Thursday, December 16, 2021

Speaking Sanely in an Insane Environment

I wrote two months ago that I would write a short post once a month for a while, to show that my science blog is still active, in the face of the tyrannical and insane forces now intent upon establishing their mass corruption, falsely, as a legitimate (and competent) government and a legitimate social construct of "mainstream media", and dogmatic and merely hateful internet commenters, by vicious suppression of all views contrary to their own.

This blog is about a TRUE "new world order", in the vein of Copernicus's and Galileo's, not the illegitimate and hence unavoidably, continuously, criminal one we are faced with now, throughout our society, our civilization. Our "leaders" are insane, to think they can get away with it. And all of their followers who are content to think the world is proceeding reasonably, are aiding and abetting the entrenched (yet jealous and all-fearful) criminals throughout the political system.

A criminal mob and insane cult is in control, and seeking to characterize any who oppose them as the real criminals. But the more they suppress, in order to make themselves feel assured of their right to rule, the more they merely add to their criminality, and to their insane, hysterical view...of everything, increasingly.

Yet this monumental upheaval of our hard-earned civilization is not even the real battleground, in the long run, for the eternal truth about man and his world. The real battleground is what my scientific breakthrough, of recognition of the "Great Design of the 'gods' " -- of the world's true origin, especially the divisions of mankind that are now erupting anew, like long-dormant volcanoes -- is all about.

In the posts presented here, over the last 12 years, I have proven that Great Design, and shown how that origin instantly humbles the most dogmatically believed and hotly defended theories of today, founded as they all are upon a basically meaningless general paradigm for scientific study, of uniformitarian yet "evolutionary" supposed processes, all of which are incompetent beliefs masqueraded as bedrock true science (just as, in the "political sphere" -- which is actually, increasingly merely criminal -- the corrupt political "elite" masquerade as honest brokers, and forceful guides, for our general welfare).

What is happening now, as a culmination of too-long nurturing of a variety of false dogmas, some for millennia, some for only the last few generations of men, is just the expected reactions of the insane to meeting a reality they simply cannot abide, and must try to destroy. An illegitimate "leader" can only be a tyrant, trying to stomp out the fires of his own insanity. Insanity, and its attendant avoidance behavior, is ascendant now, on the part of both "leaders" and their suborned, misled followers...and they all believe they are doing well, not destructively, entirely oblivious to all the evidence to the contrary.

It is time for a new dispassion in our views, of virus attacks, climate hysteria, and above all in our now-deposed yet arrogantly oblivious sciences and religions. Our present "leaders" lyingly push fear after fear upon us, while true leaders of the past said, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself".