of this climactic time, and which this generation is too full of dogmatic hates and false judgments to conceive of, much less to heed.

True religion teaches the young true morality and strong character; false religion coerces adults, in the name of God, treating them as children and stunting them intellectually. All religions need pruning at the very least, just as all modern sciences do -- my unprecedented discoveries reveal a new paradigm needed by both.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

On the Fundamental Lie of Religious Coercion

I have posted the following comment on the American Thinker site, to an article asking why our elected officials embrace Islam, which wants to destroy them in the end:

We live in a climactic time, when every major confrontation is being driven by people (on one side, at least, and sometimes on both sides) who adhere religiously to their own pet, and false, dogma, over good honest reason. In the case of Islam, there is the added wrinkle that the Muslim is religiously commanded to lie to the unbeliever, and mask his true intent until he is in a position to attack. The Western, mostly Judeo-Christian side, on the other hand, has made itself vulnerable to Muslim barbarism, and Muslim lies (taqiyya) through a century and a half of internal fighting, with that Judeo-Christian teaching; to make the long story short, it pounced upon the undirected evolution theory of Charles Darwin in order to deny its own religious teachings, especially the very existence of God, and the spiritual origin and true home of man in spirit. Atheism and secular humanism have prospered here.

Yet atheists have long ago become comfortable with the non-coercive nature of Christianity towards unbelievers. To Christians, this may seem to be an awkward and obviously true statement (dogmatic atheists think otherwise, to the extent they think about it); but contrast the "non-coercive" nature of Christianity (and just about every modern religion BUT Islam) with the completely coercive nature of Islam.

The Christian West has embraced secular humanism, through the apparent authority of a secular science recognizing only undirected evolution of everything, through random physical processes alone (even most claimed Christians obey that line of thinking -- the "consensus science" -- though it denies any over-arching meaning to this incredible world and universe). In determinedly denying its own past religious teachings, yet naively thinking "all religions are alike" (equally false, but equally non-threatening, non-coercive, in this "modern" world we have inherited), the West (or at least what I call The Insane Left, like the Democrats in the cult of Obama, since 2008) embraces Islam as just another secular influence, to fight off Christianity. What they have really embraced, of course, is a huge ball of taqiyya, of religious lies. Obama's long, habitual litany of blatant lies is a perfect example of that; the Insane Left MAKES itself insane by eagerly accepting those lies, in knee-jerk, cult-follower fashion.

What the West needs to do is rethink its rejection of Christianity. I am a scientist, a physicist, and the herald of the next scientific paradigm, the discoverer of the origin of all the ancient mysteries of man on earth. It will allow that rethinking, of all past dogmas, all religious (and scientific) beliefs. But it will require a commitment NOT to war with dogmas, against dogmas, which is where mankind now stands. The new knowledge I have uncovered is vitally needed now. It is not, in the end, a matter of Left vs. Right ideology, nor of Christian vs. Muslim. It is a matter of learning the truth, of which we all have been substantially ignorant. Traditionally, among the tribes or nations of Earth, it takes real war to get men to the point where they are ready to drop their dogmas, and start to really, honestly reason, with newly available, or newly recognized, knowledge.

The picture is so much bigger than anyone can realize, without standing aside from their own accustomed thinking, their own limited understanding.

Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Current Insanity and the Next World Paradigm

I have submitted the following comment to the American Thinker site, to an article on "America's detour from sanity":

The insanity has many roots, with origins at different times. I have understood, and been trying to inform others, that the Democrats have fully become "The Insane Left" (my term), prosecuting "The War of the Insane Left", only (!) since the election of Obama/Soetoro -- the "First Fake President" (more than, for example, the more widely proclaimed "First Black President") -- in 2008. The roots go back long before Obama, but the insanity flowered, full bloom or across the board, then, and has only gotten worse since (as the noxious plant, or cancer, has of course clashed with reality at every point, and thus defended itself ever more determinedly, obsessively, deludedly).

The point of the insanity spear has been the Muslim subornation of the so-called black "civil rights" movement, which goes back to 1930 and the creation of the Black Muslims (now largely Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, based upon notions of black supremacy and black separatism). But that is only on the political side; the full picture of the current degeneration covers also all of the sciences (!) and religions.

The Enlightenment, or Age of Reason, of the mid-18th century, that brought forth the United States of America, was a tremendous opportunity for religions to shed their worst habits, of physical coercion (promulgating materialistic superstitions and physically forcing sectarian, essentially tribal, belief) in the name of God. And it was most telling that Spiritualism, the simple belief in the fundamental truth of the spiritual nature of Man, over his temporal, physical existence, bloomed in the 19th century (even in Muslim countries, the gentle Bahai faith was born, only to be fiercely rejected by the tyrannical Islam of the execrable Mohammed and his rabid followers).

But the Enlightenment was stymied, on many levels, by the materialistic pseudo-science of Charles Darwin, known as undirected evolution of everything in the world -- and the world itself, even though on that world level there was no "natural selection" the evolutionists could use as an excuse for their wrong-headed belief, only "cosmic accidents", always, strangely, early after the world's initial creation "4 or 5 billion years ago".

The sciences went wrong with undirected evolution theory, and increasingly so as their faith (!) in it made it, in their minds, fact not theory (much less the utterly false theory that it actually is). The "consensus" was born, but with a critical error at its very foundation that would insure that, eventually, the entire edifice of theories, supposed "knowledge" based upon that already broken foundation, would crumble en masse, all together. In our time, more or less (I already know it; it will become common knowledge, the hard way, to the next generations).

Religions were originally founded upon belief in the "gods" of earliest world myths, and in their supposed coercion of man. The all-powerful and capricious gods. "Might is right" was drummed into mankind, worldwide, by that belief. Which is not to say the gods were evil, no; they were all-beneficent, as Nature itself is beneficent to the needs of man, in food, in company, in problems and ever-larger "mysteries" to solve with civilization the prize. And in natural beauty, of the earth, of living things, of the human form itself (particularly the female).

In the 2nd and 1st millennia BC, the power of the gods increasingly gave way to true morality and sense of justice, based fundamentally (as the American founding fathers understood) on the inalienable rights of every individual person. Religion became less tyrannical and more reassuring -- but the millennia old superstitions still clung, and coerced wherever they could. Jesus the Christ was clearly meant to cut the cord between the old coercive, tyrannical powers over man, and replace them with the truth of man's real nature, and God's real nature. And he succeeded enough to make Christianity, however imperfectly developed and practiced by his followers AD, the premier religion of that AD (and we know it was greatly imperfect -- the Protestant Reformation, and multiplication of diverse "Christian" sects, clearly shows that). But he failed to entirely remove the old coercion (of the "gods", recast as God, as in "Fear the Lord thy God").

Religion and science alike goofed, big time, in thinking God is coercive, and His believers are entitled to be coercive in His Name. The truth is that the world is DESIGNED, and it is the design that is coercive (with snakes and mosquitos and viruses and whatnot, and rain only in its time, not in man's desire for it, or for the lack of a surfeit of cetera, in too many ways to count the physical world's abridgements of our tender sensibilities..."poor, poor, pitiful we; poor poor pitiful we" (sung to the tune of "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me")

I am here to inform of the results of my scientific research, into the objective origin of all the "Ancient Mysteries" you see slobbered over (ahem, I mean speculated shamelessly upon) by others on TV, and in books, over the last half-century and more. Essentially, that the world (and us) is designed, and my research has uncovered that precisely-constructed design, as no one before has even imagined. It was designed not by God, but by the "gods", who were, in consequence, REAL -- and of course, extraterrestrial, as the design encompasses the whole solar system.

That, in a nutshell, is the next scientific and religious paradigm, that must be learned and understood generally (that is to say, by everyone) in order to fix all that we see going wrong now (and over the last, oh, 200 years, or 4,000, or 20,000 years or so).

This just happens to be a climactic time. Will Mankind learn better, or cling to its already too-long-nurtured false dogmas? The answer, as always, is it will do both; the longer it takes, the harder will be the lesson.

Sunday, May 26, 2019

The "Kippa": Children Arguing Ignorant of Ancient Science

I have posted the following comment to the American Thinker site, in response to an article about controversy over Orthodox Jewish men in Germany wearing the "kippa", or traditional Jewish cap:

At some point, in the current clash of civilizations (which is called "multiculturalism" to keep people from understanding that it is a clash, as powerful as any in history), people need to know, and understand (!), that we are dealing with things that go back in time farther than anyone (except me) knows, or can even imagine (without the new knowledge that I have uncovered and tried to put before the world).

That is why I repeatedly inform in my comments, "Who knows only his own generation remains always a child." It is THE key problem in the world today, this lack of understanding of ancient knowledge and ancient origins.

The "kippa" just means "cap", obviously. The traditional name is "yarmulke", and even that is a mis-remembered or alternative form of the original name, "yol-mark".

That is new/old knowledge, going back 20,000 years and only re-discovered by me, in my seminal research into the objective origin of all the "ancient mysteries".

Now, I know just saying "kippa is yarmulke is yol-mark" doesn't sound like much to today's children (those who know only their own generation, which is essentially everybody today, because this "new knowledge" goes back beyond any generation in human memory).

And I'm not going to try to inform readers here of the true worth of that knowledge. I have tried that with many such nuggets of ancient knowledge over the last 15+ years, and a world of children doesn't want to hear any of it. Nor am I interested in teaching just the relative handful of people who would be open to it; this is in fact a "new world system", as Galileo put his discoveries nearly 400 years ago (and you know what became of that: modern science).

I will satisfy myself with merely teasing you that it IS truly ancient, and truly science, and as such part of a world-encompassing (and beyond) understanding.

And tell you that the Muslim woman's religiously prescribed head covering is a mimickry of the Jewish man's wearing the yarmulke, both to set themselves apart from the society they dwell within. The Muslim belief in this is a degenerated form, compared to the Jewish, but only relatively; even the Jewish "kippa" is a degeneration of the name, as I already noted above, much less of the original meaning. These religious beliefs, or more correctly superstitions, are religiously upheld entirely ignorant of the ancient truth, that was (and is) really a World System, not the property of any one people.

So today's children are left with silly questions like, "Do we demand the Muslim woman not cover herself to set herself apart from Western society [which I assure you would be a good thing; she needs to be a part, not holding herself apart] while at the same time demanding that the Jewish man should cover himself, also to set himself apart from Western society?"

You can't solve these ridiculous religious problems, without knowing their origin.

Make no mistake: All religions -- not just Islam -- are in need of the knowledge of their origins, to weed out the false (coercive materialistic) dogmas from the true (spiritual) ones.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Present War and the Needed New Knowledge

I have submitted the following comment to the American Thinker site, in response to an article about the state of political war that now exists in America and the world (as I have stated before, I will take no political or ideological comments on this science site):

If money is the lifeblood of the Insane Left (as I call them, since Obama brought carefully concealed ideas of Black and Muslim supremacy, not to mention Malthusian environmental and climate hysteria, into political correctness), then the "body" through which that "blood" flows is an artificial one, a golem or zombie (to use a perversely popular movie nightmare character, over the last 50 years -- perhaps not coincidentally, the same time frame as the post-civil-rights "racist white America" movement, of law-bending and increasing outright lawlessness -- a la Kim Foxx now -- in the name of "affirmative action"). It is without true, moral character (Obama's own defining characteristic, which he shares with the Black Muslims -- who are Black Supremacists, the antithesis of White Supremacists, as taught to them by Muslims -- and the Muslims themselves).

Islam, the Muslim religion, has been around almost as long as Christianity on the world stage, and is directly opposed to Christianity, since its first campaign of conquest invaded Spain. We are dealing with a long-standing, religious enmity, grafted onto, or more correctly suborning, modern "social justice", or black (and increasingly, latino) separatism and favored status.

It has been an open war, The War of the Insane Left, since Obama was made President in 2008. It has mostly been a political war, but with actual violence done by individual believers in the cult (I'm referring to Antifa and Black Lives Matter, law-hating young men/women like Trayvon Martin, rather than actual Islamic terrorists), now openly pushed and prodded by the likes of Ilhan Omar and AOC, the latest "false prophets" in a four thousand year history of false prophets. Religion itself is failing, now, not just politics and science.

"Who knows only his own generation [and thus only his own grievances, however hard] remains always a child." That is what the world is faced with now -- the avoidance behavior of a world full of children, against all the painfully learned truths of history. As a hard scientist, with no ties to academia and the consensus for the past 25 years, I have made a great discovery, that would act to shine the light on that history, all the way back to its heretofore darkest beginnings -- but the children of today need to tear themselves away from all past grievances, to LOOK at that newly lighted, long, long path of mankind, to LOOK at its real, objective origin as never known before.

The world is full of voices, all crying out "listen to ME!" All I can do, as The Voice among voices, needed to draw mankind back from the brink perhaps as never before, is inform of the existence of new yet oldest truth, about the world and the mankind irrevocably bound to it. I do not hold myself as wiser than you -- but I do know much more, about what this world of man needs now.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Time Out: A Glitch, or Suppression? I Must Have Openness

When I first started to try to get public attention for my unprecedented scientific discovery, of what I have called the Great Design of the "gods", I knew its revolutionary uncovering of the single, objective origin of all the popularly-called ancient mysteries would be likely ignored by anyone in authority. I therefore (after a few attempts to engage with scientific journals, and individual scientists) decided to go straight to the people, even though that risked casting my pearls before swine, as it were (because this is THE greatest discovery in human history so far, and corrects human history, and human beliefs, at their very origin -- thus, religion as well as science, for example). Further, I deliberately set out to be ever open in my interactions.

With that in mind, this post differs from the main, scientific thrust of this blog; it addresses the current political situation, which I have pursued mostly by commenting on other sites, although I have been honest in mentioning the insane political situation here, insofar as I see it touching upon current science, or upon that origin of all things human I discovered.

I submitted the following comment to the Conservative Treehouse site. The submission went through (giving me the url just linked), but it did not appear. I tried to get it to appear by refreshing that page (at that specific link), and then by leaving and reacquiring the site, to no avail. I re-submitted the comment, and once again it went through and gave me a (new) url to my comment:

conservative treehouse

But, again, the comment didn't appear.

So, to be open, I post the comment here, in case deliberate human intervention stymied it on that site (I am making no attempt to provide context; those interested will understand what it is about, and others may take my word for it that the subject is a prime example of the ascendance of false dogma over honest reason, rampant in all of our institutions and in the world at large now, for which my discovery of the Great Design of the "gods" provides the original, ancient context -- new-old knowledge coming to light, at odds with all the false dogmas of history):

Nellie Ohr, 1) the wife of the 4th-ranking DOJ official, working for partisan, mercenary Fusion-GPS; and 2) her past connection with the CIA (and arch-villain John Brennan) -- This is precisely what I have been commenting on, especially the last few days, when people here were sounding so negative about "no criminal liability in a counterintelligence investigation" (absolute nonsense). To be specific:

"the CIA's fingerprints are all over this attempted coup d'etat in America. As I have tried to put it simply, it was and is a CIA 'In-Country Regime Change Operation' (enabled and guided by Obama, with his advisors, as the leader and universal enabler of it all). The CIA, in the person of violently pro-Obama, pro-Muslim John Brennan and the decrepit mind of James Clapper, provided the primary cover for everyone, assuring everyone that '17 intelligence agencies' had found that Russia had intervened in the 2016 election and also that Trump had colluded with Russia to falsely gain the Presidency. That was the 'insurance policy' all of the cabal members followed, when Trump won the Presidency."



"Any story about an actual Russian helping Steele needs above all to explain why they needed, and intensely used, Nellie Ohr, the universally recognized 'Russian expert' (and well-connected wife of Bruce Ohr, the FBI-Steele go-between, also intensely used), who could and most likely did write it herself (she not only had the requisite past education and experience, working with the CIA no less, but she was surely the 'sub-contractor' the FBI allowed to access, via illegal 'queries', raw 'un-FISAed' intelligence, to hopefully find bad things to use against presidential candidate Trump (from November 2015 to April 18, 2016, after which -- the very next day after, on April 19 -- they had to send Mary Jacoby, the wife of Fusion-GPS's Glenn Simpson, to visit the White House...immediately after that, the idea of the Steele dossier was born, to make a direct run on FISA and actual criminal, but totally fake, warrants)."



"The proper focus is, and always has been, to hack at the tap root, as it were: The intelligence cover-up, by Brennan, Clapper and Comey, that allows everyone to feign genuine dismay and anger, that 'Russia hacked the 2016 election and Trump colluded with them'. That cover-up was in play when Brennan briefed the Gang-of-8 (who made up that name? -- surely not one of The Insane Left), and was officially made public with the '17 intelligence agencies agree' report of January 2017. That is why the FISA 'queries' runaround, in which the FBI colluded with Fusion-GPS and its clearly corrupt employee Nellie Ohr (she, as the wife of DOJ bigwig Bruce Ohr, belongs in prison simply for working there, to dig up political dirt on Trump) is so central, so important: It predates the coverup, and shows obvious politically-motivated collusion between the FBI and the Democrat partisan intelligence mercenaries at Fusion-GPS."


I will take no political or ideological comments on this site. My intention is only to inform here.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Climate Alarmism Is But a Symptom of the Failed Uniformitarian Paradigm

I have submitted the following comment to the American Thinker site, in response to another commenter who averred that the climate change debate was politics, not science. My concern is with the science, so I responded:

It has been about politics, or political propaganda -- a Big Lie -- since 1988 or so, when it became a UN movement (to "redistribute wealth", as they have lately admitted) but before that, from about 1960, it was about the failure of climate science, which in turn was just the tip of the tail of the failure of the paradigm behind all of the earth (and life) sciences.

You see, the "greenhouse effect" originally came into science as a way to explain past "ice ages", which were themselves but a uniformitarian "explanation" for the patterns of geologic stratification, physical scratches, and erratic boulders found over the surface of the Earth. Carl Sagan championed the "greenhouse effect" in 1960 and after, and one of his students was James Hansen, who became the premier climate alarmist scientist of our time.

But back to the dog and its tail-tip. What we see now in the "debate" over "climate" (both of these are fake terms, as used in the political propaganda) is a replay of the debate in the latter 19th century, between Darwinian (undirected, uniformitarian) evolution and "Catastrophism", with the ironic twist that the followers of the uniformitarian paradigm -- the consensus, since Darwin -- are now the catastrophists, in positing a "global climate" that is balanced on a razor's edge (of "radiation forcings", one of which is the "greenhouse effect"), that is being knocked asunder by a change in atmospheric carbon dioxide from about .03% of the atmosphere to about .04% -- totally negligible.

The bottom line: First, "climate science" is a failed science; as I keep writing -- because I proved it, with my Venus/Earth temperatures comparison and merely solid, COMPETENT physical reasoning -- there IS no valid global climate science, and no competent climate scientists. Climate science needs to be taken from the climate scientists, because they have all been miseducated and have all failed. And that is irrespective of their subornation to an insane political narrative on the Left. But second, the paradigm of uniformitarian evolution of the physical Earth -- the extended Darwinian paradigm -- has failed, has in fact failed from its inception, despite its supposed support from Mendelian genetics, in the life sciences (there is no such, even seeming, support for it in the earth sciences -- only random cosmic accidents, "early on in the development of Earth" as the believers chant, to themselves as well as to every new student that comes to them). Genetics only lays bare the DESIGN of life, not its development -- the latter, comprising "evolution theory", is all made-up, unsupported, and even multiply disproved, speculation.

There is a crisis of incompetence throughout science today, because of the wrong turn made by Darwin and his followers more than a century and a half ago. And the bad science is just one part of the world-encompassing false dogmas, that have been too long nurtured by various groups, and cultures, that we are faced with today.

We are living in a climactic time, when many false dogmas are "coming home to roost" at the same time. Yes, like Islam, and every religion (and religiously-held ideas of every kind). It is a test, whether we have really grasped the Enlightenment that brought forth America (and the scientific revolution), or we will slip back into the easy dogmas of every past, ignorant people, going back to the very beginning of human intellectual endeavors.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Fight False Dogma With New Knowledge About Its True Origin

I have posted the following comment to an article on the Conservative Treehouse site, in response to another comment about Islam, and its incorrect, and entirely wrong-headed, description as "the religion of peace". I post it here only because the new/old science I have uncovered, and which will be the next paradigm in both science and religion, is particularly and critically needed now:

We are living in a climactic (or near-climactic) time of wars, not just between men but between competing, long-held dogmas (as opposed to competent reason and honest, rational disagreements). What you have written is obvious to me, but I have noticed that one can tell the dogmas ruling a person or group by their refusal to see the obvious. Adherence to one's favorite false dogmas is ascendant now over good, honest reason; this has been a constant refrain of mine, since the ascendance of Obama/Soetoro, the First Fake President.

It is the false dogmas themselves -- yes, like Islam, or Mohammedanism -- which have been too long nurtured, that must be destroyed, not just the jihadist -- i.e., activist, radical -- individuals who follow them, to mass destruction on all sides.

"Islam", in particular, literally means "I-Salam", or "No Peace". That translation (made by me alone, based upon revolutionary research), in the context of what we all know about the entire history of Mohammedanism/Islam, is instantly confirmed.

It's going to take a general abandonment of too-long held false dogmas, to solve the mess of our time. And that will take both a moral re-enlightenment, and the new knowledge I have uncovered, about the origin of the oldest false dogmas.