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Challenge to Science III: The "gods", the design, and man

UPDATE: July 2, 2022 -- The "Design Behind the Ancient Mysteries" article referenced in the post below, is now to be found in four parts, with Part 1 here. Part 4 is in the bottom half of this post.

[I recommend you read the earlier posts first, particularly "Challenge to Earth Scientists" and "Challenge to Science II".]

On my site, I offer my books for sale, as well as articles and images. Many of the articles are free downloads, among them "The Design Behind the Ancient Mysteries", originally written in 2005. I recently updated this article with further amazing proof before sending it, along with a cover letter informing of the endemic crisis of competence in modern science, to then President-elect Obama immediately after the election last November. (After four months, I received a generic postcard thanking me for writing in. Like most people, the President and his team don't seem to be able to focus upon entirely unexpected and revolutionary scientific findings of facts that invalidate the most hotly defended of modern theories.) I have just noticed that someone has gotten hold of the web page containing the Design Behind article, so that the file comes up (in about 25th place) in a Google search on my full name. I thank that person, or Google, for it enables me to link to the article here (click on its title above). Here is the text of the letter I sent to President Obama:

President-Elect Barack Obama 713 Hart Senate Office Building Washington, D.C. 20510

Dear Mr. Obama:

I write to inform you that the need for change is wider and deeper than anyone realizes. Incompetence is not limited to our recent financial and political institutions; it is a disease spread as well throughout our intellectual institutions. Science in particular is in an unrecognized crisis: It is unheeding of new evidence that definitively demonstrates--proves, to any reasonable mind--deliberate design of our world. It is instead dogmatically defending theories that ignore (and even actively deny) easily observed facts that clearly indicate world-encompassing design. Recognition of a newly discovered and verified world design is the key to the self-correction and continued progress of science--the key to the next paradigm.

I am a 60-year-old independent research physical scientist and author, who has found and scientifically verified a design of our world which was the original motivation for all the popular “ancient mysteries”: the constellation forms; myths and legends; sacred traditions, images and words; and megalithic monuments of precise construction and astronomical alignments. In 1997, I found the single key to all these expressions of ancient religiously-held beliefs, in a rigorous scientific design imposed—millennia before the beginning of known history--upon the terrestrial and celestial spheres. After several years of uncovering and verifying the extent and meaning of that design, I wrote a book, “The End of the Mystery”. I have spent the last 5 years, with few resources and without success, trying to gain recognition for this epochal discovery, which brings together our modern understanding of the Earth and the fantastic testimonies of ancient people worldwide, and reveals the single world-embracing truth behind the latter. The most well-known myths told about the time of the “gods” refer directly--but generally metaphorically--to the great design, specifically to the precise images wrought upon the Earth and celestial spheres in the design. Unfortunately, just at the time I have tried to come forward with this new truth—which will require rethinking the most hotly defended of modern theories in the earth and life sciences—science has emotionally embraced its own dogma, against the possibility of design in or of the natural world. I need help now, to support myself and to develop the means to educate the world to this new knowledge.

I enclose an article, “The Design Behind the Ancient Mysteries,” introducing my work and epochal findings, and commend it for your consideration.

Sincerely yours, Harry Dale Huffman

So that's one more authority who has been informed of the scientific verification of the world design of the "gods"--just as you who are reading this are being informed, and yes, I consider this knowledge a test for mankind, which so far no one has passed, whether through my poor efforts to communicate it or others' resistance to imbibing it.

And here is the update I appended to the article I sent the President (you should read the article first, which has illustrations and other explanations referred to in this update):

UPDATE: This is Part 4 of "Design Behind the Ancient Mysteries"

The above identification of the former ecliptic axis was further confirmed in 2004, when the author discovered references to an "early heaven" in Chinese myth. In The End of the Mystery, I had found that during the earlier ecliptic orientation, the world was divided between worship of the north and south ecliptic poles as the true representative of the "highest," and I had identified the worship of the former ecliptic south pole, or ESP, as characterizing those peoples who worshipped the Goddess, who preceded the later patriarchal gods (led by Zeus in the Greek canon, for example). Here is an illustration (Figure 15) of the former ESP and the precession circle around it:

The center of that former "heaven" was in the constellation Pegasus, and its position is precisely known from the mappings shown in Figure 14.

The center of the Chinese "early heaven" was depicted on an ancient instrument known as a "shipan" or cosmograph (see, the site of Dr. Stephen Field of Trinity University, Texas). It is illustrated in Figure 16:

Dr. Field wrote about the shipan: "In ancient Chinese myth there is the tale of a primordial battle.... When the water demon Gong Gong fought with the fire god Zhu Rong, he toppled the northwestern pillar, Mount Buzhou, causing Heaven to fall downward and Earth to tilt upward in the northwest.... It is the ideal world existing before the great flood that is captured by the cosmograph."

The form depicted on the Chinese shipan is known as "Bei Dou" and is generally translated as "north star." However, it is more correctly translated as "north land" or "north way," with "bei" meaning "north" but "dou" meaning "land" or "way." "Dou" is just a variant of "ta", "tao" or "dao", meaning "way," as previously discussed; it is also used for a "land" in Chinese, with, for example, "peninsula" in the Chinese being "ban dou" (pronounced "ban dow"), and "island" being "dou iw" ("dow yu", approximately). In The End of the Mystery, I discussed a sacred "island" in Egyptian myth known as "iw titi", which Egyptologists translate as "island of trampling." All of these terms are mutually consistent, and all refer to the precession circle around the ecliptic pole, either in the "early" or "former" heaven, or afterward, around the current ENP. Currently, "Bei Dou" is identified as the Big Dipper, which I have included in Figure 16 for comparison; but its shape is too shallow a bowl, while the bowl form of Pegasus is almost exact. This is particularly true when the comparison with "Bei Dou" is done with the form of Pegasus c. 17,000 years ago, which I identified in The End of the Mystery as the time when the "heaven" or ecliptic axis changed. Figure 17 shows this comparison, using the known proper motions of the Pegasus stars to find its shape c. 17,000 years ago:

The two shapes are almost exactly the same. Furthermore, and most important, the Big Dipper was never the site of the ENP -- or even the celestial north pole, as modern scholars mistakenly believe -- and thus could never have been worshipped as the "center of heaven," while Hamlet's Mill, Appendix 39, pp. 434-5, with illustrations [1], [2], [3], and [4], provides a good deal of other, independent ancient evidence that the Pegasus-square was indeed once pictured as that heavenly center, or paradise -- without, however, understanding the true meaning of it shown here. Combined with the concatenation of word meanings ("dou" = "way"/"land" = the precession circle, in all major ancient traditions), we see that identifying "Bei Dou" with Pegasus not only confirms the existence of the former ecliptic axis, it confirms the precise location of that axis as found from the mappings in Figure 14, as the near side of the "bowl" form of both Pegasus and "Bei Dou" points to the same stellar location (the red lines in Figure 16) in both cases. This is an amazing confirmation of the entire synthesis of the physical meaning of the design, including the precise validity of the several mappings of "heaven" to earth involved and the precise identification of the former ecliptic orientation-- which means not only the Earth's orbit, but the orientation of the entire solar system, was changed, as discussed in The End of the Mystery.


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The Greater Riddle of the Sphinx

UPDATE: July 2, 2022 -- This article is now to be found here

The design of the world by the "gods" was complex and intricately worked; many details dovetail together to provide answers to ancient puzzles like the Great Sphinx at Giza, Egypt. My new article on tells the story behind the Great Sphinx: The Riddle of the Sphinx -- Solved. And, if you haven't read them, you should read my earlier posts, particularly the "Challenge To Science" posts of April 2009 and May 2009. In fact, it's best to start at the beginning, with March 2009. There are only 16 total posts, so far. ----------------

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On the Greater Reality and How I Was Guided in My Research

I would like to write a few words about the spiritual aspects of my discovery of the "Great Design of the 'gods'", which is to say, "Why, as a hard scientist, who performed my research into the Ancient Mysteries utilizing only objective evidence (albeit a whole world of such), nevertheless am open about the existence and overarching meaningfulness -- the almost but not quite hidden guidance, in short -- of a spiritual reality that encloses our own physical existence, and from which we obviously come and will return.

This is a hard lesson to teach, because there is so much evidence that could be brought to bear, for which however there is hardly space or time to provide here, in a short article. Let's start at the beginning: I had a number of dreams, before I ever consciously began this unprecedented research, that were, to put it succinctly, open windows into a new mental landscape, whose meaning I of course had no way of knowing at the time, but which might be called road signs to the larger reality that encloses our own.

I can only disclose a few, almost disjointed images from these dreams, that I could appreciate only after making my discovery of the Great Design:

First, I remember being amazed at "seeing", in dream, planets or moons as if from nearby outer space. The best way to describe these images was, they were real, yet totally unlooked for in my mind; I had never consciously imagined seeing anything like these "dead moons", in such glorious close-up. THEY INTRUDED UPON MY MIND FROM OUTSIDE OF ANYTHING I HAD SEEN IN OUR OWN WORLD, and quite unexpectedly. It was, in short, an obvious mental visitation, presented without any explanation or rationalization. It could only mean, in the most general of terms, "Something is Up, in this." It was the merest hint, of something amazing, and outside of my imaginings.

At another time, I found myself standing, again in dream, out in the open, in front of a small house, in the midst of what I quickly realized was a veritable cataclysm of huge tornados, all around me. All utterly real, note. Ordinarily, I would interpret this as a nightmare, for they were all VERY close and towering over me as they twisted violently. Yet it was quickly apparent this was NOT a nightmare, in which one feels lost or trapped by overwhelming evil. Instead, I was calm in my dream, and stunned by being so. I did try to understand the violent, overwhelming scene, just a little, by counting the large number of these towering twisters, seeming so real yet so SAFE. There were 12 of them, and finding such a significant number made it immediately clear that this was another visitation, encompassing as yet some hidden meaning, of great importance. The obvious meaning was that I should be assured, in the midst of the most overwhelming seeming of supposedly governing forces, that I was where I "ought" to be, and was safe.

And there was a third dream, the strangest of all, sometime later, but long before I ever conceived of my research into the ancient mysteries. I found myself once again in outer space, and apparently in a ship...and so, yet again SAFE. Yet "we" onboard were following a trail, of glowing lines, and again, amazingly REAL yet obviously impossible (or so I thought at the time). The lines were a vivid red color, even a "living", vibrant color, which seemed to emphasize their non-reality; yet that non-reality was quickly belied, when I found I could STEP OUT and ONTO one of these lines (I don't know why, simply to try to study them more closely, apparently). I somehow felt entirely safe, stepping out into empty space onto a mere glowing line; it was ludicrous, to my own sense of reason, yet the only thing I could think of to do under the circumstances of the dream, to study the phenomenon.

I woke up (of course), and could only take this as just another assurance, of "something more" and something of specific, yet still utterly hidden, meaning and importance.

Here's the kicker to that dream: In the course of my later research, I developed an interactive computer program (URMAP), which overlaid an image of the Earth globe with an image of the celestial sphere, as if the latter were poised above the Earth, and both being looked down upon from above. And the constellation lines I made RED, to make them vivid; I even put an image, of those red lines above the Earth sphere, on the cover of my eventual book, "The End of the Mystery". And it was still a long time after the publication of my book, that I remembered those red lines in space I had seen, and ridden, in that dream. Throughout my research, and the publication of my book, I had nver once thought about that dream (because, it now seems obvious to me, I performed my research, including that computer program to illustrate the design I had found, as an OBJECTIVE SCIENTIST only, and was thereby cut off from thinking about a subjective dream, no matter how astonishing it had been).

Also, I had put a lot of work into that program, involving tracing the continents on the Earth globe with thousands of points, and utilizing the most precise positions of the stars on the celestial sphere, and thus the precise positions of those red constellation lines. So, long after I had done all that work, I suddenly realized the meaning of my STEPPING OUT, even in outer space, onto one of those lines: It encapsulated my complete mastery of those lines, indeed my detailed CREATION of those lines in my URMAP program. Of course I could, as their creator, "step out onto them", anywhere I pleased.

Now, there is much more to this idea, of "guidance from outside, and above". To be honest, however, I have already included that much more in my book, "The End of the Mystery", and I feel I should not step on its by-the-way presentation of the greater reality. I wouldn't be at all surprised if some, of the few, readers of that book were put off by that inclusion of "spiritual" reality, never realizing just how important that greater reality is, and specifically in the context of the Great Design I was dealing with.

I am trying to lead, as I was led. And every bit of what I present is utter, objective fact, in our own lesser, physical reality. Always remember, I am a hard scientist, only determined (now, more than ever) to recognize every aspect of reality, even the greater.