Sunday, May 26, 2019

The "Kippa": Children Arguing Ignorant of Ancient Science

I have posted the following comment to the American Thinker site, in response to an article about controversy over Orthodox Jewish men in Germany wearing the "kippa", or traditional Jewish cap:

At some point, in the current clash of civilizations (which is called "multiculturalism" to keep people from understanding that it is a clash, as powerful as any in history), people need to know, and understand (!), that we are dealing with things that go back in time farther than anyone (except me) knows, or can even imagine (without the new knowledge that I have uncovered and tried to put before the world).

That is why I repeatedly inform in my comments, "Who knows only his own generation remains always a child." It is THE key problem in the world today, this lack of understanding of ancient knowledge and ancient origins.

The "kippa" just means "cap", obviously. The traditional name is "yarmulke", and even that is a mis-remembered or alternative form of the original name, "yol-mark".

That is new/old knowledge, going back 20,000 years and only re-discovered by me, in my seminal research into the objective origin of all the "ancient mysteries".

Now, I know just saying "kippa is yarmulke is yol-mark" doesn't sound like much to today's children (those who know only their own generation, which is essentially everybody today, because this "new knowledge" goes back beyond any generation in human memory).

And I'm not going to try to inform readers here of the true worth of that knowledge. I have tried that with many such nuggets of ancient knowledge over the last 15+ years, and a world of children doesn't want to hear any of it. Nor am I interested in teaching just the relative handful of people who would be open to it; this is in fact a "new world system", as Galileo put his discoveries nearly 400 years ago (and you know what became of that: modern science).

I will satisfy myself with merely teasing you that it IS truly ancient, and truly science, and as such part of a world-encompassing (and beyond) understanding.

And tell you that the Muslim woman's religiously prescribed head covering is a mimickry of the Jewish man's wearing the yarmulke, both to set themselves apart from the society they dwell within. The Muslim belief in this is a degenerated form, compared to the Jewish, but only relatively; even the Jewish "kippa" is a degeneration of the name, as I already noted above, much less of the original meaning. These religious beliefs, or more correctly superstitions, are religiously upheld entirely ignorant of the ancient truth, that was (and is) really a World System, not the property of any one people.

So today's children are left with silly questions like, "Do we demand the Muslim woman not cover herself to set herself apart from Western society [which I assure you would be a good thing; she needs to be a part, not holding herself apart] while at the same time demanding that the Jewish man should cover himself, also to set himself apart from Western society?"

You can't solve these ridiculous religious problems, without knowing their origin.

Make no mistake: All religions -- not just Islam -- are in need of the knowledge of their origins, to weed out the false (coercive materialistic) dogmas from the true (spiritual) ones.