Friday, January 11, 2019

Fight False Dogma With New Knowledge About Its True Origin

I have posted the following comment to an article on the Conservative Treehouse site, in response to another comment about Islam, and its incorrect, and entirely wrong-headed, description as "the religion of peace". I post it here only because the new/old science I have uncovered, and which will be the next paradigm in both science and religion, is particularly and critically needed now:

We are living in a climactic (or near-climactic) time of wars, not just between men but between competing, long-held dogmas (as opposed to competent reason and honest, rational disagreements). What you have written is obvious to me, but I have noticed that one can tell the dogmas ruling a person or group by their refusal to see the obvious. Adherence to one's favorite false dogmas is ascendant now over good, honest reason; this has been a constant refrain of mine, since the ascendance of Obama/Soetoro, the First Fake President.

It is the false dogmas themselves -- yes, like Islam, or Mohammedanism -- which have been too long nurtured, that must be destroyed, not just the jihadist -- i.e., activist, radical -- individuals who follow them, to mass destruction on all sides.

"Islam", in particular, literally means "I-Salam", or "No Peace". That translation (made by me alone, based upon revolutionary research), in the context of what we all know about the entire history of Mohammedanism/Islam, is instantly confirmed.

It's going to take a general abandonment of too-long held false dogmas, to solve the mess of our time. And that will take both a moral re-enlightenment, and the new knowledge I have uncovered, about the origin of the oldest false dogmas.