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Atlantis At Last

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The sense that there is a great mystery to life on Earth -- beyond the existential questions of "Who, and what, am I?" -- is a continuing attraction to every generation. The "ancient mysteries" are like a primordial Black Hole, or unplumbable singularity at the beginning of history, which swallows the hypotheses and explanations of modern writers in the thick, swirling dust of millennia and the soul-deadening tyrannies of past empires.

As a romantic idea, Atlantis is first and foremost like a bright, twinkling star, a light at the end of that long, long tunnel into the past. There -- the stories that continue to spring from its legend all assure us -- is a kind of eternal life, glimpsed like a miniature diorama etched on the head of a pin, put under a microscope, and seen through a lens: Far, far away in time and space, yet as close as our imagination and will to recreate.

Where was Atlantis, really? Or was it only in the minds of ancient Egyptian priests, naive travellers from classical Greece to the Alexandrian shore, and gossipful early philosophers pandering to the appetites of their audiences?

I will tell you where was Atlantis, for it was and is real; it had a strong part in the larger history of man, and the origin of the Earth as we know it today.

There is an actual image of Atlantis still extant in the world. It was stolen out of Egypt by Roman invaders, the story was told by one Athanasius Kircher, the author of the 17th century book "Mundus Subterraneus" and a highly respected intellect of his time. Here is the picture he presented, of Insula Atlantis, the "island of Atlantis":

Now this is an upside-down image -- with north toward the bottom and south toward the top -- showing Insula Atlantis between the landmasses of Africa and Hispania (the Iberian peninsula) on the left, and America on the right. It is midway between these landmasses, in the very center of the "Oceanus Atlanticus", or Atlantic Ocean. Note that the two lesser islands between Atlantis and America are not named on the map.

We are used to looking at the globe with north at the top, so let's turn the image "right-side up":

Now we can readily see the Iberian peninsula -- Spain and Portugal -- above Africa, on the eastern side, and a rather featureless bulge supposedly representing America on the west. Atlantis is certainly not featureless, but has a distinctive shape that holds out the hope that this was once a real land in the Atlantic whose contours were well known. But so far, we can only positively recognize Iberia, and the bulge of Africa to its south, not least because the Strait of Gibraltar that separates the two can be seen in its proper location.

Atlantis was said by Plato to have sunk beneath the surface of the ocean, in just one day and night of earthquake and flood; it made the Atlantic an impassable muddy shoal, he reported as if it were a fact in his own time (in the 4th century BC). However, evidence found in America of colonies established there by Egypt and other Mediterranean lands, several centuries earlier (as early as the 9th century BC) -- as reported in the book "America BC" (1975) by anthropologist Barry Fell -- tells us the explorers of these lands were well able to cross the Atlantic nearly 3,000 years ago, just as we can today.

Is there any hope of finding a sunken landmass in the Atlantic, with the recognizable shape and size of "Insula Atlantis" on the Kircher map? The answer is no; the floor of the Atlantic has been thoroughly mapped, and this shape does not show up on those maps, dominated by the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, or mid-ocean rift.

But Atlantis is not lost forever, after all. There is a land with just the right shape and size to have been the fabled Lost Isle.

In discovering and subsequently verifying the Great Design of the "gods", which had involved a wholesale re-formation of the landmasses on the surface of the Earth between 20,000 and 10,000 years ago, I became familiar with the many details of those landmasses, and when I afterwards came across Kircher's map of the Atlantic, with Atlantis in the middle of the ocean, I recognized its shape as one familiar to me.

I had, after all, not so long before, picked out the shapes of the continents and other landmasses -- one point at a time, thousands of points altogether-- to develop my own Earth- and sky-mapping software, with which I studied the Great Design and its message stored for mankind, or for whoever might come to Earth to study mankind, and who might find and read it.

One of the last large landmasses whose detailed ocean outline I plotted, was Greenland, and the similarity between Greenland and Insula Atlantis is substantial (see the accompanying illustration). To properly compare Greenland with Insula Atlantis, I only had to determine the actual size of Atlantis as seen on the Kircher map. This was easily done by comparing "Hispania" on the Kircher map with the Iberian peninsula on the actual globe; it is then a simple matter to scale Insula Atlantis to its appropriate size on the globe. When this is done, the comparison with Greenland is excellent, in both size and detailed shape.

I won't here go into the many strands of evidence I found which positively established Greenland as the Atlantis of ancient legend. I am satisfied here mainly with showing the close comparison of the two, with just a few added points to be made. First, the Insula Atlantis of Kircher's map is wider than Greenland. This is because the eastern portion of Atlantis was broken off, and became Iceland -- to the southeast of Greenland today -- and the islands of the United Kingdom, even further south and east.

And, as the accompanying illustration shows clearly, the lesser islands depicted between America and Atlantis on the Kircher map can be readily identified with the Florida peninsula -- before it was attached to America -- and the island of Hispaniola (the Dominican Republic and Haiti). The shoreline of America depicted on the Kircher map is not that of North America today, but from a time before the land east of the Appalachians was fixed onto the continent. Since Atlantis only "disappeared" -- that is, it was moved north to the present position of Greenland, by the designers -- around 9600 BC, this tells us North America was given its present shape, with Florida attached, only after that late date.

So the "gods" who re-formed the Earth's landmasses did so at least as late as 9600 BC -- actually, for more than a thousand years after that, as Egypt recorded its institution "by the goddess" as having occurred at about 8600 BC. Evidence for all of this is to be found in my book, "The End of the Mystery." The larger scientific community and its followers, in choosing to ignore and dismiss observable design in the world, remain stuck just this side of the discovery of the Great Design of the "gods" -- once, and now again, the single great wonder of the world.


If you want to see this new knowledge recognized, and verified by other scientists, tell your teachers, your scientist friends, your local and national radio and TV stations. And read the earlier posts on this blog, especially the April 2009 "Challenge to Science" posts.

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Johannes Kepler: Sleepwalker-Founder of Modern Science

While I have been focused here lately on incompetence in modern climate science (and in modern science generally), it needs to be emphasized that scholars throughout history have been thoroughly misguided by the ancient knowledge that was handed down among all the peoples of the world as the "sacred truth", first about the "gods" of earliest myth, and later about "God" Himself. (And it was a rare scholar, philosopher, or theologian, who could both start and end with the humble position of admitting that he/she didn't know what "God" really entailed, or why the most ancient peoples worshipped whole families of "gods", with one god understood as being above all the others). The men who founded modern science were steeped in the old "knowledge", and they had to learn how to focus upon hard physical evidence, and master strict mathematics and logic, as their proper guides, over the "sacred wisdom" passed down from times immemorial, in order to show the way for true science. Dogma had to be set aside, but its ages-old attraction was compelling, so they reached out for hard evidence fitfully and far from consistently, like sleepwalkers in an enchanted-like dream-state (the author Arthur Koestler wrote a beautiful book, "The Sleepwalkers", about these earliest scientists, many years ago now).

I received a comment (from one "garlo") here, in which Kepler's more misguided mystical musings, masquerading as science in his mind, were brought up. I realized a proper response required that I make a distinction between my scientific discovery and verification of a real Great Design of the world, and the mystical musings of Kepler and earlier (and even modern) religiously-minded scholars. I hasten to add, the Design IS of fundamental religious, or more correctly spiritual, importance; but the primary truth of it, that above all needs to be grasped, is that it is a hard, objective, scientific fact. The following is that fuller response to "garlo", and to anyone of like mind.

The verifiable dodecahedral arrangement in the layout of landmasses on the Earth is just one aspect, among many, of the Great Design I found--by the way, I am capitalizing it as a real, unified, and all-encompassing design (not a mere mass of "conjectures", or a formless pile of unconnected and odd observations, as all past researchers have produced, throughout history). The Great Design was responsible for ALL the so-called "ancient mysteries", the latter being just the religious and ritually precise human expressions of the intellectual awe with which the smallest knowledge fragments from the design were passed down among men--as literally the "sacred truth" about the origin of the world and mankind. (But in the present tattered intellectual atmosphere, particularly among academics and those in authority in science, just getting anyone to seriously and professionally consider ANY of the overwhelming mass of evidence, for the Great Design I uncovered, takes on the dimensions of a life's work.)

Kepler's belief, that the Earth was somehow made according to the dodecahedron, was nothing new, it goes back to ancient times; indeed, it qualifies as one of the "ancient mysteries", and Kepler picked up on the regular solids as such, and used them, not so much dispassionately, as a scientist, but as a mystical expression of the will of God (he noted their ancient provenance himself, writing, "More than 2,000 years ago Pythagoreans said that these figures [the regular solids] were the figures of the world..."). Kepler's attempt to match them to the planetary orbits was really just his own mathematical elucidation of the original Pythagorean teaching, which every mathematician knew of as the "harmony of the spheres". Kepler called them the regular solids (not platonic solids, because he knew they predated Plato), as we do today.

But as I wrote in my book, "The End of the Mystery":

"I do not want to take away from those who were already assured of a dodecahedral design of the Earth, including Socrates; but I think I am the first person to reveal its objective foundation, and thus prove it to science, and more importantly, to prove it an integral part of a comprehensive design."

In other words, as I said earlier, the dodecahedral pattern in the layout of the continents is just one aspect of the Great Design of the Earth and solar system, by the "gods" who were our real forebears.

As just one of uncounted many checks I made as part of my research, I naturally checked Kepler's attempt to match the planetary orbits with the regular solids, and found the fit was not that good, certainly not good enough to warrant his claim that the planetary orbits were a God-designed matching of the relative sizes of the regular solids--particularly since the Great Design I had already found is much more precise than any such planetary fitting. And the real meaning behind the ancient association of Earth with the dodecahedron is not to be found in the sizes of the planetary orbits--it is because (as I have explained in my book, "The End of the Mystery") the Earth is the planet of life in the solar system, and the mathematics of the dodecahedron is tied to the life on Earth, on every level from the smallest physical expression (DNA) to the level of metaphorical spiritual insights in the Pythagorean and other ancient mystery traditions.

While Kepler's mystical matching of the regular solids with the planetary orbits was misguided, I did get one important piece of ancient knowledge from him, and later in fine detail in Euclid (Proposition 17, Book XIII): The dodecahedron was anciently, and most simply, known as being built up from the cube, very simply, using the famous "golden section", another key Pythagorean tradition, that goes back to the Great Design itself as a matter of course. I discussed Euclid's lucid construction of the dodecahedron, for the benefit of lay readers, in an appendix in "The End of the Mystery".

Kepler's approach to the "harmony of the spheres" was to consider the sizes of the two spheres associated with a regular solid (like the dodecahedron), one inscribed within and the other circumscribing the solid. For each of the five regular solids, Kepler gave the ratio of the radii of the inscribed (Ri) and circumscribing (Ro) spheres. In modern form, those ratios are:

cube: Ri/Ro = .57735
tetrahedron: .33333
dodecahedron: .79465
icosahedron: same as for dodecahedron
octahedron: same as for cube

You can yourself compare these ratios with the relative sizes of the orbits of the 6 innermost planets (with the mean Earth-Sun distance as the standard unit),

Mercury .387, or .4
Venus .723, or .7
Earth 1.000, or 1
Mars 1.524, or 1.5
Jupiter 5.202, or 5.2

as many have no doubt done both before and after Kepler, and in vain. The Great Design is otherwise.

More empirical-minded scientists later crafted the Titius-Bode "law" for the successive planetary orbits:

mean orbital radius = (n + 4)/10, with n = 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, etc.,

with Earth at the standard distance (1.0, for n = 6), and the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter, being in the right position to represent a former, now-shattered planet (an hypothesis no one has ever proved), but an extra planet, Neptune, where it shouldn't be, if the Titius-Bode formula was actually a law (so it is not a law--any more than current climate models are physical laws, as the incompetent consensus supposes).

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Ancient World Myths Explained by the Great Design

Back in 2004, in an early effort to gain recognition of my unprecedented discovery of the Great Design of the 'gods', I wrote and physically produced myself a few dozen copies of a booklet titled "Finding the Design of the Gods". I included in it a listing, covering 2 full pages, of ancient myths whose objective origin is definitively established as the image at the center of the Design, on the celestial sphere. That center is of course the precession circle (the circling of the celestial north pole CNP around the ecliptic north pole ENP):

The precession circle and cones covers a whole list of famous myths:

The Garden
    of Eden
    of Idun (Norse)
    of Inanna (Babylon)
    of the Hesperides (Greece)

Hyperborea (land "beyond the north" in Greek myth = area         within precession circle)

The Home of the Gods (with many "peaks", "points", or         "mansions" = CNP points)
    Olympus ("many-peaked; Greece)
    Lotus ("many-pointed", includes the cone; India, Egypt,         Greece)
    Asgard (Norse)
    Swarga (India)
    Duat (from "ju-ta", see below; Egypt)    Xian, Celestial Palace         (many peaks; China)

The Crown of many points (again, CNP points on the circle)

The "Crown" of the "World Tree" (with the ENP as the trunk of         the tree)

The Crown of the Tree of Life

The Halo (tilted off the top of the head, also like the king's         crown, as the prec. circle is offset from the CNP, by 23.5°)

The swirl in human hair (again, with the center, the "crown",         tilted toward the back, offset from the top) NOTE: NOT a         myth(!), but a real design ("Know ye not, ye are gods?")

which explains
The Hair of Sif (shorn by Loki, and replaced with gold strands;         the celestial longitude lines, from the ENP downwards over         the ecliptic sphere, when the former ENP was changed, or         "shorn")

The Jewish Yarmulke (same as the halo, and crown, and etc.)

The Lapwing circling her nest (England)

The Roebuck in a thicket (ENP at the center of the circle;         England)

The Dog in myth (CNP, "dogged" to the ENP; England, Egypt,         India and many others

Ogygia, Aegean, Aegis, Giza ("Jeeza", from "ju-ta", name given         the prec. circle)

["ju" was the name for the ENP, and "ju-ta", the circle, was the         "ju way", a.k.a. the "way of the tree of life". The "ju" point         was the "judgment seat" of the "All-Father". Both "Zeus"         and "Jesus" come from "ju-ta", or "ju-za"/"jee-za". The         circle around the "ju" point was, in various myths, "Gjöll",         "joll", "yol", "pohjola", "jewel", "yule", "yar", etc.]

Santa Claus, Old King Cole, Kris Kringle (alias the All-Father;         "kol"/"Claus"/"Kris"/"ring"/"rink" all meant the joll         circle -- this is why Santa Claus was "jolly"(!)

Jöllupukki (the Santa Claus figure in Finland)

The "mikku" and "pukku" in the Epic of Gilgamesh (the prec.         circle and the ENP as a line breaking through the center         of the circle; the female and male sexual organs)

The Yin/Yang symbol, or "Tai Chi" (again, from "ju-ta" as         "ta-ju"); note the conjoining of male and female principles;         in Egypt the ENP was referred to as "the Member of the         Progenitor", and the CNP on the prec. circle, "the Image of         the Arm")

The Native American tepee (the precession cones)

The Aleian Plain, an area of earthly toil and strife (Greek myth)

The Cup of the Sun (double-cone of the precession, in many         mythical traditions)

The Holy Grail (same as the Cup of the Sun, from "Grial"/Irish         "grian" = Sun)

The Fetter of Fenrir (called "Gleipnir" in Norse myth = ecliptic         north)

"Iw titi", the island of creation ("Iw" is pronounced "you", and is         "ju" again; Egypt)

The Field of Reeds, on the island of creation (Egypt)

The Djed (or "jud") Pillar, at the center of the island of creation;         the ENP, Egypt; the prec. circle is its rim

[The multi-level King's Chamber, in the Great Pyramid,         represents the djed pillar]

The Fountain of Youth (from "ju-ta" again; like Sif's Hair, the         "youth" fountain streams downward in longitudinal lines         from the ENP)

Ancient "symbol of wisdom, justice, divine law" (the prec. circle         with the 0h/12h line, to the vernal and autumnal equinoxes,         attached)

The Gordion Knot (same as the symbol of wisdom and justice)

The Fiery Wheel (in many traditions)

The Mill of the Gods (the CNP circling the ENP; it grinds very         slowly, due to the great length of the precession period,         but finely, due to the daily spin of the Earth)

The Horn of Plenty (the northern prec. cone, its mouth the prec.         circle)

The Neverending Story (of Idun's husband, Braggi, in Norse         myth)

Othrys/Odur/Laerad/Valhalla/Niflheim (prec. circle around the         former ESP, when the Goddess was worshipped as         "highest")

Paradise (meaning an "around-wall"; the prec. circle around the         current ENP)

The Lost Paradise (the prec. circle around the former ESP)

The Ring
        Fairy Ring (around the former ESP)
        Gold Ring, e.g. Draupnir (Norse)
        Ring of Fire, e.g. around Brynhilde (Norse); same as the         Fiery Wheel

The Rock of Ages

The Rock Zeus turned into to escape Asopus (circle around         the former ESP)

The Rock Tantalus pushed in Tartarus (circle around the former         ESP)

Sleeping Beauty's spinning wheel (the celestial sphere         "spinning" around the Earth due to the Earth's spin, and         attached to the circle around the former ESP)

Tartarus/Hell (the southern prec. circle, around the ESP)

The Wheel of Fortune/Fate

The Way of all Life on Earth

The Way of Eternity

The Yule Wreath

The Yule Log (the line from ENP to CNP, the single branch of the         "Tree of Life")

This was originally written in 2004, and even then was not a complete list, which would be practically infinite, or at least uncounted.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Back To School, Things To Ask the Teacher

This is another re-presentation of a now-gone article I wrote back in 2009. It has special significance now, with school lockouts and other insanity, well demonstrating the universal crisis of incompetence I have tried to inform about, across all fields, especially science and religion. I wrote the newsblaze articles for a wide, lay audience, note:

If there is any segment of the population that is not worried about making ends meet or being suppressed in its search for sure knowledge, it should be students in school. College in particular is traditionally supposed to offer the freest climate of ideas, subject only to the constraints of unbiased logic. Unfortunately, it isn't so today, in science.

So students -- and parents of students -- if you want to give your science teachers something to really think about, try the following thoughts. I guarantee they don't know the answer to these strange facts (though most of them will argue glibly that they do):

A design is anything that proclaims it was intentionally made, by appearing or operating in a way that cannot be attributed solely to the undirected physical processes known to science.

1) About the Moon

The Moon, science says today, was blasted off the Earth itself by a random collision with a Mars-sized body, less than a hundred million years after the Earth was formed; that is, the Earth was supposedly formed 4.5 billion years ago, so the Moon was knocked off of it more than 4.4 billion years ago. But that's just a cosmic instant after Earth's own formation. Isn't that strange, teacher -- or rather, isn't that a suspicious scenario: just one clean hit "in the beginning" and just one moon formed from it?

Amazingly, the collision was supposedly just strong enough, but not too strong, so that the Moon-material did not go careening off into deep space, but was caught and held by the Earth's gravitation. Even more amazing, the Mars-sized body that knocked it off the Earth did disappear into the void, never to be heard from again -- that must be why scientists say it was Mars-sized, because Mars is roughly ten times as massive as the Moon, and anything much smaller than Mars should also have been trapped by the Earth's gravitation, since Earth is roughly ten times more massive than Mars and a hundred times more massive than the Moon. But again, this is a suspicious scenario: The collision was not head-on, else the Earth would just have been enlarged, and no Moon would have been blasted off on an orbital trajectory around the Earth. Very tight constraints were operating on this "cosmic accident", then, in the size of the impacting body (smack dab in the middle, between the mass of the Earth and the mass of the Moon), the necessarily grazing hit it made on the Earth (that allowed it to "hit and run", or vanish cleanly from the vicinity), and the energy imparted to the Moon-material that resulted in its orbiting the Earth -- and remember, all this is on top of the suspicious circumstance that there was just this one clean hit on the Earth, very early; we can't blame it on "early chaos" in the solar system, because such chaos should have produced many collisions, and a literal mess of moons about the Earth, for which there is no evidence now whatsoever. Isn't that very strange, teacher?

Because, finally, teacher, the Moon has supposedly been slowly receding from the Earth for the last 4.4 billion years, and is now -- and throughout human history, the last 6,000 years or so -- at just the right distance to have precisely the same apparent size as the Sun in our sky, and thus to totally eclipse the Sun, both precisely and regularly. The probability of this occurring by chance is just 6,000 divided by 4.4 billion, or on the order of one in a million (1.36 in a million to be precise). And this is on top of the above suspicious circumstances of the strangely pristine "cosmic accident" that supposedly created the Moon. Yet science doesn't even hint it could have been anything but chance -- despite the unarguable scientific fact, that chance could not have done it, in many millions of tries. Isn't science just a trifle incompetent in failing to mention all this, or even emphasize it, teacher?

2) About Earth's landmasses

The eastern coasts of the landmasses on the Earth are curiously, even amazingly, distributed around the globe: These coasts, rather surprisingly, can all be approximated by straight lines, or great circles, on the globe (I bet you didn't know that, did you, teacher?), and when one does that, all of those lines are sensibly at the same angle with respect to the equator, and all are uniformly separated from one another around the equator. You can see clear images of these coast-marking lines in my blog post "A Challenge to Earth Scientists". Those lines, in fact, are part of a dodecahedron pattern on the globe (the origin of which you can read more about in my blog and my books on the real past design of the Earth).

I suggest, students, you go to my blog, download those images of the eastern coast lines of the landmasses, print them out and present them, all in a row, to your science teachers (or better, to university physics professors, who will probably laugh hollowly, but who won't be able to deny the fact, or what it means). Tell the teacher that this scientist told you that the probability for chance placement of all these landmasses, according to that strict dodecahedral layout on the globe, is less than one in a million million. Alternatively put, the probability they were deliberately parked according to that layout, as closely as they are, is greater than 0.999999999999. In other words, science must admit they were deliberately parked; they were not moved all over the Earth by undirected "continental drift", due to "plate tectonics", only to end up in so perfect a uniform distribution, just by chance. And that means plate tectonics, as it is taught today, cannot be true, doesn't it, teacher? With clear odds a million million to one against it? Really, now.

3) About Earth's Life

The debate over the possibility of design of the lifeforms on the Earth is a vicious one. No amount of cold reason applied to the actual evidence for design -- not merely suggesting the possibility of design, but positively indicating it, and denying chance -- is going to move anyone right now, much less a teacher who feels entitled to the high ground by virtue of his or her position and the current "scientific authority", or consensus. But, having proved to any unbiased, reasonable person that the Moon was placed where it is deliberately, not by chance, and that the very landmasses were placed where they are deliberately, not by chance, then , teacher, shouldn't science rethink its dismissal of design of the lifeforms on the Earth? After all, the physical context we have now established, for both the Earth and the Moon, is nothing but design. And when you rethink the biological evidence, design is clearly there -- as this scientist established for himself, apart from any debate in the wider world, and has written about it here, for example.

4) About the "Designer(s)"

Man adds his many small designs to the world, and scientists even talk of terraforming the world, and engineering new species, in the future. The world design I found (which included also the Moon, and the entire solar system -- sorry, but that's the naked truth, teacher) was done, according to the most ancient testimonies of man, by the "gods", who "came to Earth with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men" (with a tip of the hat to "Superman"). We're not talking about science versus religion, or reason versus faith. We're talking about the original teachers, of mankind, and what they did. That is the new paradigm, sir and ma'am. Can we learn about that in class today?

Two Simple Facts Prove Roswell UFO Is Real

This is another re-presentation of a article I wrote back in 2009, now disappeared after many years. I present it here both to keep it available, and to show how simply old (even ancient) mysteries can be solved. (This and all of my writings are the product of a mind freed, to a large extent, of all the dogmas of history, both ancient and modern. You know: "go thou and do likewise".):

It is time once again for the annual Roswell UFO Festival, July 2-5 [NB: this was originally written in June 2007; I wound up going to it ("go thou...") that year]. This is, in my opinion, the top UFO-related event in the world, because the Roswell incident of 1947 has proven to be definitive in validating the UFO phenomenon.

Skeptics refuse to accept this, and even believers don't seem to realize just what it is about the Roswell story that proves UFOs are real. The debate just goes on and on, on radio talk shows mostly, although the solution has been right out in the open since the public was first informed, back on July 8, 1947. The continuing performances of dedicated skeptics deriding UFOs is a monstrous fraud upon the public, which the public has been witless enough to let pass, because it has had little incentive and therefore little abiding interest in focusing upon the certain but supremely awkward truth.

The facts that prove the reality of the UFO crash near Roswell are these (and they are deceptively simple, so listen closely): 1) The military itself reported the crash to the world media as genuine, and 2) The day after the initial public release of the story, higher military authority changed that story, claiming that the wreckage recovered was in fact a weather balloon array, mistaken for alien material by the Roswell air field personnel.

Why do these facts prove the UFO? Because both the intelligence officer and commanding officer of the Roswell military post examined the wreckage and confirmed its alien nature. (I won't dwell on the details here. You can best get them on and other sites dedicated to the event.) These officers, with the added concurrence of the post's information officer, put out to the world the original story that they had retrieved a bonafide UFO of non-man-made materials.

These were the top officers of a wartime bomber group, one of the most serious occupations in the world. (If you haven't been in the military and don't know just how serious it was and is, in and out of war, check out the movie "Twelve O'Clock High", made in 1949 about a wartime bomber group.) They would not begin to think of fooling around with such a story, they would have to have been insane to risk both their own and, even worse, the military's reputations. They were entirely professional and competent. They would not have identified the craft as alien without overwhelming evidence. They were sincere in their identification and honest and quick in sending out the story to the world. These career military officers were never impugned in their character, honesty or on-going competence in their duties.

Military higher-ups did, however, impugn their basic competence to recognize military hardware, when they issued pictures of the intelligence officer, Jesse Marcel, with supposed crash material, in which that material was obviously flimsy tin foil attached to thin wooden sticks -- a childish fake, perpetrated upon an all-too-trusting public more than ready to laugh rather than look closely, in the years following a long and desperate war. The Roswell officers went along with this deception, under orders, but the issuing of this obviously flimsy story in fact proved the reality of the UFO, because it is simply inconceivable that a competent army intelligence officer, of a wartime bomber group (post-World War II, in 1947, but into the Cold War by then), would not see what any teenage model builder could see was faked "crash" material.

No, the Roswell officers knew what they had recovered was real. They reported it so, to the world. The quick effort to portray their identification as premature and in fact embarrassingly wrong, should have shown any competent investigator that their superiors were engaging in a cover-up of the truth. It was such a paper-thin cover-up (literally, given the flimsy "wreckage" brought out) that it counts rather as confirming evidence of the reality of the UFO. Yet the public has let the cover-up slide over them ever since, even after Jesse Marcel finally came forward, in 1978, with the truth as he knew it, better than anyone.

You need to know that many old, ongoing debates really should have been settled long ago, but the solutions have been suppressed through misdirection, and vainglorious impugning of the clear facts, by higher authorities -- in both government and in science -- unwilling to face self-correction, and by a public content with easy dogmas (both ancient and modern) and unwilling to face new truths. This is the defining crisis of our time. See my blog, theendofthemystery, for information about the discovery that overturns much that science pretends to know about our world and its origin.

For Monty Python Fans, A Special Request

This is a re-presentation of yet another 2009 article I wrote, now not to be found there anymore:

Let's see, how do I approach this? Everybody knows John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, right? Well, Monty Python fans, perhaps you will remember this episode, and let other readers know it really exists, because otherwise many may not believe what they are about to read:

The scene is a bare military room, with a low table and a very large map of Africa--maybe six feet high--on the wall behind. John Cleese walks in dressed as an army officer of stern bearing, to address the troops in a classroom situation. As he begins to harangue the men, who are off-camera, he stands in front of and just to the side of the map of Africa, and two things quickly become obvious: First, he is playing a martinet, a very tough taskmaster, of fearsome bearing; and second, just behind him Africa looks like the facial profile of a man of similar fearsome personality. As the skit continues, audience laughter begins and grows, as it becomes ever more obvious that this skit is all about that image of Africa, as a fearsome face. It is such an uncanny resemblance, you can only laugh, because it really is just an accurate map of Africa, and it really looks for all the world like a man's face, in profile, and John Cleese mirrors its fierce personality perfectly.

Now, if any Monty Python fans can tell me how to cite this episode in a serious article or scientific paper, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you, because here is what I really want to tell my readers:

I am a physical scientist and professional researcher. In 1997, I found a design encompassing both the terrestrial and celestial spheres—that is, in the shapes of the landmasses on Earth, and the constellation forms on the celestial sphere, or “Heaven” of the ancients. It was an electric discovery, and it was just the beginning of uncovering what I came to call the great design of the "gods", and the message it contains for all of us on the Earth.

I have written a whole book about uncovering the great design, which required a wholesale re-formation of not only the Earth, but the entire solar system (for the design includes precise information about a former orientation of the solar system, before it was changed--information which is precisely saved in ancient texts and very early sacred images, worldwide).

But how to introduce this to a wide audience, that I believe should know about this amazing world-encompassing design, imposed upon the Earth millennia before the beginning of known history?

I think I know how, although it's iffy in the present skeptical intellectual climate, and with all the other concerns that besiege most of us, these days. I can begin by showing you clear examples of design on the Earth, and in the solar system beyond, that are so clear they would long ago have been recognized as such, if design of the world was seriously considered, by science, rather than casually dismissed as a thinly-veiled religious threat to “rational” thought. I pointed out one such obvious example of design in my 2009 article, “The Clockwork Moon Science Ignores” [and re-presented here in 2016].

Now, find yourself a good atlas, with an accurate image of Africa. I have included a simplified one here, showing the outline of Africa, the interior lakes along the Great African Rift outlining the "cheek", the larger Lake Victoria as a recognizable "eye", and the Zambezi river as the "mouth".

This image was one of the first indications I found of a deliberate shaping of the landmasses on the Earth, in my research. And, while some will tell you that it is just a subjective illusion to see the face in Africa, I know better, because I remember that Monty Python skit, which turned on that precise resemblance, and succeeded so well because of the amazing fact of it.

The landmasses of the Earth exhibit many creature-like shapes, mostly incomplete or otherwise tantalizingly vague, but many like Africa are quite striking and clear. And they are almost all upright on the globe of the Earth, with north defined as "up"--and that means they were not randomly positioned, but deliberately shaped and placed upright. The landmasses of the Earth were designed, as any child can see--and as mankind was taught, in its childhood, by the "gods".

The great design is the biggest combination jigsaw puzzle, illustrated story and world-encompassing treasure hunt (which Isaac Newton himself long sought) ever seen--and it's a scientific fact.

Atlantis At Last, Parts 2 and 3

Part 1 of this former series of articles, no longer available on the internet, is my 2009 blog post, "Atlantis At Last". Below is a re-presentation of the two newsblaze sequels, now remade as one:

In the first article [linked above], I identified the legendary Atlantis as primarily Greenland, but including also the islands of the United Kingdom and Iceland. In this article, I will show detailed matchups between Atlantis and these lands that spectacularly confirm those identifications. This of course causes immediate problems with the best modern geological theories.

The first such problem is with the mid-ocean rift system, whose branches stretch over 40,000 miles around the globe. On maps of the world ocean floor, these "rifts" look like ragged scars, raggedly healed -- but healed, nevertheless, despite modern theory that calls them "spreading ridges". As detailed in my book, "The End of the Mystery" [available in two volumes on], the great design of the "gods" identifies them as something else entirely: They are in fact the paths along which a number of the landmasses of the Earth were moved, in order to make the world as it now is. And they were deliberately and masterfully sutured closed, afterwards.

Atlantis, for example, was moved -- along rifts recognized today -- southwest from the Indian Ocean, around the southern tip of Africa, and then northward up the center of the Atlantic Ocean, past North and South America.

This was not done in a day or a year, but over many years: The Athanasius Kircher map of Insula Atlantis, discussed in "Atlantis At Last", shows that the Egyptians knew of Atlantis as a fixed land, in the position described by Plato as "in front of" and "outside" the Pillars of Heracles.

When, around 9600 BC, Atlantis was moved further north, it was evidently done stealthily, and of course under the cover of natural, cataclysmic processes, for man was taught that it simply disappeared under the waves in a single day of earthquake and flood. And it has remained more or less hidden in its final location, as Greenland, under a 2-mile thick covering of ice.

Today's earth scientists believe that all of the landmasses did indeed once move over the surface of the globe. They even posit a former landmass, containing a good portion of what would become the United Kingdom, that travelled north toward Greenland, or rather toward that portion of the former continent Laurentia which would become Greenland. They call this supposed landmass Avalonia, after the romantic lost isle Avalon to which King Arthur was taken upon his death.

However, they don't think any land moved along an ocean rift, because they consider every rift to have been merely the line between two separating landmasses. And they think that Greenland was always attached to Laurentia, the primordial North America, and thus always in its present relative position on that continent.

The design would have us put the jigsaw puzzle of the Earth together in a different way -- for a jigsaw puzzle is what it is, whose pieces were deliberately scattered and reassembled by the "gods".

Make no mistake, if Greenland is Atlantis, modern earth science is far off-base, and only getting farther off with every supposed "advance".

So let's look more closely at Atlantis, and the lands I say it became. Here is the image I introduced in my book, and in "Atlantis At Last", of Greenland overlain on Atlantis.

In addition to the very close similarity in the size and outlines of Atlantis and Greenland, the Kircher map of Atlantis also shows interior details -- a very large mountain symbol, for example, and six rivers extending far inland from the coast, crossing the outline of Greenland.

Looking closely at the coastal geography of present-day Greenland, one can positively identify fully three of those six rivers of Atlantis, confirming Greenland as the largest remnant of Atlantis. As the accompanying images show, present-day waterways precisely mark both the locations and directions of flow of one river on the western coast of Greenland and two on the eastern coast. (If the reader is into verifiable details, the former is the Vaigat, the latter are the Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden on the northeast and the Kejser Franz Joseph Fjord further south.)

The island of England and Scotland fits snugly into the space between the east coast of Greenland and the former east coast of Atlantis, and the two rivers of Atlantis here allow one to place the UK island precisely, as shown (hopefully, the image is good enough for the reader to make out the faint outline of that island I have placed there).

The southeast coast of Greenland also has a remarkable fan-like arrangement of fjords that merge at the coast. The northwest coast of Iceland has a similar arrangement of peninsulas, of the same extent as those fjords, indicating Iceland came from the southeast corner of Atlantis, approximately as shown. Note that with Iceland tilted to follow the former coastline of Atlantis, its peninsula-fan is oriented the same as the fjord-fan of Greenland. The designers left many visual clues to the former placement of landmasses.

The above simple geographical discussion by itself is convincing proof that the identity of Atlantis has been found. Both present-day Greenland and the former Atlantis landmass are also associated with some of the most famous of ancient myths, which independently prove their identification. These associations are detailed in "The End of the Mystery" [and below, in this re-presentation].

Be warned, this is not just an interesting finding, but a proof (actually, one out of many proofs) of the ancient deliberate re-formation of the world. This is an unavoidable indictment of modern scientific theories of the Earth, as well as religious beliefs about the creation of the world. Both theories and beliefs are undermined by being tied to false dogmas, which are injurious not just to the truth but to the spirit of man, which finally depends upon the truth.

I want now to introduce how the design motivated ancient beliefs, words and legends, using the example of Atlantis/Greenland discussed in the last two articles.

The fundamental fact behind the ancient testimonies, such as myths, is the idea of "sacred images". I found this is the conceptual key to all the ancient mysteries, and the original sacred images of mankind were the forms given the landmasses on the Earth by the designers.

Here is the image of Greenland on the globe today. It should be noted that this (as with the other Earth images) is the "gods'-eye view", looking down on the Earth from space -- a realization that underscores the fact that the "gods" made the design on the Earth, and only they could have.

What sacred image, or images, does Greenland represent? Like all the images on the Earth, it is a simple outline, with a vague but decided resemblance to a number of objects, familiar even to a child. This, shall we say, artistic quality allows it to play a part in many myths, as different characters, which I discuss in my "End of the Mystery" books. We will follow just one of these characters here.

Greenland first looked to me most like the seated torso of a woman, because of the smoothness and the shape of the southern coastlines, outlining as it were the "leg" and "rear end" of the figure. Over many months, I gradually brought together a number of independent strands of ancient testimony and modern knowledge that, amazingly, confirmed my initial impression.

For example, a recurring character in Greek myth is that of the maiden, or virgin, pursued by Zeus or one of his equally lusty brothers. The most famous virgin in myth is Io, who was, incredible as it sounds, "changed into a snow-white heifer" by Zeus, to hide her from his wife, Hera. Now look again at Greenland: While its southern half resembles a "virgin", or young woman, on its northwest corner it bears a creature-like face, with a short muzzle. It looks rather like a dog, or a calf -- or, considering it as a female, a heifer. And Greenland is famous for its whiteness -- in fact, snow white, just like Io -- due to the ice that covers it almost entirely.

So, just like the mythical Io, Greenland can be recognized -- by even a child -- as both a woman and a "snow-white" calf. It is the only shape on the Earth that, remarkably, fits the unique mythical description of Io. It is also a major landmass, which would indeed require it to represent just such a famous character in myth, if the landmasses motivated the myths.

The myth of Io also fits the movement of Atlantis along the mid-ocean rift, as I discussed briefly in "Atlantis At Last". For Hera sent a gadfly to chase and pester Io, causing her to wander over the Earth. So both the landmass and the mythical character were "wide-wanderers" on the Earth.

We have now four independent markers identifying Io with Greenland/Atlantis: The "virgin", the "calf", the "snow-white" color, and the wide wandering.

We can in fact complete the identification of myth and landmass in every detail. Just to the southeast of Greenland today is Iceland, which has a strange fanlike arrangement of peninsulas, pointing toward Greenland as if to poke it. As a sacred image, Iceland can be identified with the gadfly sent by Hera to torture Io over the Earth. (And the shape of nearby North America can be identified with the creature Argus sent by Hera to guard Io closely. One can easily imagine this was also the ancient origin of the fairy tale "Snow White", who was also driven out, in the deadly care of a guard, and hounded by the wicked Queen -- just as Hera was Queen to Zeus.)

To top off the by-now sure identity of Io and Greenland, fully six European nations use essentially the same word for "green": "verde", or a very similar word ("vert" in French, "vihrea" in Finnish). And "green" is a synonym for "virgin", meaning unused, untried, or unripe. The Portuguese "verde" is even pronounced, "veer-jee". So Greenland is indeed the "Virgin land" on the designed Earth. Portuguese legend tells of an Atlantis-like island known as "Ilha Verde", and the French an "Ile Vert", both meaning "Green Isle".

And finally, the myth says that Io was turned into a snow-white heifer "in the fair island of Abantis", alias Atlantis. It is also the "Avalon" of Arthurian legend and the "Abaton" of Osiris thousands of years earlier -- and every other "Lost Isle to the West", such as "Elysium", "Ultima Thule", and most recently, the "Westernesse" (literally, "Western Isle") and "Numenor" of J.R.R. Tolkien. Further south, as Atlantis, it was fair indeed; in the cold north, under thick ice, it has lain hidden in plain sight throughout history. The design behind the ancient mysteries is thoroughly recorded in all the ancient, sacred testimonies; this has been only one example of that undoubted fact.

The Holy Grail and the Great Design

This is a re-presentation of my 2009 article:

A popular theory about the Holy Grail today [2009-HDH] is that it referred to the biblical Mary Magdalene, who unbeknownst to history was the wife of Jesus Christ and gave birth to a son by him, thus continuing his direct line. This is, however, merely a poor sequel to what was meant to be a transcendent story of the Christ, or divinely perfected man, reducing it to the hope of any man that his line should continue.

In reality, the Holy Grail, or "cup of the Son (of God)" is but one example of a recurring motif in ancient myths, of the "Golden Cup of the Sun" (This play upon the homonyms "Son" and "Sun" is very old, and continues to this day.)

The Holy Grail's direct association with the Sun is easily confirmed: The word "grail" is from an earlier "greal" or "grial", and the ancient Irish word for the Sun was "grian" (from which we also get "green", as in green grass and trees, celebrated from earliest times as nourished by the Sun).

Irish is a Celtic language, and the Celts were one of the earliest known settlers of the British Isles. The Holy Grail, although grafted onto the romantic legend of King Arthur, is essentially an ancient Celtic tradition, often linked by scholars with the magically full cauldron of one or another god, goddess or hero, in Celtic and other myths, such as the Greek "Cornucopia," or Horn of Plenty. The Horn, or Cauldron, of Plenty is in turn identifiable with the Cup of Christ -- symbolically filled with his abundant, eternal life -- as famously celebrated in the Catholic Mass. It is also the cup that appears from the "churning of the cosmic ocean" in Indian myth, full of amrita or soma, the "water of life" of the gods--or in Greece, the "nectar" drunk by the gods. This water of life "refreshed" the gods, or maintained their immortality by rejuvenating them, so the "cup" can be identified with both the "fountain of youth" and the "tree of life" of still other traditions. (In the Norse mythology, the tree of life was the tree in the center of the Garden of Idun--obviously the same as the Garden of Eden--upon which grew Golden Apples, which were again the food eaten by the gods to rejuvenate themselves. Since Adam and Eve also famously ate the apple from the same Tree in the center of the Garden, this tells us the great but open secret (“Know ye not ye are gods?”) of the ancient mystery traditions and modern “Positive Thinking” gurus alike. The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam recalls another example of the cup of the Sun, from ancient Iran (Persia), in these lines:

Thus every major tradition--of a cup or similar source of ever-renewed life--can be linked to the other, and all refer to the same thing, in a single endless chain of variations on one central myth.

The common source of all these ancient religious beliefs--the true point at which the esoteric and exoteric traditions merge, or rather from which they diverged “in the beginning”--was a world-encompassing deed of the "immortal spirits" or "gods": It was a great design of the world, which all the myths and legends minutely describe, in innumerable and precise scattered fragments, and thus decisively verify the design as fact, as the author has been the first in history to do. Ancient myths were, and still are when properly interpreted, both religion and hard science. They were, in short, sacred history, meant to pass down an all-important truth about the origin of the world and man, in terms both sacred and endlessly satisfying to the human imagination, based as they are upon the common human experience--glorious, dramatic tales of love and war, of heroes overcoming all obstacles, and the eternal mysteries of life and death--all of them motivated by the real design of the world. Science does not want to hear this, but the world needs to know the truth.

See also "Design Behind the Ancient Mysteries"It should be child's play to recognize the Holy Grail now. As shown in the accompanying illustration, it is the double-cone shape of the Earth in precession, which is a readily recognizable, indeed famous goblet shape.

Ancient Mysteries No Longer Mysteries: The Great Sphinx at Giza

This is another re-presentation, of the answer to the ancient mystery of the Sphinx. I wrote a short article ("The Riddle of the Sphinx -- Solved") at many years ago, and cited it in a 2009 blog post here. That article has since disappeared, so here it is again:

Egyptologists say the Great Sphinx at Giza in Egypt is 4500 years old, or about as old as the Great Pyramid. Many alternative researchers believe its rain-eroded enclosure and deeply weathered platform makes it older, between 7500 and 9000 years.

Now revolutionary new knowledge has come to light: Authoritative information anciently encoded on both the terrestrial and celestial spheres tells us the Sphinx is about 10,700 years old, more than twice as old as modern science would have us believe, but confirming of what Plato wrote concerning Egypt almost 2400 years ago.

But there is much more to the Sphinx than just its creation date; it commemorates the very establishment of a great design of the world -- the actual re-formation of Earth and "Heaven" -- more than 17,000 years ago, as uncovered and verified in my research, and outlined in the article, "Design Behind the Ancient Mysteries".

Who is right? Modern science thinks the Sphinx was carved in the reign of the Pharaoh Khafre, who is credited also with the middle, or "second" pyramid at Giza, physically linked to the Sphinx by a megalithic stone causeway. Egyptologists say the face on the Sphinx is that of Khafre himself. Alternative researchers say Khafre only did restorative work on the monument, and the face does not match his, as known from other statues and verified by a modern forensic expert.

But neither Egyptologists nor past alternative researchers know what the Sphinx actually represents. They can only speculate about its date of creation.

The "alternative" explanation is that the Sphinx represents the constellation Leo, and some say this points to a time 12,500 years ago (10,500 BC) when Leo was on the vernal equinox; but the strongest link they can make to this date is that the psychic Edgar Cayce said while in trance that the Great Pyramid was built at that time, in his words "10,499 years before the prince of peace entered Egypt".

Egyptologists and other scientific "experts" deny a Leo connection, saying the constellation was only invented in the first millennium BC, long after the Sphinx was carved. And most importantly, just what was supposed to have happened in human history, at that time or earlier, so strange and wonderful as to have led one of the earliest civilizations on Earth to carve such a monstrous yet strangely childish thing? Without knowing that, speculations about the mere date of creation of the Sphinx are empty indeed.

Actually, my research was the first to prove what alternative truth-seekers have long believed but never established as fact, the direct ancient identification of the Great Sphinx with Leo. This is how it is done: The Sphinx was associated in ancient texts with a god having the strange name "Rwty", which it turns out is really "rw-ty", meaning "two lions". The Egyptians in fact used a recumbent-lion image (the same form as both the constellation Leo, and the Sphinx) for the hieroglyph known today as "rw"; and while Egyptologists pronounce this as "ru", they also know it was used to represent the "l" sound in non-Egyptian names such as "Ptolemy" and "Cleopatra".

Long before I came upon those facts, I had independently verified that the "w" used by the Egyptians in such words as "rw-ty" originally stood for an "ee--ooh" ("you") or "ee--oh" pronunciation. So the actual pronunciation of the "rw" lion symbol in ancient Egypt was "lw", or "leo", the same name we use for a lion today. (Similarly, the classical Greeks knew the Pharaoh Khwfw as "Cheops", and the Greek counterpart of "Ushas", the Indian goddess of the dawn, was "Eos".)

But why "two lions" in referring to the Great Sphinx? Because it was carved, at the time when ancient Egypt was established, when Leo was at one "gate" of the year: the spring equinox; but it commemorated a date six and a half millennia earlier, when the great design of the Earth and solar system was imposed, and Leo was at another "gate" of the year: the "gate to the underworld", or winter solstice.

Leo was on the vernal equinox continuously for more than 2000 years, and the difference between the 12,500 years ago of other researchers and the time I discovered, 10,700 years ago, is 1800 years: To make a long story short, past alternative efforts focused upon the time when the rear end of Leo was on the vernal equinox, but the correct time is when its head was there; more precisely, the Great Sphinx was carved when the vernal equinox was just by the star Regulus in Leo -- known since antiquity as the "heart of the lion", since it marks the breast of the figure, just below the head.

The reason we can know this precisely is because of my research into the great design, which is too lengthy to go into here but proves that the central design -- of the Earth's current orientation and motions in space -- was completed about 17,100 years ago. At that time, the star Regulus was at the winter solstice, and this is the circumstance which not just the lion figure of the Sphinx but all of its ancient names as well are meant to commemorate.

The Sphinx's ancient name of "Horemakhet", for example, is currently thought to have meant "Horus on the horizon", but it actually meant "Horus at the gate to the underworld", or in real terms "Leo at the winter solstice", with the precise meaning I have given above. Another of its names, "Hwl", became to the local Arabs "Abu Hol", or "father of terror"; but "Hwl", according to what I have written about the Egyptian "w", should be pronounced "hyule" -- and "yule" was the ancient name for the winter solstice, and is still used for Christmas-time (as the winter solstice comes on or about December 21st each year). Many other ancient riddles, in fact, are solved by knowing that the ancient name for the winter solstice was "yule".

At best, Egyptologists generally can only say the Great Sphinx is linked by hieroglyphic inscriptions to the Sun-God of various names in different ancient testaments: Atum, Aton, Horus and Ra (or Re). Actually, these names are not all correct, as research into the great design has proved, and as students of hieroglyphics can readily confirm: "Atum" was really "Itm", and "Aton" was "Itn" (and thus better pronounced "eaten") -- that is, "eden".

No, I'm not hinting that the land around Giza was the original Eden of the Bible. But it, like the Sphinx, was meant to commemorate the original Eden, which was at the center of the great design of the "gods". The "Garden of Eden" is identified in my books and in "Design Behind the Ancient Mysteries"; in one widely used ancient metaphor, it was the very "mouth" of the mythical "golden cup of the Sun", as discussed in my 2009 NewsBlaze article, "The Holy Grail and the Great Design" [NB: now disappeared, but re-presented here], and as pictured on this page.

Briefly, the Earth was set up in the Design like a toy top in space. Modern physical scientists know that, just like a leaning, spinning top, the Earth precesses -- that is, like the top it doesn't fall over; rather, its spin axis revolves around its orbital axis, always maintaining about the same angle between the two axes (around 23.5 degrees). Here is the image of the precession, well-known to science.

The north pole of the Earth's spin axis now points close to the star Polaris on the celestial sphere; just where it points is called the Celestial North Pole, or CNP. As the figure shows, in the precession the CNP circles the north pole of the ecliptic axis, the ENP. The CNP will come closest to Polaris in about 2105 AD, and goes entirely around the circle in about 25,900 years. [Note the goblet (cup) shape of the outline of the above image. This, in brief, is the "golden cup of the Sun", the ancient mystery that gave rise to the "Holy Grail" of Christian myth.]

So it is a well-known scientific fact that the ENP is at the center of that precession circle. Compare this scientific understanding with world myths, in which the image of that circle and its center, the ENP, was widely known, metaphorically, as the "garden of the gods", with a "tree of life" in the center.

The precession circle around the ENP was in fact both the "home and garden of the gods" in every major mythical tradition: Hyperborea (the "Land Beyond North") and "Many-Peaked" Olympus, in the Greek; Asgard in the Norse; Swarga in India; Xian in China; the Duat in Egypt -- and the "many-pointed Lotus" of both Egypt and India (with Brahma, the "All-Father" or Creator, standing in the center of the lotus, in India's mythical tradition, just as Ra-Osiris -- the "Source" -- stands in the center of the Egyptian Duat).

The land of Egypt itself was changed to represent that circle, around 8700 BC, or 10,700 years ago, when the star Regulus in Leo was on the spring equinox. This confirms the date given by Plato, in his "Timaeus", for the establishment of Egypt by the goddess Neith, alias Athene: eight thousand years before Solon visited Egypt (c. 600 BC).

The Nile delta was deliberately formed to have a circular arc, and with Giza at the center of that arc. This has been known to science ever since Napoleon conquered Egypt at the end of the 18th century, and had his savants, or scientists, make a detailed study of the fabulous land. Before the discovery of the great design, no one could have known what this mysterious geographic property of Egypt meant; now we know Egypt was deliberately designed as a commemorative land, pointing to the setting up of the Earth and solar system in their present orbital orientation, when the Earth began to precess around a newly-established ecliptic axis of the solar system. (This must have been the great design feat celebrated in the biblical book of Job, "when the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of Elohim [literally, "the gods"] shouted for joy".)

Here is an image of the area of Egypt on the globe, with the circle indicated by the Nile delta drawn upon it.

Remember I said above, the precession circle was represented as the "many-pointed lotus" in Egypt and India? Here is an image of the egyptian lotus, from a 19th Dynasty work of art. Note how closely this image mimics the Nile river and its delta, as seen from space.

The memory of man on Earth goes back further than we have been led to believe, especially in such lands as Egypt. It goes all the way back, in myth, to the golden race among whom the "gods" once walked, on a younger Earth. These would have been the "sons of God" mentioned fleetingly in the Bible, and the "nephelim" or "cast down" ones. Again, I have given much confirming evidence of this in "The End of the Mystery".

The great design of the Earth and solar system was imposed by the extraterrestrial "gods" of worldwide myth and legend -- "when the earth was divided" (according to the Bible, in Genesis 10:25), whole continents were rafted over the Earth (according to the great design, as well as to modern science only in recent decades) and "the new gods were born" among the planets (according to Greek myth).