Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Challenge to Science and Religion

Since I am a scientist, I am more concerned with science's mistakes than I am with others', and that is the reason behind my "Challenge to Science" here. I have found and verified a coherent world design which science today dogmatically refuses to confront and accept, because it invalidates the fundamental assumptions underlying the hotly-defended, central theories in the earth and life sciences today. But I am aware of all the evidence, not just that which puts today's scientific dogma in a bad light. I am not a follower of "Intelligent Design" theory, nor of biblical creationism (although my research findings reaffirm that design is behind everything we see on the Earth, and in the solar system beyond, and surely in the universe beyond that). I know, based upon overwhelming evidence, that the ongoing "debates" are obsolete. My research has taken the next step, beyond all three of these widely-held positions: undirected evolution, one-time creation, or even a single Creator/Designer of all that we observe.

Because of my fundamental commitment to openness throughout my work, I have sent the following communication to, which deals with this theme:

The ongoing debates over evolution vs. design of the natural world are obsolete, due to new knowledge uncovered by my research into the objective origin of the popular "ancient mysteries": 1) constellation forms on the heavenly sphere; 2) myths and legends about the "gods" and the semi-divine heroes they sired among men; 3) sacred traditions, images and words; and 4) megalithic monuments of precise construction and astronomical/terrestrial alignments. All of these proceeded from a common real, physical source. I suggest everyone needs to read my work, which scientists and scientific publications have universally dismissed without competent consideration. I recommend as a start the new blog at, for a maturer perspective that does not get bogged down in divisive speculations about First Cause, which the medieval scholars many centuries ago decisively showed were in vain.

I am a hard scientist, but I believe I can [also] give a clearer, simpler metaphysics. The term "evolution" is abused and universally applied because it is only a robust metaphysical reality, not a physical one; across all fields to which it is applied, it merely reflects human learning. Here is the fundamental philosophical truth that needs to be apprehended by all sides today: "Evolution" requires design, and design requires an overarching, prior intelligence. Undirected evolution is a logically inept metaphysics, a fundamental confusion of the mind, and the "intelligent" in "intelligent design" is superfluous.

And there is more to the story of man than God and undirected physical processes. The "gods", for example, really existed (as my scientific findings establish, along with their design, as fact) and they (not "plate tectonics") really re-formed the Earth, and the entire solar system, to a great design (as the design itself and the ancient records of mankind both attest). I invite everyone to engage in a more adult intellectual study of the amazing past of mankind. The current "debate" is medieval; learn instead the new field of science I have re-discovered, after thousands of years of human history and human struggle to learn in this world: The design of the "gods" who were our true forebears.

Undirected evolution is invalidated 1) above all, by its denial of meaning (or truth, or higher reality) underlying the physical world; 2) by a great deal of positive evidence of design on every scale of observation throughout the biological realm (such as the many remarkable examples of "co-evolution" and its deeper, characteristic presence, across the entire class of flowering plants, for example); and 3) most surely by the world design I uncovered, which communicates a coherent message encompassing, and thus surely the original motivation for, all of the ancient, religious obsessions held in common by men worldwide.

One-time creation is invalidated by equally sure evidence of past changes in the creatures inhabiting the Earth, again on every scale from global down to local. This is really all that Darwin--an amateur scientist who got caught up in his own worldly success among scientists--began by arguing against, and all he was right about, in the final analysis. The Earth is clearly older than 6,000 years, because the ancient records of the earliest civilizations, particularly Egypt, honestly claimed and diligently recorded a far longer history, a far longer human memory.

A single Creator of the material universe is logically equivalent to the metaphysical necessity for an underlying coherence, and meaning, to it. This idea is unassailable and adhered to by everyone, whatever they may claim. But Man is a designer, too, who has added to the natural world through domestic breeding, of dogs, cats, horses, and no doubt more. Someone also domesticated, in the millennia before known human history, the grains, fruits and other staples we enjoy without thought for how they came about. Multiple designers were thus already strongly indicated by scientific findings, even without my re-discovery of the "gods" and their great world design. My verification of a real re-formation of the entire surface of the Earth (and of a real re-orientation and re-formation of the entire solar system) at the heart of all the ancient mysteries of man on Earth, proves that other designers preceded man on Earth, and were known to later men, worldwide, as the "gods" (or "divine immortals").

Design of the world--and by extension, the material universe--is the underlying truth of all. Evolution is a powerful metaphysical truth, a universal metaphor for learning across all disciplines, every human endeavor and design.