Saturday, August 31, 2019

On the Fundamental Lie of Religious Coercion

I have posted the following comment on the American Thinker site, to an article asking why our elected officials embrace Islam, which wants to destroy them in the end:

We live in a climactic time, when every major confrontation is being driven by people (on one side, at least, and sometimes on both sides) who adhere religiously to their own pet, and false, dogma, over good honest reason. In the case of Islam, there is the added wrinkle that the Muslim is religiously commanded to lie to the unbeliever, and mask his true intent until he is in a position to attack. The Western, mostly Judeo-Christian side, on the other hand, has made itself vulnerable to Muslim barbarism, and Muslim lies (taqiyya) through a century and a half of internal fighting, with that Judeo-Christian teaching; to make the long story short, it pounced upon the undirected evolution theory of Charles Darwin in order to deny its own religious teachings, especially the very existence of God, and the spiritual origin and true home of man in spirit. Atheism and secular humanism have prospered here.

Yet atheists have long ago become comfortable with the non-coercive nature of Christianity towards unbelievers. To Christians, this may seem to be an awkward and obviously true statement (dogmatic atheists think otherwise, to the extent they think about it); but contrast the "non-coercive" nature of Christianity (and just about every modern religion BUT Islam) with the completely coercive nature of Islam.

The Christian West has embraced secular humanism, through the apparent authority of a secular science recognizing only undirected evolution of everything, through random physical processes alone (even most claimed Christians obey that line of thinking -- the "consensus science" -- though it denies any over-arching meaning to this incredible world and universe). In determinedly denying its own past religious teachings, yet naively thinking "all religions are alike" (equally false, but equally non-threatening, non-coercive, in this "modern" world we have inherited), the West (or at least what I call The Insane Left, like the Democrats in the cult of Obama, since 2008) embraces Islam as just another secular influence, to fight off Christianity. What they have really embraced, of course, is a huge ball of taqiyya, of religious lies. Obama's long, habitual litany of blatant lies is a perfect example of that; the Insane Left MAKES itself insane by eagerly accepting those lies, in knee-jerk, cult-follower fashion.

What the West needs to do is rethink its rejection of Christianity. I am a scientist, a physicist, and the herald of the next scientific paradigm, the discoverer of the origin of all the ancient mysteries of man on earth. It will allow that rethinking, of all past dogmas, all religious (and scientific) beliefs. But it will require a commitment NOT to war with dogmas, against dogmas, which is where mankind now stands. The new knowledge I have uncovered is vitally needed now. It is not, in the end, a matter of Left vs. Right ideology, nor of Christian vs. Muslim. It is a matter of learning the truth, of which we all have been substantially ignorant. Traditionally, among the tribes or nations of Earth, it takes real war to get men to the point where they are ready to drop their dogmas, and start to really, honestly reason, with newly available, or newly recognized, knowledge.

The picture is so much bigger than anyone can realize, without standing aside from their own accustomed thinking, their own limited understanding.