Sunday, April 8, 2018

"Post Modernism" and the General Incompetence in Science Today

I posted the following comment on the American Thinker site, in response to a comment that referred to "cultural geography" and "post-modernism":

As a physicist, the term "cultural geography" sounds like another meaningless term, that belongs in sociology, not hard science.

I just took the time to look up "post-modernism" in my 4-inch thick dictionary (the only clue -- other than the vague mention of "gaia" -- your comment gave to the nonsensical "cultural geography"), and it wasn't there -- so I looked up "modernism", and found that it had to do with "a movement in Protestant Christianity...that seeks to establish the meaning and validity of the Christian faith in relation to present human experience and to reconcile and unify traditional theological concepts with the requirements of modern knowledge"...I think I see why you didn't get into that little detail.... "Post-modernism" would then refer to those who believe and assume that science and the world are past that "religious nonsense".

My unprecedented research and discovery, of the single OBJECTIVE origin of all of the "Ancient Mysteries" of mankind, is the real, historical truth, not any current "post-modernism" (i.e., anti-religion dogma), that declares that any mention of design of the "natural" world is out of bounds in science.

The truth is that the world WAS designed, and later re-formed wholesale to a lesser but still all-encompassing design (the latter, only 20,000 to 10,000 years ago, and NOT done by "God", but by the "gods", of worldwide ancient worship, and later relegated to mere "myth").

The war between "God" and science is quite false -- because it neglects the very real but misapprehended "gods" who remade the world and man -- and science is now in a crisis of general incompetence over it, as only my research has proved, with new knowledge of the actual design imposed upon the Earth by the "gods" -- as I said, the single objective origin of all of the ancient mysteries, all of mankind's earliest religious and religiously-held beliefs.

Challenge to Earth Scientists