Thursday, June 30, 2016

A "Climate-Political Nightmare", But So Much More

The notrickszone site has a post, on the "climate-political nightmare" of Brexit (Britain leaving the European Union, due to a referendum of its outraged population, not its feckless political leaders). My response:

Here's a new word (I haven't seen it used yet, anyway), to describe the situation: Dementia. Total dementia, being "serious" about "climate policy". The REAL question is, how do we restore sanity, when the "top scientists", and the "97% consensus", are the loons? When the politicians pushing the alarm buttons are engaged in a criminal conspiracy for control, not reasoned policy-making? When the ordinary man or woman (much less the scientists, on BOTH SIDES of the debate) cannot and will not come to grips with that sorry fact, for whatever reasons? What the worried world needs to do is begin to come to grips with the fact that the "climate science" is totally wrong, and wrong-headed, and incompetent: There IS NO global warming greenhouse effect due to "greenhouse gases" like CO2, and there is not even any proven "global warming" (see my recent post, "Responding to a Believer in False Science") and thus climate science is a waste of everyone's time and concern. And that truth means also (and this is too bitter a pill for scientists, or anyone, to accept, who doesn't already know what will replace it), the reigning paradigm in modern science--that the world in all its amazing forms and processes just came out of undirected physical processes, which in and of themselves can produce only chaos, yet somehow were restrained by "evolution" to become only like cogs in a precisely-functioning world-machine--a DESIGNED machine--is failing, has in fact (in climate science, but actually across the board) failed. Climate science today is based upon the belief that the world in all its magnificence is an accident, a very lucky accident but still an accident, and as such it can "come apart" in its formerly orderly workings, with a "runaway global warming"; that it can do so due to a tiny increase in a very tiny portion of the atmosphere (0.04% CO2, up from 0.028%, according to the "experts").

It is a monstrous delusion, from the reigning paradigm (of "undirected evolution" of the world) on down to the frantic adjustments and continuing tinkering with the "global temperature" data, to make it fit the incompetent scientists' imagined "science", and the politicians' desired control over all the people.

The world is divided, and can only be divided further, and to the point of world war itself, by such aggressive dementia. Think of it this way: Climate science has become a jihad, a holy war, against all who would oppose it. It is courting its own destruction, and the longer it is respected, in ANY way, in any of its parts, any of its "explanations", it sows the seeds of destruction in all directions, to all of us.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

What Incompetent Climate Science Has Wrought: A Criminal Conspiracy on the Left, an Elitist Disregard on the Right

I want to write only about science here (and I won't take any political comments), but I have found that I cannot. Suppressive, false dogmas are ascendant, not just among scientists, but among our political leaders. And the latter need to be addressed, and reined in from what has become, on one side at least, criminal activity at the highest level against the fundamental right of freedom of speech itself, which above all else allows us to call ourselves members of a free society.

This blog is primarily meant to inform the world of the results of my unprecedented research into the "ancient mysteries" of man on Earth, results which constitute the greatest scientific discovery in history: The deliberate re-formation of the Earth and solar system, less than 20,000 years ago, according to a great design that was meant to be discovered, when man's knowledge about his world grew enough to find and prove it for what it is. Those results indicate a new paradigm is needed for scientific investigation, across all of modern physical science (including physics itself, the most fundamental physical science), but especially in the earth and life sciences (whose central theories are, respectively, plate tectonics and--even more fundamental--undirected evolution of all that we observe on the Earth--this is the extended Darwinian paradigm). The Great Design of the "gods" which I found, and thoroughly verified, immediately disproves the fundamental assumption, against design, underlying the Darwinian paradigm, and thus also casts down all the theories that currently guide scientific research in every field, and which proceed from that false but religiously-held assumption.

That, readers, is where I am coming from; that is my world, my sure knowledge of the sure truth. Now here is the wider world: The Democratic Party platform calls for prosecuting global warming skeptics. With that official platform, the entire political Left is engaged in outright criminal conspiracy, in my view, based only on the blatant political lie, "the science is settled". It is NOT settled; it is totally incompetent, as I showed here, and here, and here, and here, and in other posts over the last 5 and 1/2 years (entirely on my own, I must add -- I don't need "Big Oil" to find the scientific truth, that consensus climate science is a false science).

The Democratic Platform Drafting Committee heeded the words of the notoriously incompetent climate scientist, Michael Mann, in their deliberations. He is quoted as telling them:

"Fundamentally, I’m a climate scientist and have spent much of my career with my head buried in climate-model output [which has been shown not to agree with reality--HDH] and observational climate data trying to tease out the signal of human-caused climate change....What is disconcerting to me and so many of my colleagues is that these tools that we’ve spent years developing increasingly are unnecessary because we can see climate change, the impacts of climate change, now, playing out in real time, on our television screens, in the 24-hour news cycle."

That is either a bald-faced lie (he is, after all, referring to the WEATHER, and it is as it has always been, not "unprecedented"), or the cry of a deluded soul, committed to a lie, unable to face the real truth, that there is no valid climate science, and he has only been trying, all these years, to "tease out the signal of human-caused climate change" (and, quite apparently, cannot think outside of that benighted mindset, to see that there is only repeating, natural variability to be seen).

And, on the Republican side, famous political commentator George Will has just left the Republican party, in determined denial of Donald Trump. This is an insane escalation of the Conservative disgust with its own Republican Party, which got Obama re-elected in 2012 by refusing to vote Republican. "He cut off his nose to spite his face" comes to mind. I find the insanity has spread to both the Left and the Right. Only Trump, whatever you think of his character, Mr. Will and many others, shows any inclination to beat back that insanity. Only he shows any ability to recognize it AS insanity. And recognizing it as insanity is paramount now--otherwise it will only get worse.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

No Getting Around It

The notrickszone site has a post debunking an AGW alarmist's theory about a slowdown in the Atlantic ocean circulation, to which I responded:

Yet this article (quoting from still says: "...greenhouse gas pollution causes ice sheets to melt, which prior research has shown is causing the circulation to slow overall."

So it doesn't even touch the core delusion, that there is a global-warming "greenhouse effect" and consequent global "climate change".

I also read a comment on the climate etc site of Judith Curry, by one of the many notorious defenders of the utterly false climate science (David Appell), reiterating that scientists have "shown" that the Sun can't be to blame for the "global warming", and that it must be CO2.

My short answer to everyone who believes in any part of the consensus climate science is

The Bottom Line About "Climate Science" and "Global Warming".

That evidence is patently clear, that there is no CO2 "greenhouse effect" at all, and further that it should not be surprising that climate scientists cannot explain their "global warming" as due to variability in the Sun's output, because THE GLOBAL TEMPERATURE RECORDS themselves are not to be trusted. Everybody, climate scientists included, uses 288K for the global mean surface temperature in their theories, in agreement with what the Standard Atmosphere says. Yet the Standard Atmosphere has "said" that for over a hundred years, and the global mean surface temperature "measured" today is LESS than 288K, by a few tenths of a degree, despite all the hysteria over a century of "global warming". My 2010 Venus/Earth temperatures comparison--which I have claimed ever since to be the definitive correction to the utterly false climate science--precisely confirms the Standard Atmosphere model, so there can be no doubt that the Standard Atmosphere describes the real atmosphere, on the global scale, and it demands no "global warming" has occurred from the time the Standard Atmosphere was developed all the way up to 1991, the time the Magellan spacecraft took the Venus data I used in my comparison.

Even some consensus scientists confirm, albeit unintentionally, my position on the lack of any proved global warming at all. I recently came across, and communicated in a comment on the jonova site, this 2014 admission from a European Space Agency scientist: "A widely reported 'pause' in global warming may be an artefact of scientists looking at the wrong data, says a climate scientist at the European Space Agency. Stephen Briggs from the European Space Agency’s Directorate of Earth Observation says that surface air temperature data is the worst indicator of global climate that can be used, describing it as 'lousy'."

Yet that data is what is presented to the world, defended in every debate, and obsessed over, month after month, by both sides in the climate debate. Climate science is "lousy", ladies and gentlemen. Period.

When the dust clears, this generation will be swept into the dustbin of history for its vehement and condescending denial of the clear truth, that there is no valid climate science and no competent climate scientists today. After all this time, I would go further, and say there is no competent scientist throughout all of the earth and life sciences today--I have neither seen nor heard of any of them, whether alarmist or lukewarmer, accepting my Venus/Earth comparison as definitive, and its clear consequences for current climate science. There simply is no excuse for the rampant incompetence in science now, although there are clear reasons for it. I have explained the biggest reason on my blog, in the context of my own unprecedented scientific discoveries: The current scientific paradigm (which my discoveries replace) is failing, and has been failing from its inception. Science has chosen to nurture false dogma ever since Darwin, and almost completely so in the last half-century.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Responding to a Believer in False Science

I have just responded to a comment on the jonova site, from a skeptic who wanted to know how to respond to an AGW (anthropogenic global warming) believer, who claimed that skeptics "conflated natural with anthropogenic" factors in pointing out the infamous "global warming pause" since 1997, and so lacked mental acuity, or words to that effect. I responded by referring to a recent post of mine here:

To put it bluntly, you are dealing with a believer in current, politically correct dogma, sanctioned by an incompetent generation of scientists, who have worked for two generations to advance an utterly false climate science, and by all of our supposedly authoritative institutions, which have been suborned to that false science simply because they cannot imagine that so many scientists could be so wrong, or so evil in advancing false information to the world to protect their professional positions and income. You are not likely to get him or those who believe like him to change their minds by giving them either simple facts or convincing rhetoric. They muddy every argument that is brought before them.

However, in the context of proper attribution of global mean temperature variations to natural and anthropogenic factors, you could give them this link to a recent post of mine:

The Bottom Line About "Climate Science" and "Global Warming",

and point out that the false climate scientists have put out graphs to the public which basically blame all of the "global warming" on carbon dioxide (CO2), even though the temperature record shows no consistent temperature variation with increasing CO2. Even more astonishing, a century ago the global mean surface temperature, as indicated in the Standard Atmosphere model, was 288K, and after a century of supposed global warming the global temperature "measured" today is LESS than 288K, by a few tenths of a degree (and this, in the larger, and fundamental, context of the Standard Atmosphere having been precisely confirmed by my 2010 Venus/Earth temperatures comparison, so it's no use arguing that the Standard Atmosphere doesn't apply, because it obviously does, quite accurately, and precisely). So, not only can "climate science" not disentangle natural from anthropogenic (and clearly does not want to even acknowledge the natural), it cannot prove there has even been any "global" warming; it cannot prove, to anyone who has seen the Standard Atmosphere precisely confirmed by my Venus/Earth comparison, that it can even MEASURE the global mean surface temperature accurately enough to show any real global warming, from ANY combination of factors, both natural and anthropogenic.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Greater Meaning of Deflategate for Science Today

The climateaudit site has a post on the "Deflategate controversy is due to scientist error" (about the claim that the Patriots football team was deflating their footballs to give themselves an edge in games). My response to Stephen McIntyre:

"Information for Colt balls reconcile almost exactly, but there is a discrepancy of about 0.38 psi for Patriot balls. This discrepancy is almost exactly equal to the bias of referee Anderson’s Logo Gauge (orange) – a coincidence that should alarm any analyst of this data."

It is the single greatest and most widespread error in all of modern science, across all fields, that "coincidence" is never questioned as an "explanation" when an unlikely finding is encountered that is contrary to expectations, or to the supposedly "settled science". Even your own calling it a "coincidence" buys into that science-wide error, though you are quick to realize a proper analysis would have homed in on it and realized it is too unlikely a finding to have been due to the mere chance the numbers would fall out as they do. Modern scientists have become increasingly insensitive to judging the probability of highly unlikely findings, and questioning them to find the real cause in each case. This has led to a crisis of incompetence across all the physical sciences, especially the earth and life sciences, which my research (finding and conclusively verifying what can only be called "the great design of the 'gods'"--the next paradigm in science) shows all need to be re-thought, wholesale.

Six Categories: A Lukewarmer's Biased Take on the Climate Debate

The masterresource site has a post on "six categories" of positions in the climate debate, according to Richard Mueller of UC Berkeley, who, the article says, should be an "important voice" in the debate. My response:

Bottom line: Mueller's categories are not valid, and he should not be "an important voice" for anyone looking for the truth. To say as he does that "warmists" stick to the science is a lie by omission, for they stick only to their "consensus" dogma, which has been shown, time and time again, to be utterly worthless. And his take on "deniers"--that as a group they "pay little attention to the details of the science"--is another lie; they are simply "skeptics" who have indeed studied the details presented by the "climate scientists", and over time have assured themselves that the warmists--both "alarmists" and "lukewarmers"--refuse to let go of their dogma long enough to realize that the consensus "climate science" is no such thing, is in fact completely counter to the observable facts. Mueller is worthless to anyone other than lukewarmers, who are trying to stake out their "reasonable middle" position as the only valid alternative to the alarmists. Politically, of course, that may seem reasonable, but it only kicks the chance for the scientific truth to be faced and accepted in this (or even the next) generation further into the future. The truth will out, but only those who know there is no valid climate science and no competent climate scientists today, are actually on the side of true science.

The article concludes with "reasonable" advice on governmental climate policy, but it too is worthless, for in the current rampant incompetence in science, there can be no rational "climate action". The "science"--much less the politics--simply cannot be trusted at this time.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Atmospheric CO2 and the Lapse Rate: No Effect

The notrickszone site has a post by a Japanese scientist that says CO2 "climate sensitivity" (defined as the temperature increase to be expected from a doubling of CO2 in the atmosphere) is currently overstated, even "meaningless", because increasing the CO2 would change the temperature "lapse rate" in the atmosphere. My response:

All scientists should know by now that my 2010 Venus/Earth temperatures comparison already definitively showed there is no actual "CO2 global warming greenhouse effect".

Never mind doubling the CO2. The Venus atmosphere has over 2400 times the concentration of CO2 as does Earth's (that is 11.4 doublings of CO2, not just one doubling), without ANY effect upon the temperature at any given pressure level.

Further, since that Venus/Earth comparison precisely confirms the Standard Atmosphere model for Earth's troposphere as the true, stable equilibrium state of the atmosphere, it also confirms the physics behind that model, which is just that of the hydrostatic condition, that the pressure at any level in the troposphere is just the weight of the atmosphere above that level. And since the hydrostatic condition provides that the lapse rate MUST BE just -g/c, where g is the acceleration due to gravity and c is the effective specific heat of the atmosphere, the lapse rate has ESSENTIALLY NOTHING to do with the CO2 level in the atmosphere (certainly not in the trace amounts found in Earth's atmosphere, and even between Earth's .04% and Venus's 96.5%, as the Venus/Earth comparison I performed showed).

I have yet to come across ANY "expert", like the above author, who knows what they are talking about. The Venus/Earth temperature comparison makes them all appear incompetent.