Tuesday, April 2, 2019

The Present War and the Needed New Knowledge

I have submitted the following comment to the American Thinker site, in response to an article about the state of political war that now exists in America and the world (as I have stated before, I will take no political or ideological comments on this science site):

If money is the lifeblood of the Insane Left (as I call them, since Obama brought carefully concealed ideas of Black and Muslim supremacy, not to mention Malthusian environmental and climate hysteria, into political correctness), then the "body" through which that "blood" flows is an artificial one, a golem or zombie (to use a perversely popular movie nightmare character, over the last 50 years -- perhaps not coincidentally, the same time frame as the post-civil-rights "racist white America" movement, of law-bending and increasing outright lawlessness -- a la Kim Foxx now -- in the name of "affirmative action"). It is without true, moral character (Obama's own defining characteristic, which he shares with the Black Muslims -- who are Black Supremacists, the antithesis of White Supremacists, as taught to them by Muslims -- and the Muslims themselves).

Islam, the Muslim religion, has been around almost as long as Christianity on the world stage, and is directly opposed to Christianity, since its first campaign of conquest invaded Spain. We are dealing with a long-standing, religious enmity, grafted onto, or more correctly suborning, modern "social justice", or black (and increasingly, latino) separatism and favored status.

It has been an open war, The War of the Insane Left, since Obama was made President in 2008. It has mostly been a political war, but with actual violence done by individual believers in the cult (I'm referring to Antifa and Black Lives Matter, law-hating young men/women like Trayvon Martin, rather than actual Islamic terrorists), now openly pushed and prodded by the likes of Ilhan Omar and AOC, the latest "false prophets" in a four thousand year history of false prophets. Religion itself is failing, now, not just politics and science.

"Who knows only his own generation [and thus only his own grievances, however hard] remains always a child." That is what the world is faced with now -- the avoidance behavior of a world full of children, against all the painfully learned truths of history. As a hard scientist, with no ties to academia and the consensus for the past 25 years, I have made a great discovery, that would act to shine the light on that history, all the way back to its heretofore darkest beginnings -- but the children of today need to tear themselves away from all past grievances, to LOOK at that newly lighted, long, long path of mankind, to LOOK at its real, objective origin as never known before.

The world is full of voices, all crying out "listen to ME!" All I can do, as The Voice among voices, needed to draw mankind back from the brink perhaps as never before, is inform of the existence of new yet oldest truth, about the world and the mankind irrevocably bound to it. I do not hold myself as wiser than you -- but I do know much more, about what this world of man needs now.