Sunday, October 5, 2014

Climate Science and The Darkness of Dogmatic Thought

Steven Goddard has a post today on "the definitive data on the global warming/climate change scam", with his first graph showing the high correlation between the official adjustments to US temperatures (not the temperatures themselves, but the adjustments made to them) and the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. However, I first pointed out that definitive evidence, and called it definitive, exactly 2 years ago, in the post "US Temperatures Have Been Fraudulently Adjusted According to the Level of Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere". The rest of Goddard's post is superfluous, and weakens appreciation of the fact that those fraudulent adjustments are by themselves the definitive evidence (in indicting a field of science, you can't top the revelation of deliberate fraud).

In the wider context of the general incompetence now running rampant, not just in science but throughout every public debate, and in virtually every confrontation in the world, the question that needs to be asked is, why did it take Goddard two years to acknowledge (and even now, without crediting me) what I specifically suggested and then demonstrated to him and the world 2 years ago, and repeatedly reminded him and his readers ever since?

And why have both climate alarmists and "lukewarmers" studiously ignored--for 4 years now-- my Venus/Earth temperatures comparison, which is not only the definitive evidence against the very existence of the global-warming "greenhouse effect" due to so-called "greenhouse gases", but the definitive evidence for the wholesale rethinking and correction of climate science?

Everyone has their own reasons for their behavior, but the fundamental answer is that mankind, both individually and en masse, cannot stand the full light of truth now, in one area of concern or another. And so they think that, by ignoring the light that seems too harsh, they can defeat it, can keep others from seeing it. But by warring on the truth--in favor of their favorite dogma--they are unwittingly asking for real war among men.