Saturday, October 9, 2021

"If I Should Die Before You All Wake..."

Google has announced its intention, starting next month, to punish all those under its sway who criticize the patently ridiculous, consensus climate "science", and the "consensus" of covid19 vaccination "mandates". Of course, we (I) who deny the validity of the "consensus" have seen this coming for years, ever since Obama was made President in 2008, and especially after the overthrowing of the actual President, Donald Trump, following continual baseless attacks upon him throughout his presidential term, as a result of which there is no legitimate government in America and the West now, and those international players who profit from this, like Google, are likewise illegitimate in attempting to shut down, not only public debate in a free society, but scientific debate, which is not "public" debate at all, but informing of critical facts that disprove current "scientific consensus".

I have also received 2 emails from Google in the last week, concerning "changes" coming to their Adsense policies on ads (and it should be emphasized, THEY place those ads; I have ignored, and early-on discouraged, those ads on my science-only blog from its beginning in 2009). I have therefore been very much aware that this blog, "owned" by Google through its "" arm, rests upon a very thin foundation, to wit, that which is allowed by Google. I had no financial resources to create my own web site, in 2009; and frankly, I don't know what I will do if this blog is shut down, for daring to inform of the quite general and fundamental degeneracy, of scientific (academic) consensus and the "allowed" public discourse.

It is my intent, then, to post a short notice each month, to enable my readers to know I am still "here". Of course, if the entire blog disappears, you will know what happened anyway. I should of course look into establishing an independent scientific existence on the Internet; but as before, I do not have what one would call "entirely ample" resources.