Thursday, December 16, 2021

Speaking Sanely in an Insane Environment

I wrote two months ago that I would write a short post once a month for a while, to show that my science blog is still active, in the face of the tyrannical and insane forces now intent upon establishing their mass corruption, falsely, as a legitimate (and competent) government and a legitimate social construct of "mainstream media", and dogmatic and merely hateful internet commenters, by vicious suppression of all views contrary to their own.

This blog is about a TRUE "new world order", in the vein of Copernicus's and Galileo's, not the illegitimate and hence unavoidably, continuously, criminal one we are faced with now, throughout our society, our civilization. Our "leaders" are insane, to think they can get away with it. And all of their followers who are content to think the world is proceeding reasonably, are aiding and abetting the entrenched (yet jealous and all-fearful) criminals throughout the political system.

A criminal mob and insane cult is in control, and seeking to characterize any who oppose them as the real criminals. But the more they suppress, in order to make themselves feel assured of their right to rule, the more they merely add to their criminality, and to their insane, hysterical view...of everything, increasingly.

Yet this monumental upheaval of our hard-earned civilization is not even the real battleground, in the long run, for the eternal truth about man and his world. The real battleground is what my scientific breakthrough, of recognition of the "Great Design of the 'gods' " -- of the world's true origin, especially the divisions of mankind that are now erupting anew, like long-dormant volcanoes -- is all about.

In the posts presented here, over the last 12 years, I have proven that Great Design, and shown how that origin instantly humbles the most dogmatically believed and hotly defended theories of today, founded as they all are upon a basically meaningless general paradigm for scientific study, of uniformitarian yet "evolutionary" supposed processes, all of which are incompetent beliefs masqueraded as bedrock true science (just as, in the "political sphere" -- which is actually, increasingly merely criminal -- the corrupt political "elite" masquerade as honest brokers, and forceful guides, for our general welfare).

What is happening now, as a culmination of too-long nurturing of a variety of false dogmas, some for millennia, some for only the last few generations of men, is just the expected reactions of the insane to meeting a reality they simply cannot abide, and must try to destroy. An illegitimate "leader" can only be a tyrant, trying to stomp out the fires of his own insanity. Insanity, and its attendant avoidance behavior, is ascendant now, on the part of both "leaders" and their suborned, misled followers...and they all believe they are doing well, not destructively, entirely oblivious to all the evidence to the contrary.

It is time for a new dispassion in our views, of virus attacks, climate hysteria, and above all in our now-deposed yet arrogantly oblivious sciences and religions. Our present "leaders" lyingly push fear after fear upon us, while true leaders of the past said, "the only thing we have to fear is fear itself".

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Constructing the Dodecahedron Easily from the Cube, as Ancient Geometers Knew

"The dodecahedron was, to these ancient mathematicians, the most mysterious of the solids; it was by far the most difficult to construct, the accurate drawing of the regular pentagon necessitating a rather elaborate application of Pythagoras' great theorem. Hence the conclusion, as Plato put it, that 'this (the regular dodecahedron) the Deity employed in tracing the plan of the Universe.' (H. Stanley Redgrove, in Bygone Beliefs.)"

from "The Life and Philosophy of Pythagoras", in "The Secret Teachings of All Ages" by Manly P. Hall

Yet Johannes Kepler (in "The Epitome of Copernican Astronomy", Book IV, c. 1621) understood that the dodecahedron could be constructed from the cube, by the addition of what he called a "prism" -- and which I call a "roof", or rooflike structure -- to each of the cube's 6 sides.

I was so taken with Kepler's brief mention of those "prisms" -- which I thought suggested their construction might be done rather easily after all -- that I supposed he must have gotten it from long before; and the most obvious place he could have gotten it was from Euclid, the great expositor of geometry at the beginning of modern mathematical thought.

And so it was (!), when I looked into Euclid's "Elements" (c. 300 BC). (By the way, the history of my discovery of the Great Design of the "gods" is replete with the quick discovery of such connections with the ancient world, and answers to ancient mysteries throughout history, which I have likened to finding one gold nugget after another, scattered everywhere, in a previously unknown valley of gold, of worldwide extent.)

I honored that feeling of discovery, in this case via Kepler and Euclid, by including a simplified version of Euclid's demonstration (cf. Proposition 17, Book XIII), of precisely constructing the dodecahedron from the cube, in an appendix to my book, "The End of the Mystery". It goes as follows, quickly:

Begin with a cube, and make its edges 2 units long. Then on the upper square face of the cube, draw two lines dividing the face into four equal squares of 1 unit side length. On one of these lines, on both the left and right halves (each of 1 unit length), find the golden section (φ) of the unit lines, and construct lines of length φ (= .6180339887... = .618...) as upright poles. ***

These are the ridge poles of the roof structure we are making on this face of the cube. Then add the ridge line between their tops, and add four lines from each ridge pole to the corners of the cube's face (like pegging down a the "roof" is also a "tent", in construction)

Now it is just a matter of repeating this simple process for each face of the cube, to make a full dodecahedron out of the cube.

***To find the golden section of a line is also elementary, Watson:

Saturday, October 9, 2021

"If I Should Die Before You All Wake..."

Google has announced its intention, starting next month, to punish all those under its sway who criticize the patently ridiculous, consensus climate "science", and the "consensus" of covid19 vaccination "mandates". Of course, we (I) who deny the validity of the "consensus" have seen this coming for years, ever since Obama was made President in 2008, and especially after the overthrowing of the actual President, Donald Trump, following continual baseless attacks upon him throughout his presidential term, as a result of which there is no legitimate government in America and the West now, and those international players who profit from this, like Google, are likewise illegitimate in attempting to shut down, not only public debate in a free society, but scientific debate, which is not "public" debate at all, but informing of critical facts that disprove current "scientific consensus".

I have also received 2 emails from Google in the last week, concerning "changes" coming to their Adsense policies on ads (and it should be emphasized, THEY place those ads; I have ignored, and early-on discouraged, those ads on my science-only blog from its beginning in 2009). I have therefore been very much aware that this blog, "owned" by Google through its "" arm, rests upon a very thin foundation, to wit, that which is allowed by Google. I had no financial resources to create my own web site, in 2009; and frankly, I don't know what I will do if this blog is shut down, for daring to inform of the quite general and fundamental degeneracy, of scientific (academic) consensus and the "allowed" public discourse.

It is my intent, then, to post a short notice each month, to enable my readers to know I am still "here". Of course, if the entire blog disappears, you will know what happened anyway. I should of course look into establishing an independent scientific existence on the Internet; but as before, I do not have what one would call "entirely ample" resources.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

The True and Simple Physics Being Ignored by All in the Climate Propaganda Wars

I have submitted the following short comment to the tallbloke site, in response to yet another internet post of alternative theory that ignores my definitive corrections to the ridiculous consensus theories of "global warming" (there is none, only a noisy and fraudulently adjusted "global temperature" record):

Too involved, and comes at the truth (of the temperature-governing lapse rate structure, due to the weight of the atmosphere itself), that I have already explained, and demonstrated clearly with my Venus/Earth atmospheric temperatures comparison, through a maze of bad thinking ("adiabatic" is unnecessary and meaningless, compared to the utterly simple physics of the Standard Atmosphere model; and there simply is no "radiation forcing" affecting atmospheric temperatures).

Nikolov still hangs onto the terms used in the entirely false consensus "climate science"...and you are lemmings to follow. I am the one who insists that the underlying, unchanging structure of tropospheric temperatures (the "lapse rate") are maintained by CONDUCTION, not either radiation or convection, because it is just the innumerable jostlings of air molecules, in the hydrostatic condition of the lower atmosphere, that distributes, unwaveringly and precisely, both the pressure and thence the temperature (due, yes, to the "gas laws", which you managed to get in there, without properly emphasizing how simple is "incident solar radiation + hydrostatic atmosphere + gas laws = atmospheric temperatures", with the surface of the Earth only a base for the weighty atmosphere).

So there is no "adiabatic lapse rate", and only the conduction, throughout the troposphere, of incident solar energy, directly absorbed by the massive, hydrostatic atmosphere. All my discoveries, and all from the definitive Venus/Earth comparison, which is universally ignored, yet which precisely confirms the Standard Atmosphere.

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Little Black Sambo, and the Finnish Sampo: An Ancient Shard Unrecognized

I am seeing, on the internet, many ads for a new version of the old children's tale of "Little Black Sambo", with the boy hero of the tale now called "Rajani", and the tale itself titled "The Boy and the Tigers". There is so much wrong with this, I think I should inform readers of the truth -- the ancient truth, from long before the "known" beginnings of human history -- of the name "Sambo".

I started to write a longish post, about the many things wrong with assuming "Little Black Sambo" to be somehow racist, and the name "Sambo" particularly. A typing accident stopped that, and I don't want to get into the plethora of intellectual insanities that are now being dredged up (vengefully) by angry believers in the dogmas about "race", too long nurtured over the last 50+ years (AFTER the battle for "civil rights" had already been won, nobody wants to notice).

I will just give the definitive knowledge, that could defuse much current social insanity, and let that knowledge speak for itself.

Anyone who read "Little Black Sambo" as a child did NOT consider it "racist" (any more than "Rajani" is racist against Indians, or Hindis). It is merely, in modern times, a charming "magical" story, that can be summarized in one sentence: The little boy escapes the tiger by running in a circle around a tree, until the tiger pursuing him is literally turned into "golden butter". That's all there is to it -- and it is a lot, as a snapshot of ancient sacred knowledge, handed down by all cultures in earliest "myths".

Now, I provided a comprehensive (but not complete) list recently, of ancient mysteries explained by the "Great Design of the 'gods'". It was, in fact, my very last post before this one. It is here. Consider it inserted here; I invite you to read it before continuing here, as I am going to give the rest of this post rather short shrift, rather than repost that list.

In the great design, the entire solar system was re-built, as it were, and reoriented in space. The Earth was set up like a leaning, spinning toy top, with its spin axis precessing around its orbital axis, thus constraining the celestial north pole (CNP), as seen by earthbound humans, to circle the (new, "improved") ecliptic north pole (ENP), over a period of 25,900 years.

That circling, over such a long period, is of course imperceptible to man; yet it was the key piece of sacred knowledge to every earliest-known civilization on Earth, no matter how "primitive"; it was simply disguised (and hence completely misunderstood) as "sacred" myth, handed down to man from the "mythical" gods, "in the beginning".

That circle was given the name of "The Mill of the Gods" in many mythical, metaphorical traditions. Let's make this absolutely clear: The Mill of the gods was the circling of the CNP around the ENP; it "ground slowly", because the precession period -- to go once around the circle -- is 25,900 years, and it "ground slowly but exceedingly fine", because the Earth spins on its axis once every day.

And everything connected to that hidden circle in the starry sky was described as "golden", basically because the Sun, and the planets, representing the 'gods' themselves, all move, in the sight of man, along the ecliptic (whose axis is specified by the ENP point). And the Sun is golden, "Children of Man" (as the 'gods' would say).

In Finland, and in Finnish myth, the Mill was called the "Sampo". In the "Atharva Veda" of India, it was called the "Skambha". The book "Hamlet's Mill" goes into the many ancient world myths about the Mill (although they missed its real, simple meaning); they discuss "Sampo" and Skambha" in Chapter XVII. It was a "prop, support, pillar", as they emphasized. They thought it meant the "pillar" of the Earth's spin axis, represented by the CNP, but they were fundamentally mistaken, as I quite independently (and was the first person in history to identify it) before I ever knew about their book: It is the Earth's ORBITAL axis, the ecliptic axis, represented by the ENP (and circled by the CNP like a millstone circling the central shaft) and everything turns upon that axis, the Sun and planets directly, and the entire celestial sphere over 25,900 years. And the reason this "Mill", or hidden circle in the night sky, was sacred to every earliest "mythical" tradition, worldwide, is because the "pillar" was literally placed there by the world-transforming deeds of the 'gods'. It is the very center of the great design, of both the entire surface of the Earth, and the entire solar system. It was literally all "built", by the 'gods'; that's why the area within the precession circle was described as a "garden", because the ENP, and the circle of the CNP, was not placed just there by chance (see here).

This is why religion, and coercive religious yet divided dogmas, have been at the heart of mankind, and the instigator of every human trial and abuse, throughout history. Because mankind was divided, strewn over the Earth as orphaned children, and implanted with only shattered, mythologized memories of a "Golden Age", of an earlier "Eden" for example" (with a "tree", the "pillar", in the center of the "garden", the eternal circle of the CNP around the ENP).

Just as the CNP circles the ENP, and the Finnish Mill "Sampo" grinds unstoppably (even when "broken loose" -- by the creation of a new ENP in the design of the 'gods' -- and thrown into the very "depths" of the "ocean", where it "grinds sand"), so little black "Sambo" gets the tiger to circle the "tree", turning it into "golden" butter.

So "Sambo" is not a "racist" epithet, even though it was used as such by ignorant, hateful (tribal) whites in the time of slavery of tribal Africans in America. And it should not, indeed cannot, be thrown away by today's well-intentioned but equally ignorant would-be changers of history. It is a clear, indeed stunningly clear, modern link in the chain of myths, stretching from the original design of the 'gods' throughout that history. Like all myths, it is a simple, magical children's story, maintaining the unbroken chain linking us all to the 'gods'. It belongs to the whole world -- not to any "tribe", any "race".

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Atlantis At Last

[The following article has also been published on]

The sense that there is a great mystery to life on Earth -- beyond the existential questions of "Who, and what, am I?" -- is a continuing attraction to every generation. The "ancient mysteries" are like a primordial Black Hole, or unplumbable singularity at the beginning of history, which swallows the hypotheses and explanations of modern writers in the thick, swirling dust of millennia and the soul-deadening tyrannies of past empires.

As a romantic idea, Atlantis is first and foremost like a bright, twinkling star, a light at the end of that long, long tunnel into the past. There -- the stories that continue to spring from its legend all assure us -- is a kind of eternal life, glimpsed like a miniature diorama etched on the head of a pin, put under a microscope, and seen through a lens: Far, far away in time and space, yet as close as our imagination and will to recreate.

Where was Atlantis, really? Or was it only in the minds of ancient Egyptian priests, naive travellers from classical Greece to the Alexandrian shore, and gossipful early philosophers pandering to the appetites of their audiences?

I will tell you where was Atlantis, for it was and is real; it had a strong part in the larger history of man, and the origin of the Earth as we know it today.

There is an actual image of Atlantis still extant in the world. It was stolen out of Egypt by Roman invaders, the story was told by one Athanasius Kircher, the author of the 17th century book "Mundus Subterraneus" and a highly respected intellect of his time. Here is the picture he presented, of Insula Atlantis, the "island of Atlantis":

Now this is an upside-down image -- with north toward the bottom and south toward the top -- showing Insula Atlantis between the landmasses of Africa and Hispania (the Iberian peninsula) on the left, and America on the right. It is midway between these landmasses, in the very center of the "Oceanus Atlanticus", or Atlantic Ocean. Note that the two lesser islands between Atlantis and America are not named on the map.

We are used to looking at the globe with north at the top, so let's turn the image "right-side up":

Now we can readily see the Iberian peninsula -- Spain and Portugal -- above Africa, on the eastern side, and a rather featureless bulge supposedly representing America on the west. Atlantis is certainly not featureless, but has a distinctive shape that holds out the hope that this was once a real land in the Atlantic whose contours were well known. But so far, we can only positively recognize Iberia, and the bulge of Africa to its south, not least because the Strait of Gibraltar that separates the two can be seen in its proper location.

Atlantis was said by Plato to have sunk beneath the surface of the ocean, in just one day and night of earthquake and flood; it made the Atlantic an impassable muddy shoal, he reported as if it were a fact in his own time (in the 4th century BC). However, evidence found in America of colonies established there by Egypt and other Mediterranean lands, several centuries earlier (as early as the 9th century BC) -- as reported in the book "America BC" (1975) by anthropologist Barry Fell -- tells us the explorers of these lands were well able to cross the Atlantic nearly 3,000 years ago, just as we can today.

Is there any hope of finding a sunken landmass in the Atlantic, with the recognizable shape and size of "Insula Atlantis" on the Kircher map? The answer is no; the floor of the Atlantic has been thoroughly mapped, and this shape does not show up on those maps, dominated by the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, or mid-ocean rift.

But Atlantis is not lost forever, after all. There is a land with just the right shape and size to have been the fabled Lost Isle.

In discovering and subsequently verifying the Great Design of the "gods", which had involved a wholesale re-formation of the landmasses on the surface of the Earth between 20,000 and 10,000 years ago, I became familiar with the many details of those landmasses, and when I afterwards came across Kircher's map of the Atlantic, with Atlantis in the middle of the ocean, I recognized its shape as one familiar to me.

I had, after all, not so long before, picked out the shapes of the continents and other landmasses -- one point at a time, thousands of points altogether-- to develop my own Earth- and sky-mapping software, with which I studied the Great Design and its message stored for mankind, or for whoever might come to Earth to study mankind, and who might find and read it.

One of the last large landmasses whose detailed ocean outline I plotted, was Greenland, and the similarity between Greenland and Insula Atlantis is substantial (see the accompanying illustration). To properly compare Greenland with Insula Atlantis, I only had to determine the actual size of Atlantis as seen on the Kircher map. This was easily done by comparing "Hispania" on the Kircher map with the Iberian peninsula on the actual globe; it is then a simple matter to scale Insula Atlantis to its appropriate size on the globe. When this is done, the comparison with Greenland is excellent, in both size and detailed shape.

I won't here go into the many strands of evidence I found which positively established Greenland as the Atlantis of ancient legend. I am satisfied here mainly with showing the close comparison of the two, with just a few added points to be made. First, the Insula Atlantis of Kircher's map is wider than Greenland. This is because the eastern portion of Atlantis was broken off, and became Iceland -- to the southeast of Greenland today -- and the islands of the United Kingdom, even further south and east.

And, as the accompanying illustration shows clearly, the lesser islands depicted between America and Atlantis on the Kircher map can be readily identified with the Florida peninsula -- before it was attached to America -- and the island of Hispaniola (the Dominican Republic and Haiti). The shoreline of America depicted on the Kircher map is not that of North America today, but from a time before the land east of the Appalachians was fixed onto the continent. Since Atlantis only "disappeared" -- that is, it was moved north to the present position of Greenland, by the designers -- around 9600 BC, this tells us North America was given its present shape, with Florida attached, only after that late date.

So the "gods" who re-formed the Earth's landmasses did so at least as late as 9600 BC -- actually, for more than a thousand years after that, as Egypt recorded its institution "by the goddess" as having occurred at about 8600 BC. Evidence for all of this is to be found in my book, "The End of the Mystery." The larger scientific community and its followers, in choosing to ignore and dismiss observable design in the world, remain stuck just this side of the discovery of the Great Design of the "gods" -- once, and now again, the single great wonder of the world.


If you want to see this new knowledge recognized, and verified by other scientists, tell your teachers, your scientist friends, your local and national radio and TV stations. And read the earlier posts on this blog, especially the April 2009 "Challenge to Science" posts.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Johannes Kepler: Sleepwalker-Founder of Modern Science

While I have been focused here lately on incompetence in modern climate science (and in modern science generally), it needs to be emphasized that scholars throughout history have been thoroughly misguided by the ancient knowledge that was handed down among all the peoples of the world as the "sacred truth", first about the "gods" of earliest myth, and later about "God" Himself. (And it was a rare scholar, philosopher, or theologian, who could both start and end with the humble position of admitting that he/she didn't know what "God" really entailed, or why the most ancient peoples worshipped whole families of "gods", with one god understood as being above all the others). The men who founded modern science were steeped in the old "knowledge", and they had to learn how to focus upon hard physical evidence, and master strict mathematics and logic, as their proper guides, over the "sacred wisdom" passed down from times immemorial, in order to show the way for true science. Dogma had to be set aside, but its ages-old attraction was compelling, so they reached out for hard evidence fitfully and far from consistently, like sleepwalkers in an enchanted-like dream-state (the author Arthur Koestler wrote a beautiful book, "The Sleepwalkers", about these earliest scientists, many years ago now).

I received a comment (from one "garlo") here, in which Kepler's more misguided mystical musings, masquerading as science in his mind, were brought up. I realized a proper response required that I make a distinction between my scientific discovery and verification of a real Great Design of the world, and the mystical musings of Kepler and earlier (and even modern) religiously-minded scholars. I hasten to add, the Design IS of fundamental religious, or more correctly spiritual, importance; but the primary truth of it, that above all needs to be grasped, is that it is a hard, objective, scientific fact. The following is that fuller response to "garlo", and to anyone of like mind.

The verifiable dodecahedral arrangement in the layout of landmasses on the Earth is just one aspect, among many, of the Great Design I found--by the way, I am capitalizing it as a real, unified, and all-encompassing design (not a mere mass of "conjectures", or a formless pile of unconnected and odd observations, as all past researchers have produced, throughout history). The Great Design was responsible for ALL the so-called "ancient mysteries", the latter being just the religious and ritually precise human expressions of the intellectual awe with which the smallest knowledge fragments from the design were passed down among men--as literally the "sacred truth" about the origin of the world and mankind. (But in the present tattered intellectual atmosphere, particularly among academics and those in authority in science, just getting anyone to seriously and professionally consider ANY of the overwhelming mass of evidence, for the Great Design I uncovered, takes on the dimensions of a life's work.)

Kepler's belief, that the Earth was somehow made according to the dodecahedron, was nothing new, it goes back to ancient times; indeed, it qualifies as one of the "ancient mysteries", and Kepler picked up on the regular solids as such, and used them, not so much dispassionately, as a scientist, but as a mystical expression of the will of God (he noted their ancient provenance himself, writing, "More than 2,000 years ago Pythagoreans said that these figures [the regular solids] were the figures of the world..."). Kepler's attempt to match them to the planetary orbits was really just his own mathematical elucidation of the original Pythagorean teaching, which every mathematician knew of as the "harmony of the spheres". Kepler called them the regular solids (not platonic solids, because he knew they predated Plato), as we do today.

But as I wrote in my book, "The End of the Mystery":

"I do not want to take away from those who were already assured of a dodecahedral design of the Earth, including Socrates; but I think I am the first person to reveal its objective foundation, and thus prove it to science, and more importantly, to prove it an integral part of a comprehensive design."

In other words, as I said earlier, the dodecahedral pattern in the layout of the continents is just one aspect of the Great Design of the Earth and solar system, by the "gods" who were our real forebears.

As just one of uncounted many checks I made as part of my research, I naturally checked Kepler's attempt to match the planetary orbits with the regular solids, and found the fit was not that good, certainly not good enough to warrant his claim that the planetary orbits were a God-designed matching of the relative sizes of the regular solids--particularly since the Great Design I had already found is much more precise than any such planetary fitting. And the real meaning behind the ancient association of Earth with the dodecahedron is not to be found in the sizes of the planetary orbits--it is because (as I have explained in my book, "The End of the Mystery") the Earth is the planet of life in the solar system, and the mathematics of the dodecahedron is tied to the life on Earth, on every level from the smallest physical expression (DNA) to the level of metaphorical spiritual insights in the Pythagorean and other ancient mystery traditions.

While Kepler's mystical matching of the regular solids with the planetary orbits was misguided, I did get one important piece of ancient knowledge from him, and later in fine detail in Euclid (Proposition 17, Book XIII): The dodecahedron was anciently, and most simply, known as being built up from the cube, very simply, using the famous "golden section", another key Pythagorean tradition, that goes back to the Great Design itself as a matter of course. I discussed Euclid's lucid construction of the dodecahedron, for the benefit of lay readers, in an appendix in "The End of the Mystery".

Kepler's approach to the "harmony of the spheres" was to consider the sizes of the two spheres associated with a regular solid (like the dodecahedron), one inscribed within and the other circumscribing the solid. For each of the five regular solids, Kepler gave the ratio of the radii of the inscribed (Ri) and circumscribing (Ro) spheres. In modern form, those ratios are:

cube: Ri/Ro = .57735
tetrahedron: .33333
dodecahedron: .79465
icosahedron: same as for dodecahedron
octahedron: same as for cube

You can yourself compare these ratios with the relative sizes of the orbits of the 6 innermost planets (with the mean Earth-Sun distance as the standard unit),

Mercury .387, or .4
Venus .723, or .7
Earth 1.000, or 1
Mars 1.524, or 1.5
Jupiter 5.202, or 5.2

as many have no doubt done both before and after Kepler, and in vain. The Great Design is otherwise.

More empirical-minded scientists later crafted the Titius-Bode "law" for the successive planetary orbits:

mean orbital radius = (n + 4)/10, with n = 0, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, etc.,

with Earth at the standard distance (1.0, for n = 6), and the asteroid belt, between Mars and Jupiter, being in the right position to represent a former, now-shattered planet (an hypothesis no one has ever proved), but an extra planet, Neptune, where it shouldn't be, if the Titius-Bode formula was actually a law (so it is not a law--any more than current climate models are physical laws, as the incompetent consensus supposes).