Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Holy Grail and the Great Design

I have a seminal new article on, which can be read at

The Holy Grail and the Great Design.

First-time visitors to this blog are encouraged to read the earlier posts--not many--especially the "Challenge to" posts, for the larger vision.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Articles: One Step at a Time

The world design of the "gods", even explaining as it does the entire mass of ancient mysteries, is such a huge idea, it requires approaching it one small step at a time, assuring oneself with the clear facts at each step. I am trying to do that with this blog. To reach a wider audience, I have also started to write a series of short articles at, beginning with the idea that there are many very clear examples of design of our world, which could and should have been recognized as such long ago. The first article, which has gotten a good initial reception, is:

The Clockwork Moon Science Ignores.

Here is another, not about world design or my work per se, but illustrating the value of recognizing and focusing upon the best evidence, when one is judging a complex or confused situation:

Two Simple Facts Prove the Roswell UFO Is Real.

Yet another, which shows that some elements of the Earth design, while entirely obvious even to a child, are so outside of people's experience they can be relied on to evoke strong laughs, and expressions of amazement such as "what a coincidence!":

For Monty Python Fans, A Special Request.

And finally, here is another article I published two years ago, on, which I think introduces my work simply and clearly.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Challenge to Human Vision: Benefits of the Design

[To understand what this blog is about, and to appreciate its unprecedented scientific perspective, I recommend you read the earlier posts on this blog first -- there are not many -- in particular the "Challenge to Science" posts I, II and III.   Also, check out The Clockwork Moon Science Ignores, my new pop article on, I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it.]

For scientists, when they confront and verify the world design I have uncovered, the physical reality of the design corrects the uniformitarian paradigm ("the only forces that have ever acted upon the Earth are those we see acting today") which has arbitrarily limited science's appreciation of the true history of the Earth, by proving there were real, advanced designers behind much of the complexity of the Earth -- no "supernatural" intrusion (a long-held bogey-man used to alienate scientists from design of the natural world) is needed; nor was an extraordinary and highly unlikely series of undirected events ("ice ages", for example, which are surely spurious, the reality being deliberate forces exerted upon the Earth to enable the design). It allows scientists to trust the obvious nature of the many designs, that they are designs, and invites investigation of the intent behind them (for example, the Moon being so precisely and improbably -- by chance formation alone -- the same size as the Sun in our sky, and made to eclipse the Sun in eternal round, in a precisely repeating cycle). It also rehabilitates the intellectual reputation of ancient man, showing he had extraordinarily good reasons, even if they became confused and thoroughly misleading, for his many religious obsessions and superstitions.

For alternative researchers, particularly those investigating extraterrestrials, the design proves extraterrestrials not only exist, and visited the Earth in the past, but actually re-formed the Earth and solar system with a design centered on the Earth. Of course, those designers were, according to all ancient accounts, extraterrestrial human beings, who interbreeded with Earth humans. SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has been scooped, but vindicated fully, by the finding of the world design.

For the average person, the design gives the best of both worlds, the scientific and the spiritual: It confirms that science has solved the ancient mysteries, until now considered outside the province of science as "mystical", "magical", "paranormal", and above all subjective and hence illusory. Instead, all of these mysteries are simply the result of an extraordinary world puzzle set for mankind, and its extraordinary clues passed down among men, with increasing fragmentation and degeneration of meaning, through "sacred" images and dramatic stories. It also affirms that even the "gods" believed in God and a higher reality (known in all ancient traditions as "heaven", and given physical presence in the great design as the celestial sphere literally above the world of man), known among the wise of all times as the spiritual realm.

The design proves we are not alone in the universe, nor are we unimportant in it.