Sunday, May 31, 2020

The Wisdom Tradition (and Hammurabi Exposed)

I have posted the following comment on the Conservative Treehouse site, in response to another commenter who declared that if justice is not forthcoming soon, in the treasonous demonization and persecution of President Trump, he will not vote. I sympathize, but I remember the higher calling of morality, in the history-long Wisdom Tradition, which my scientific discovery of our true origin necessarily emphasizes and enlightens:

Let's see, it goes something like this:

"God grant me the courage to change the [bad, immoral] things I can change, the patience/character/faith to abide the things I cannot -- and the wisdom to know the difference."

It is within our power to vote, and to inform others (here and/or elsewhere) where we stand and why.

You think YOU have it bad...I am a hard scientist, educated before the slow-motion train wreck of the last 50+ years, and 23 years ago I made the greatest discovery in human history, revelatory of the origins of human history (!) I am literally the "Galileo" of this time. I have larger concerns than just the fate of the United States; the modern civilized world is refusing to heed what is at the root of all of its false dogmas and tribal divisions. It is literally beyond modern man's too often merely dogmatic, arbitrary definitions of good and evil, because those self-serving TRIBAL and SUPERSTITIOUS definitions are broken by the unconfronted, long-forgotten truth -- objective, historical, not philosophical or speculative -- at the roots.

This is why morality is so important; because it is eternal, unchanging (no matter how much knowledge Mankind on Earth lost "at the beginning").

The Wisdom Tradition holds that morality, forever. It calls to everyone of us, no matter how victimized we are, or see ourselves, by the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. See, Shakespeare knew it; Jesus knew it; David knew it; Even Hammurabi (a.k.a. Abraham -- you heard it here first, note) knew it.

Monday, May 25, 2020

How to Think About the Real World

I posted the following comment to the Conservative Treehouse site, in response to someone who advocated mathematics in solving real-world problems, and who used an old chestnut, "Encountering The Truth Teller and the Liar at the Crossroads" as his example. Since my discovery of "The Great Design of the 'gods'", I am a unique expert on the truth about real-world problem solving:

Your example is an old "poser", a trick problem, that I encountered in a book of posers when I was an adolescent, and I regard it as adolescent entertainment, no more. One can't, for example, waste time in the real world trying to come up with a question that always has the same answer, whether from a "truth-teller" or a "liar". More generally, mathematics -- in any form -- does not govern logic, nor science as applied to the real world. The truth is just the reverse. Mathematics by itself is free of meaningful content. (This of course is intuitively obvious, to anyone -- even the most learned scientist -- upon first encountering a strange new equation of mathematical symbols.

Cause and effect is the proper idea; this is the whole idea of science. To truly understand a situation, seek the cause (or more generally, multiple causes, although they all have to come together, to inform the present). And here is the real secret, that adolescent thinkers too often neglect: Real-world situations constitute a complex picture, when all is known, but which, with causes yet unknown, is rather an unassembled jigsaw puzzle. Yet we know all of the pieces have to fit together precisely, at every juncture, in the end, to form that complex but entirely coherent picture. Again, coherence is the mark of the real world. The things of the real world cohere (this is the fundamental truth, the bottom line, that would cure atheism itself, and any and all existential angst), as mere vain imaginings (such as the ideas of the Insane Left Democrats now) never can and never do. We are fighting incoherence (hell-bent and dogmatic) now, in both the Deep State and in our fellow citizens.

Every real-world situation is a jigsaw puzzle, with real pieces that must all fit together. This of course makes solving the puzzle easy, in the end, because that fitting together means there is a wealth of information, in the shape of every piece and the picture details on each piece, that tells one exactly (!) how they must fit together. One need only take the time to consider how well each pair of pieces fits together.

I could tell you just what level of fitting together needs to be achieved, before one can confidently consider two pieces properly joined; it is in my book, "The End of the Mystery". In my experience, however, "leading the horse to water" is the best I can hope for. The answer lies in every jigsaw puzzle, of course; all you have to do is look.


Things cohere, in themselves and all together in the world, because it was all designed, as my discovery of the world reformation by the 'gods' now makes clear, as never before in history.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

On Design

I have posted the following comment to the American Thinker site, in response to an article about the failure of modern science, or scientism:

I am a scientist, now 72 years old. I am an INDEPENDENT scientist -- a physicist -- with no connections (for the past 25 years) to academia or any institution. Twenty-three years ago, I made the greatest discovery in history, of what can only be called "The Great Design of the 'gods' ". Yes, 'gods' means the all-powerful, and fictional, characters in early world's myths. Only they were based upon a past reality, real beings, who in fact remade the world. My discovery constitutes a new world paradigm, for both science and religion. I am the Galileo of this time, with a "New World System" for belief: The world was designed, in every detail. The "god's" design was the last such, done only 20,000 to 10,000 years ago (which is why the world's myths are so vivid, as a remembered past of mankind). My rediscovery of the "god's" design brings into focus the fact that EVERYTHING in our world was designed, as philosophers and religious believers in a divine Creator have always claimed. Science, indeed, is founded upon the faith (religious faith, if you will!) that we CAN learn, and know, EVERYTHING about our world; scientists, at least before Darwin, knew science as the endeavor to learn the workings of the great design we all observe and live in. Design was the fundamental assumption, the basic understanding, that allowed (and allows) science to proceed, and succeed.

But modern science went wrong with Darwin, and has pushed recognition of the design(s) of the world out of "allowed" science. Religionists with an axe to grind, and relatively few honest and truly competent scientists, and many individuals with the insight to see evidence of design for themselves, have spoken, or cried, out against this INCOMPETENCE in modern science, but for the last 160 years in vain. My discovery WILL change that -- science, in my hands, has itself uncovered a world design, at the very root of all of mankind's "ancient mysteries", and all of mankind's earliest and longest-lasting dogmatic beliefs (mostly, of course, false dogmas about "God", with the consequent tyrannies of history those dogmas have birthed, and continue to birth to this day).

Science CAN explain everything -- in the end, but not yet, and not as long as it is way off in its fundamental assumptions, especially about the universal design of EVERYTHING, in the material universe. Science has gone wrong, not in failing to understand "humanity", but because incompetent humans have over-estimated themselves. Science's errors are not due to overreaching, into areas it "cannot ever explain", but in the specific wrong assumption at bottom that Design cannot be broached scientifically.

There is no runaway "global warming", because the world was DESIGNED to be stable, to support life (I have shown the simple physics of the designed atmosphere on my science blog, "The End of the Mystery: Setting the Stage", and proved there is no global-warming "greenhouse effect", at all.). The Covid-19 scare is worthless, for most of us, because the world was not DESIGNED to allow it; the world was specifically designed to provide us the necessary ingredients to protect ourselves (once science, a.k.a. methodical learning, revealed those ingredients to us...I use echinacea to support my immune system, and I believe it helped me ward off this latest viral attack as it has others over the past 25 years).

In short, what is needed in the world now is recognition of the new paradigm, of past, specific design(s) of the world, that my great discovery, of the true origin of the world as we now observe it, provides as never before in history.