Friday, April 17, 2009

Challenge to Science II: Focus on Design

Appreciation of the world design requires one to focus one's attention on hard, unyielding observations that have before now entirely escaped the notice of generations of even the best of scientists. The dodecahedron pattern obeyed by the Earth's major landmasses, discussed in the last post (see below, on this page), is a prime example of this. The observations are not really hard to interpret (once they are noticed, and given serious consideration), it is only that science has deliberately kept its focus away from the truth, of a real design of the Earth. And, as the authors of Hamlet's Mill noted, solving the great riddle of worldwide myth and other ancient testimonies--which, my research shows, refer directly and precisely to the design--requires competence in working with the celestial sphere, and no scientist before me has married such competence with a professional interest in getting to the bottom of the ancient mysteries. For example, I had to develop my own software, UrMaps, capable of mapping the celestial sphere onto the Earth in any way my research required, and enabling efficient, precise calculations on the sphere, after I discovered the central elements of the design using one of the common star-charting programs, as detailed in my book, The End of the Mystery. The design I found is the key to all the ancient mysteries--their single, primordial source.

All of the scientific authorities today strenuously and dogmatically assert that design of the natural world is an idea that simply cannot be broached in a scientific context. Examples of design in the natural world are so widespread and easy to see, they consider the idea "non-falsifiable"--which is spectacularly wrong thinking (it certainly is falsifiable, it just turns out it's not false), but it's the only way they can continue to deny design. The sheer idiocy, the unadulterated scientific incompetence, of that assertion should be obvious to scientists (and all the scientists in the world who have proclaimed it should be summarily kicked out of science), given that man adds his own designs to the world all the time, and scientists in particular can and do speak of changing the natural world, of terraforming the world and creating new species as if these things were no big deal, "in principle". I don't intend to go further here into this sorry intellectual degradation of science--I am a serious, competent scientist (possibly the only one, based upon my experience in looking for others of my kind over the last six years), and I will not dignify the so-called debate over "intelligent design", on the part of dogmatic authorities (either scientific or religious, on either side of this intellectual war) or the many self-styled defenders of science, with further comments here, which would only provoke the usual dogmatic, and unsupported or irrelevant, assertions from them. I will only say that when the design is identified--not some vague speculation about the idea of design, but the particular fact of it I have found--its validity is independently confirmed by every line of study, in strict conformity with the highest standards of dispassionate, unbiased science. Again, the facts are extraordinary, but thoroughly unyielding and determinative. I am the only one who has done this scientific duty so far, and found the world design--others have only followed the many fragmented theories that abound, of biblical creation, plate tectonics, expanding earth, 12th planet, cosmic catastrophes, and so on, without once seeing the real design (and even denying the possibility of it--especially those scientists I have tried to inform--rather than investigating it, like competent, dispassionate scientists would do).

So let us continue with the dispassionate consideration of facts. In the last post, I showed that the east coasts of the continents obey a strict dodecahedron pattern on the surface of the Earth, with the probability of this having happened by chance being only about 1 in a million million. Technically, this observation by itself is enough to disprove "plate tectonics" and prove the design. The truth, however, is that this simple demonstration was only a late, added confirmation of the design I had already verified long before, along every independent line of study. I found what I call the Great Mapping--of the celestial or heavenly sphere onto the Earth, or "heaven on Earth" as the ancients would have said--in September-October of 1997, and not until July of 1998 did I realize that a primary feature in that mapping directly indicated the dodecahedral pattern in the layout of landmasses on the Earth. In short, the particular pattern of lines I showed on the Earth in the last post was not something I pulled out of thin air; it was precisely indicated in a prominent element of the Great Mapping, and thus was one confirmation--among many--of the validity of that mapping as a deliberate act of the designers.

Remember, all it really takes is focus upon the fact. Here is an image of the Great Mapping:

The black line in the image is the path of the ecliptic on the celestial sphere. (Remember, the ecliptic marks the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun, and the apparent path of the Sun among the stars as seen from the Earth.) While it may not look like it (due to the limitations of a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional sphere), the ecliptic is a great circle on the sphere, an undeviating line. The Great Mapping was found from matchups between elements of the celestial and Earth spheres in the immediate area of the circle in the center of the image. (That circle marks the successive positions of the celestial north pole among the stars, due to the Earth's precession, i.e., the precession of Earth's spin axis around its orbital axis.) The point to be made here is that I found the Great Mapping from a few central elements, and validated it with precise matchups of form and name at sites scattered over the globe. I can't go into the many details of that extended validation in this short post.

But look at the ecliptic path, in particular how it follows the east coast of Asia. Now look back at the preceding post, and the illustration there of the line along the Asian coast, in the dodecahedron pattern discussed there. The ecliptic path in the Great Mapping is essentially this same line. So the Great Mapping, among many other virtues, points to the dodecahedron symmetry in the landmasses on the Earth, and its meaningfulness--its great scientific importance as a deliberate design--is spectacularly confirmed by recognizing this precise dodecahedron pattern on the Earth.

Here again is the dodecahedron pattern I was drawn to by the Great Mapping, showing how the eastern coasts of the landmasses conform to that strict layout:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Challenge to Earth Scientists

The surface of the Earth has been subjected to deliberate design; that is the truth behind supposed past continental drift.

As mentioned in the last post, the continents were moved, but not by plate tectonics, which is a modern fantasy, or myth: It would have us believe the Earth is a precise natural machine which smoothly cycles the light crustal materials on the surface down into the denser material beneath through subduction, along a deep ocean trench for example, while at the same time bringing deeper material back up to the surface as molten magma, primarily along a spreading fault (as in the mid-Atlantic). It is nothing more than a crudely imagined conveyor belt system, which, according to expert scientists critical of the theory, the fundamental laws of physics applied to the known properties of earth materials denies; those materials are simply not up to the task, they do not work that way, on their own. In any event, whatever truth there may be in current plate tectonics theory, it was not responsible for the present shapes and positions of the continents on the Earth. This is my scientific claim, and I can prove it easily, so that anyone can understand. It is not hard science, it just requires being able to look at the Earth without the preconceived belief in currently accepted theory--and being able to honestly recognize design.

Seeing is believing; that is, it should be, but in modern science and contemporary thought it is not, to science's ultimate shame. Believers in modern earth science will not like what I am about to show here, and when confronted with the fact will dismiss it without the consideration science owes every observation of the natural world. Generations of earth scientists have utterly failed to notice what you are about to see, although it is a primary visual characteristic of the landmasses on the Earth. But I believe the ordinary person can appreciate it for what it is, without involved scientific analysis. For such people, I assure you that I have made the scientific analysis, and I dare any other honest and competent scientist to do the same. If you do, you will verify my claim by concluding the Earth was in fact re-formed to a great design.

We will begin by focusing our attention upon the east coasts of the continents; I'm going to show you a simple order, a precise (!) pattern to their positioning on the globe. And that pattern, remarkable as it is, is just one aspect out of many in the world design.

The above image shows the east coasts of Asia and of Africa/Arabia. The red lines drawn along these two coasts are great circles on the globe; they are undeviating in direction, the counterparts of straight lines on a flat surface. They show that both Asia, and Africa and Arabia, lie along lines that make the same angle with respect to the equator. That angle is 63.435 degrees. Note also that the Asian line crosses the equator at 120 degrees east longitude, while the line along Africa and Arabia crosses at 48 degrees east longitude, a separation of 72 degrees on the globe. Finally, note that the Asian line used here is right on the well-known "Rim of Fire", a line of volcanoes rimming the Pacific ocean along the east coast of the Asian continent; it is thus a physically exceptional line marking that coastline.

The eastern coasts of North America and of South America/Iberia (Spain) also are aligned with great circles at 63.435 degrees with respect to the equator. The line along South America/Iberia--crossing the equator at 24 degrees west longitude--is also 72 degrees to the west of the African line in the previous image, and North America--whose line crosses the equator at 96 degrees west longitude--is again just 72 degrees further west. Note that the east coast of Iberia serves to pin down the line along South America (which parallels its coast closely, and is neatly hooked by the curving southern tip of the continent). The North America line is also neatly pinned by the east coast of the Yucatan peninsula in Central America, and by the western end of Cuba; it passes directly over the eastern limits of Cape Hatteras and Cape Cod, marking the North American coastline.

All of the major continental landmasses are thus spread out with their east coasts precisely separated by 72 degrees from one another around the equator, and all of those coasts are angled by the same 63.435 degrees with respect to the equator. (A proper scientific analysis would estimate the uncertainty in both longitudinal position and in angle with respect to the equator; in every case, that uncertainty is just a few degrees and is small compared to all the possible positions the landmasses could have attained by chance alone.)

Finally, look at the larger islands in the Pacific ocean:

Yet a fifth line, again angled 63.435 degrees with respect to the equator and crossing the equator at 168 degrees west longitude, closely follows New Zealand in the south, the line of the principal Fiji islands further north, and bisects the Hawaiian islands even further north. This completes a full pattern of five such lines, strictly adhered to by major landmasses on the Earth.

For anyone open to honest recognition of non-chance, or designed, placement of the landmasses on the Earth, this should be a delightful discovery: The landmasses of the Earth are closely "parked", according to a strict, simple pattern on the globe. I will identify the name of that pattern below. For the hard scientist like myself, such an unexpected finding should be honestly confronted, and an analysis made of just how closely these landmasses follow the indicated pattern, and thus the probability that they could have achieved this close pattern by chance as opposed to design (and I would remind you, vain speculations as to the identity of the designers is irrelevant to such an analysis). I calculated that the probability is on the order of 1 in a million million (1,000,000,000,000) against chance placement of these landmasses. They were parked there by design.

Now, what is this pattern? It is part of a dodecahedral arrangement on the surface of the globe. Consider first a regular dodecahedron, circumscribed by a globe:

Each facet of the dodecahedron is a regular pentagon. An axis from the center of the globe through each facet of the circumscribed dodecahedron is like a polar axis with its own "equator"; in the above image, for example, the axis emerging in the middle of the North Atlantic would have an associated "equator" that is in fact the line along the eastern coast of Africa/Arabia in the pattern we brought out above. The same is true of the lines we identified above along the east coasts of the other landmasses; the "equator" for the axis emerging in the center of the above image of the globe--on Egypt, not far from the Giza pyramids of ancient fame--is the line of the "Rim of Fire" alongside Asia. The latitude at which these lateral axes emerge from the globe is 26.565 degrees, which makes the angle of the lines along the eastern coasts of the landmasses precisely 63.435 degrees with respect to the equator, as earlier stated. The Earth was anciently believed--as a "sacred truth", not a scientific fact--to be formed according to a dodecahedron. So this demonstration confirms the ancient, esoteric religious tradition.

Plate tectonics is simply disproved by this readily verified observation of the dodecahedral pattern obeyed by the eastern coastlines of the major landmasses of the Earth. QED and hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen. I told you before, the Once and Future Paradigm is back.