Sunday, June 30, 2019

The Current Insanity and the Next World Paradigm

I have submitted the following comment to the American Thinker site, to an article on "America's detour from sanity":

The insanity has many roots, with origins at different times. I have understood, and been trying to inform others, that the Democrats have fully become "The Insane Left" (my term), prosecuting "The War of the Insane Left", only (!) since the election of Obama/Soetoro -- the "First Fake President" (more than, for example, the more widely proclaimed "First Black President") -- in 2008. The roots go back long before Obama, but the insanity flowered, full bloom or across the board, then, and has only gotten worse since (as the noxious plant, or cancer, has of course clashed with reality at every point, and thus defended itself ever more determinedly, obsessively, deludedly).

The point of the insanity spear has been the Muslim subornation of the so-called black "civil rights" movement, which goes back to 1930 and the creation of the Black Muslims (now largely Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam, based upon notions of black supremacy and black separatism). But that is only on the political side; the full picture of the current degeneration covers also all of the sciences (!) and religions.

The Enlightenment, or Age of Reason, of the mid-18th century, that brought forth the United States of America, was a tremendous opportunity for religions to shed their worst habits, of physical coercion (promulgating materialistic superstitions and physically forcing sectarian, essentially tribal, belief) in the name of God. And it was most telling that Spiritualism, the simple belief in the fundamental truth of the spiritual nature of Man, over his temporal, physical existence, bloomed in the 19th century (even in Muslim countries, the gentle Bahai faith was born, only to be fiercely rejected by the tyrannical Islam of the execrable Mohammed and his rabid followers).

But the Enlightenment was stymied, on many levels, by the materialistic pseudo-science of Charles Darwin, known as undirected evolution of everything in the world -- and the world itself, even though on that world level there was no "natural selection" the evolutionists could use as an excuse for their wrong-headed belief, only "cosmic accidents", always, strangely, early after the world's initial creation "4 or 5 billion years ago".

The sciences went wrong with undirected evolution theory, and increasingly so as their faith (!) in it made it, in their minds, fact not theory (much less the utterly false theory that it actually is). The "consensus" was born, but with a critical error at its very foundation that would insure that, eventually, the entire edifice of theories, supposed "knowledge" based upon that already broken foundation, would crumble en masse, all together. In our time, more or less (I already know it; it will become common knowledge, the hard way, to the next generations).

Religions were originally founded upon belief in the "gods" of earliest world myths, and in their supposed coercion of man. The all-powerful and capricious gods. "Might is right" was drummed into mankind, worldwide, by that belief. Which is not to say the gods were evil, no; they were all-beneficent, as Nature itself is beneficent to the needs of man, in food, in company, in problems and ever-larger "mysteries" to solve with civilization the prize. And in natural beauty, of the earth, of living things, of the human form itself (particularly the female).

In the 2nd and 1st millennia BC, the power of the gods increasingly gave way to true morality and sense of justice, based fundamentally (as the American founding fathers understood) on the inalienable rights of every individual person. Religion became less tyrannical and more reassuring -- but the millennia old superstitions still clung, and coerced wherever they could. Jesus the Christ was clearly meant to cut the cord between the old coercive, tyrannical powers over man, and replace them with the truth of man's real nature, and God's real nature. And he succeeded enough to make Christianity, however imperfectly developed and practiced by his followers AD, the premier religion of that AD (and we know it was greatly imperfect -- the Protestant Reformation, and multiplication of diverse "Christian" sects, clearly shows that). But he failed to entirely remove the old coercion (of the "gods", recast as God, as in "Fear the Lord thy God").

Religion and science alike goofed, big time, in thinking God is coercive, and His believers are entitled to be coercive in His Name. The truth is that the world is DESIGNED, and it is the design that is coercive (with snakes and mosquitos and viruses and whatnot, and rain only in its time, not in man's desire for it, or for the lack of a surfeit of cetera, in too many ways to count the physical world's abridgements of our tender sensibilities..."poor, poor, pitiful we; poor poor pitiful we" (sung to the tune of "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me")

I am here to inform of the results of my scientific research, into the objective origin of all the "Ancient Mysteries" you see slobbered over (ahem, I mean speculated shamelessly upon) by others on TV, and in books, over the last half-century and more. Essentially, that the world (and us) is designed, and my research has uncovered that precisely-constructed design, as no one before has even imagined. It was designed not by God, but by the "gods", who were, in consequence, REAL -- and of course, extraterrestrial, as the design encompasses the whole solar system.

That, in a nutshell, is the next scientific and religious paradigm, that must be learned and understood generally (that is to say, by everyone) in order to fix all that we see going wrong now (and over the last, oh, 200 years, or 4,000, or 20,000 years or so).

This just happens to be a climactic time. Will Mankind learn better, or cling to its already too-long-nurtured false dogmas? The answer, as always, is it will do both; the longer it takes, the harder will be the lesson.