Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The True and Simple Physics Being Ignored by All in the Climate Propaganda Wars

I have submitted the following short comment to the tallbloke site, in response to yet another internet post of alternative theory that ignores my definitive corrections to the ridiculous consensus theories of "global warming" (there is none, only a noisy and fraudulently adjusted "global temperature" record):

Too involved, and comes at the truth (of the temperature-governing lapse rate structure, due to the weight of the atmosphere itself), that I have already explained, and demonstrated clearly with my Venus/Earth atmospheric temperatures comparison, through a maze of bad thinking ("adiabatic" is unnecessary and meaningless, compared to the utterly simple physics of the Standard Atmosphere model; and there simply is no "radiation forcing" affecting atmospheric temperatures).

Nikolov still hangs onto the terms used in the entirely false consensus "climate science"...and you are lemmings to follow. I am the one who insists that the underlying, unchanging structure of tropospheric temperatures (the "lapse rate") are maintained by CONDUCTION, not either radiation or convection, because it is just the innumerable jostlings of air molecules, in the hydrostatic condition of the lower atmosphere, that distributes, unwaveringly and precisely, both the pressure and thence the temperature (due, yes, to the "gas laws", which you managed to get in there, without properly emphasizing how simple is "incident solar radiation + hydrostatic atmosphere + gas laws = atmospheric temperatures", with the surface of the Earth only a base for the weighty atmosphere).

So there is no "adiabatic lapse rate", and only the conduction, throughout the troposphere, of incident solar energy, directly absorbed by the massive, hydrostatic atmosphere. All my discoveries, and all from the definitive Venus/Earth comparison, which is universally ignored, yet which precisely confirms the Standard Atmosphere.