Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Dealing With Criminal Authorities

Steven Goddard has come to the conclusion that the climate "debate" is no longer about science, and wonders how to deal with "criminals". My response:

You do what I have been doing for the last 3 years, ever since I definitively disproved the "greenhouse effect" with my Venus/Earth temperatures comparison (the scientific debate has been over ever since): You identify the Insane Left (and the subornation of all of our authoritative institutions by it) as the immediate problem--substituting as it does a political ideology, and outright tyranny, for science--and the underlying problem, that of a general incompetence among scientists, for letting climate science go so far wrong as to forget the Standard Atmosphere and the stable vertical temperature lapse rate structure of the troposphere. Beyond that, I can only recommend mass civil disobedience of any and all laws passed during the Obama years, particularly Obamacare and the anti-scientific EPA regulations (like officially denoting CO2 an "air pollutant", and thus subject to strict regulation under the Clean Air Act).

And you should prepare yourself mentally for increasing forays into governmental tyranny over individuals' rights--as more and more citizens fail financially--and for actual war (although that is most likely to occur when most of the Baby Boomers are dead).

When my greater discoveries are finally confronted and generally accepted, then our divisions will recede, people will start to really work together in a newly vibrant society, and real progress can be made, in science, religion and modern societies. For now, reason is taking a back seat to tribalism and past historical injustices, both real and imagined, and the world is pushing for war thereby.

Monday, October 28, 2013

No "Kind Regards" for the Pretend-Scientists Promulgating Anti-Scientific Tyranny in the Name of Science

Claes Johnson has posted an inquiry to one Hans Rosling, a high-profile climate alarmist in Sweden, and Rosling has responded with "answers" to Johnson's questions. My response follows:

Hans Rosling: I reject your "answers" as blatant political and ideological chaff, i.e., scientifically non-responsive, thus worthless. And since they ARE so clearly political chaff, it is also obvious you are not a scientist, at least not a competent and honest one. You are one of the Insane Left, relishing a position in which you can promulgate empty alarmism to the people of the world (blaming especially those in the more developed countries--by which you mean the West--again without evidence). You have well shown yourself ignorant of any definitive evidence supporting such alarmism, only a "consensus" you admit you are not competent to judge, and which you choose to accept blindly, or fraudulently, to the people of the world. This is one scientist who will never accept the likes of you as a true scientist, or a true voice for the people. You are nothing but a fellow-traveller of utopian tyranny over honest reason.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Where Science Went Wrong

Claes Johnson has a summary post on "quantum contradictions", and other instances of what he considers bad modern theories in science. The following is my response, basically agreeing with him that modern science has gone wrong:

"A magic theory that we all have to accept without understanding" is a good, but not, I believe, the best way to characterize these instances of bad--and fundamental--theories at the center of our physical sciences, because of course it is really only stating things from the deluded believer's point of view, a totally dark, unknowing and unquestioning point of view. I prefer to make specific, positive and definitive statements that clarify the true physicist's point of view, and give an immediate feel for just what is wrong in each theory: The length contraction and the increase in mass with velocity, in relativity theory, are both unphysical (they violate the conservation of matter, and mass cannot be, at the same time, both transformable into kinetic energy, yet increasing with it, as Dewey Larson pointed out); that every part of the universe is flying away from us, in big bang theory, is unphysical (in precisely the same way as the ancient belief that the universe revolves around the Earth is unphysical--infinite energy, strangely working to make us the, or a, center of the universe, is needed in both); the greenhouse effect in climate theory (which simply ignores the simple truth of "heat rises--flows upward--in the atmosphere") is unphysical; the repudiation of physical reality itself, in quantum mechanics theory, is unphysical, and illogical (as Einstein masterfully made perfectly clear, to me and no doubt to others, in his famous EPR analysis--no one has gone beyond that criticism of QM, to this day, in this physicist's view). I am a physicist, because I assert, as fundamental, "I think, therefore I am; I interact constantly with a physical world, therefore it exists; physical bodies and physical interactions are fundamentally real (not contingent upon my 'measuring' them, or knowing anything about them)." An arrow shot from a bow DOES reach the target, despite the pretentious irrationality of Zeno; a tree falling in the wilderness DOES make a sound; and we do NOT "create our own reality". We defy even the tiniest sliver of physical reality (bacteria, and viruses, for example) at our peril and our eventual, certain regret--I believe we are all here to learn precisely that, if nothing else. The physical world, and universe, were here before any of us were born, and will be here, working precisely the same, after we are gone. Everything physical was designed--that is what MY unprecedented research and unparalleled discovery, of the "Great Design of the gods", makes utterly clear, for the first time in history, to any competent mind, not just the spiritual-minded--and must work as it was designed to do, with conscious choice the only undetermined, yet fundamentally important, variable, and we humans, in particular, were made (designed) to learn that, in exquisite detail (to encompass the design with our minds, and honor it as the intentional, accomplished design it is). That is what, before Darwin, science was known to be (by men of the stature of Newton, at least): The study of the Design of the world, and universe.