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Ancient World Myths Explained by the Great Design

Back in 2004, in an early effort to gain recognition of my unprecedented discovery of the Great Design of the 'gods', I wrote and physically produced myself a few dozen copies of a booklet titled "Finding the Design of the Gods". I included in it a listing, covering 2 full pages, of ancient myths whose objective origin is definitively established as the image at the center of the Design, on the celestial sphere. That center is of course the precession circle (the circling of the celestial north pole CNP around the ecliptic north pole ENP):

The precession circle and cones covers a whole list of famous myths:

The Garden
    of Eden
    of Idun (Norse)
    of Inanna (Babylon)
    of the Hesperides (Greece)

Hyperborea (land "beyond the north" in Greek myth = area         within precession circle)

The Home of the Gods (with many "peaks", "points", or         "mansions" = CNP points)
    Olympus ("many-peaked; Greece)
    Lotus ("many-pointed", includes the cone; India, Egypt,         Greece)
    Asgard (Norse)
    Swarga (India)
    Duat (from "ju-ta", see below; Egypt)    Xian, Celestial Palace         (many peaks; China)

The Crown of many points (again, CNP points on the circle)

The "Crown" of the "World Tree" (with the ENP as the trunk of         the tree)

The Crown of the Tree of Life

The Halo (tilted off the top of the head, also like the king's         crown, as the prec. circle is offset from the CNP, by 23.5°)

The swirl in human hair (again, with the center, the "crown",         tilted toward the back, offset from the top) NOTE: NOT a         myth(!), but a real design ("Know ye not, ye are gods?")

which explains
The Hair of Sif (shorn by Loki, and replaced with gold strands;         the celestial longitude lines, from the ENP downwards over         the ecliptic sphere, when the former ENP was changed, or         "shorn")

The Jewish Yarmulke (same as the halo, and crown, and etc.)

The Lapwing circling her nest (England)

The Roebuck in a thicket (ENP at the center of the circle;         England)

The Dog in myth (CNP, "dogged" to the ENP; England, Egypt,         India and many others

Ogygia, Aegean, Aegis, Giza ("Jeeza", from "ju-ta", name given         the prec. circle)

["ju" was the name for the ENP, and "ju-ta", the circle, was the         "ju way", a.k.a. the "way of the tree of life". The "ju" point         was the "judgment seat" of the "All-Father". Both "Zeus"         and "Jesus" come from "ju-ta", or "ju-za"/"jee-za". The         circle around the "ju" point was, in various myths, "Gjöll",         "joll", "yol", "pohjola", "jewel", "yule", "yar", etc.]

Santa Claus, Old King Cole, Kris Kringle (alias the All-Father;         "kol"/"Claus"/"Kris"/"ring"/"rink" all meant the joll         circle -- this is why Santa Claus was "jolly"(!)

Jöllupukki (the Santa Claus figure in Finland)

The "mikku" and "pukku" in the Epic of Gilgamesh (the prec.         circle and the ENP as a line breaking through the center         of the circle; the female and male sexual organs)

The Yin/Yang symbol, or "Tai Chi" (again, from "ju-ta" as         "ta-ju"); note the conjoining of male and female principles;         in Egypt the ENP was referred to as "the Member of the         Progenitor", and the CNP on the prec. circle, "the Image of         the Arm")

The Native American tepee (the precession cones)

The Aleian Plain, an area of earthly toil and strife (Greek myth)

The Cup of the Sun (double-cone of the precession, in many         mythical traditions)

The Holy Grail (same as the Cup of the Sun, from "Grial"/Irish         "grian" = Sun)

The Fetter of Fenrir (called "Gleipnir" in Norse myth = ecliptic         north)

"Iw titi", the island of creation ("Iw" is pronounced "you", and is         "ju" again; Egypt)

The Field of Reeds, on the island of creation (Egypt)

The Djed (or "jud") Pillar, at the center of the island of creation;         the ENP, Egypt; the prec. circle is its rim

[The multi-level King's Chamber, in the Great Pyramid,         represents the djed pillar]

The Fountain of Youth (from "ju-ta" again; like Sif's Hair, the         "youth" fountain streams downward in longitudinal lines         from the ENP)

Ancient "symbol of wisdom, justice, divine law" (the prec. circle         with the 0h/12h line, to the vernal and autumnal equinoxes,         attached)

The Gordion Knot (same as the symbol of wisdom and justice)

The Fiery Wheel (in many traditions)

The Mill of the Gods (the CNP circling the ENP; it grinds very         slowly, due to the great length of the precession period,         but finely, due to the daily spin of the Earth)

The Horn of Plenty (the northern prec. cone, its mouth the prec.         circle)

The Neverending Story (of Idun's husband, Braggi, in Norse         myth)

Othrys/Odur/Laerad/Valhalla/Niflheim (prec. circle around the         former ESP, when the Goddess was worshipped as         "highest")

Paradise (meaning an "around-wall"; the prec. circle around the         current ENP)

The Lost Paradise (the prec. circle around the former ESP)

The Ring
        Fairy Ring (around the former ESP)
        Gold Ring, e.g. Draupnir (Norse)
        Ring of Fire, e.g. around Brynhilde (Norse); same as the         Fiery Wheel

The Rock of Ages

The Rock Zeus turned into to escape Asopus (circle around         the former ESP)

The Rock Tantalus pushed in Tartarus (circle around the former         ESP)

Sleeping Beauty's spinning wheel (the celestial sphere         "spinning" around the Earth due to the Earth's spin, and         attached to the circle around the former ESP)

Tartarus/Hell (the southern prec. circle, around the ESP)

The Wheel of Fortune/Fate

The Way of all Life on Earth

The Way of Eternity

The Yule Wreath

The Yule Log (the line from ENP to CNP, the single branch of the         "Tree of Life")

This was originally written in 2004, and even then was not a complete list, which would be practically infinite, or at least uncounted.

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