Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Secret Reason for White-Hot Rhetoric Today

The fabiusmaximus site has a post on "The Secret Reason For Hot Political Rhetoric", and the following was my response, which goes to the heart of the problem--not just political--as enlightened by my discovery of the re-formation and design of the Earth's surface by the "gods" of ancient "myth":

There is some truth in laying the problem on "tribalism" (which is a clue that the past is the key to the present), but that is focusing on the symptoms, not the disease. The same criticism applies to your proposition that the Democrats and Republicans are coming together, towards a "unified ruling class", and the citizenry then becoming "apathetic and passive". The question is "Why", in both cases.

The reason for these symptoms, however, is simple: Dogma over reason, leading to a crisis of general incompetence in judgment. The truth is that divisive, false dogmas have been too long nurtured, by the various factions and groups in our societies. This is now a climactic time, when these chickens have come home to roost as it were, and adherence to one's favorite dogma(s) is ascendant over competent reason, on every front, in every confrontation. Thus, emotions rule. As a "hard" scientist--a physicist by education and long experience--I first identified this general incompetence within science itself, after making a revolutionary discovery that falsifies the very paradigm by which science has sought to advance ever since Darwin--that paradigm being undirected evolution of all that science observes in the world. Having made that discovery, I sought to bring it out to the world, only to find the world reacting with determined avoidance behavior, that increased the more I tried, even to the "white-hot" stage you refer to in the political discourse. (No, I'm not saying the white-hot political rhetoric is in reaction to my efforts to be heard; I'm saying it is due to avoidance behavior, primarily on the Left, against anyone trying to bring out the truth in any given situation--the Democrats have been fiercely battling any recognition of the truth throughout the Obama presidency years, for which I have been calling them the Insane Left for most if not all of that time. "White-hot" rhetoric, blatantly false, and perverse (as they have only been painting themselves into a smaller and smaller corner, trying to promulgate and defend what cannot be truthfully defended), is all the Insane Left seems able to call forth now.

But add in the stealth bipartisanship shown by the Republicans, and the resulting disconnect (ever deeper, ever wider) between the two parties and their "constituents"--the people, who don't like what their representatives are doing--and one can see it is not just the Left that is insane today, i.e., determinedly, obsessively avoiding the truth.

The preferred dogmas of that "unified ruling class" are, increasingly, simply not those of the people being misled.

The problem is too-long nurtured false dogmas, some for decades, others for generations, the worst throughout known history. This is a climactic time, and a hard test for all mankind. Because, finally, new knowledge needs to be properly confronted, and accepted by all, and very few are ready to do it.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The True Origin of Inalienable Rights

The American Thinker site has a post which brought up the subject of "inalienable rights of the individual" (but only in terms of "property rights"). This subject comes under the heading of the "philosophy of science", particularly as newly enlightened by my discovery of the Great Design of the "gods". My response, then:

I think it is not about "property" rights, more like "appropriate" rights. There is a widely known old military saying, "Rank has its privileges", which not so many people know has a second part, "because rank has its responsibilities". So the individual has its inalienable rights, because it has its inherent responsibility, to choose its way, literally from one moment to the next, in matters large and small. (Ha-ha...I just chose to refer to the individual as "it", rather than as "he", or even "he/she". You can't get away from choosing what to do next, and you have to live with the consequences of your choosing.)

At the root of all our problems is the fact that we are not physical creatures alone; we are spirits occupying physical bodies (and in a degraded condition, because we do not KNOW, from moment to moment, that we are not just physical bodies, taking up space). We are spirit inhabiting body; and mind, or intelligent reasoning, is the bridge between the two, and our defining essence. Our inalienable human rights come from our essential being as mind, inhabiting and acting through matter, and our personal responsibility to direct that matter, our bodies. A collective or societal government cannot walk for me, or talk for me; I have to do it. I also have to decide whether I want to buy "health insurance" for this body, given my financial situation or any other considerations I may choose.

My rights, and everyone else's, are inalienable, because they are prior to any consideration of our limited physical existence. At bottom, mind is prior to matter, and the unit of mind, the individual, is prior to the state and any power we may collectively grant it. Put another way, intelligence, good reason--and the universal meaningfulness, or coherence, that underlies good reason and is evinced by it (and which we, as benighted children of our spiritual father, call God)--flows fundamentally and unavoidably through me (and you), the "units" of mind, and that makes us individually responsible.