Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Light Amid the Shadows

Most people, scientists included, cannot seem to focus upon the evidence presented here, in the hard science posts (see the April and May "Challenge" posts, particularly), for the design of the "gods", long enough to really see it. They have lived so long in the twin shadows of ignorance and doubt, they are bewildered by the light. So here instead is my latest popular article, on, to try to get their attention:

"Extraterrestrials On the White House Lawn".

It takes the existence of "extraterrestrials" for granted and, hopefully, puts those who were the "gods" in the proper context for mankind's positive consideration, given the reality of the design.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men...

Why is so much wrong with the world just now? I submit it is a case of the lesser designs of self-interested people--experts though they may be in their fields--running afoul of one another, and of a greater design. Read

The World Is In the Hands of Children,


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Time For a Change

Here is another article, from last month:

"Back to School: Things to Ask the Teacher".

And this, on the next generation of American space flight:

Will America Really Return to the Moon?

Spaceflight is near and dear to American hearts and minds, since the incredible 60's -- the true decade of change to all of us who lived through it. The civil rights and feminist movements; the sexual revolution; the Beatles, and the flowering of pop music in nearly as many ways as there were performers; the hippie phenomenon and the environmental movement. Michael Jackson got his start then.

That decade fueled the creativity of the four decades that followed, in so many ways. And it saw America march determinedly and with one success after another towards a close encounter of the third kind with our nearest neighbor in space, the Moon. On July 20, 1969 -- before the decade was out, as John F. Kennedy had exhorted the nation to do early in his presidency -- Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon, with his shipmate Buzz Aldrin soon joining him. And the nation, justly impressed by this feat, saw one Apollo mission after another follow, and it seemed the space franchise had been established and we would just keep heading outward into the solar system -- to Mars and beyond -- just as we had headed west a century before.

The adventurous mood of the 60's was fanned and reflected on television in series like "Star Trek", "The Outer Limits", "UFO" and "Space: 1999" (not to mention one of my personal favorites, the classic British marionette series, "Fireball XL-5"), and in theatres by such films as "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Robinson Crusoe on Mars", and "The First Men On the Moon".

And then we stopped. (Cue the sound of crickets in an empty field.) Instead of continued manned exploration of the Moon and beyond, our attention wandered to harsher, real societal concerns, such as the exportation of Mideast terrorism to other countries, as in the kidnapping and killing of the entire Israeli Olympic team in 1972. For many of us, the Vietnam War was a sobering, defining time whose message seemed to be the curtailment of the hopes for peaceful progress engendered in the successes of the 60's.

The warring forces of the last 40 years are still with us, their conflict erupting into violent confrontations in many ways. The Conservative Right versus the Liberal Left, succeeding one another on the national stage like an automated seesaw, back and forth like clockwork, and always strenuously fighting more than building. Jews versus Muslims in the Mideast, the seeming archetype, or backdrop, to so much of the world's ill will, particularly since the 1967 Six Day War. The evolution/creationism/intelligent design debate, about which I have written elsewhere, which has become immune to reason and common sense about a real meaning to life, on science's part.

Now we are planning the next generation of spaceflight, and there are arguments on the direction to follow there too, although they are mild indeed compared to the above-mentioned wars between opposing dogmas. NASA is currently committed to going first to the Moon, while Apollo astronauts favor Mars, a position ably championed also by scientists in the Mars Society. Both sides have their reasons, which pretty much boil down to the progressive hopes and energy of the 60's versus the financial realities of today and the foreseeable future, with further debate thrown in over how much we need to learn from colonization of the Moon, just a quarter million miles away, before we tackle year-long trips in weightless conditions on trips to Mars, which is never closer than 35 million miles away from the Earth. That's like comparing an hour's walk through the mall to a 6-day continuous hike across country. Mars can also get as far away as 248 million miles, the equivalent of a 3-week trek on foot, with no rest stops, in our analogy.

NASA currently envisions seven-day missions to the Moon to begin with, followed by 180-day stays once a lunar outpost is in place. "We're not doing flags and footsteps," NASA planning director John Olson has said. "We're going for a long-term sustained human presence that's affordable and safe and built so that we can use the moon as a stepping stone to Mars and near-Earth asteroids and other exciting locations in the solar system."

A potential manned mission to the Red Planet wouldn't take place until at least 2030, under the current NASA scenario.

Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to walk on the Moon, argues that "We won the moon race; now it's time for us to live and work on Mars," and warns that NASA's current plan will waste time and money, calling the return to the moon a "glorified rehash of what we did 40 years ago."

Robert Zubrin, president of the Mars Society, agrees, and with respect to the supposed learning curve for travel to Mars, says, "This idea that you have to know how to do it before you can commit yourself to the program is completely false. We didn't know that we could do Lewis and Clark successfully before we set them out" in 1803, to explore the American West.

"NASA was not created to do nostalgia acts. It was created to storm heaven," Zubrin said further. "For NASA to make as its central goal repeating technical accomplishments it did 50 years before is a complete abandonment of its purpose."

Meanwhile, the hard realities of research and development of the next-generation engines that will power our future manned flights are not to be denied their say. An August 27th test-firing of the first-stage Ares rocket engine was scrubbed, due to a faulty valve that allowed fuel to drain away from a critical power unit needed to steer the rocket nozzle.

But, considering what the nation and the world have been through, especially in the last eight years, the strength of the voices calling for Mars exploration now is heartening.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Atlantis Details

The truth about Atlantis is one of those mysteries that lay bare a piece of the actual physical process by which the Earth was re-formed and the great design of the "gods" enabled, rather than delineating the design itself. While it is not on the main line of my research into the design, the fact is I was able to find enough hard evidence to identify Atlantis to my satisfaction, and therefore to be worth communicating to the world, which flounders in many speculative (as opposed to hard factual) theories about its location. Here are two more articles on Atlantis I have written, on, with the clearest evidence (but not all, by any means) for what became of it:

Details of Atlantis Disprove Modern Theories, and

Atlantis, Greenland, and Ancient Testimonies.

Of course, the reader should read the article "Atlantis At Last" -- in the July 4th post, just below -- first.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Challenging Competent Scientists

The following article is also on here, with accompanying images of the dodecahedron pattern of lines followed by the landmasses on the Earth. Those images are also in the April 2009 post "Challenge to Earth Scientists" in this blog.

Hannah Montana Naked, Milankovitch Score on the Web

First, the back-story: I tried my hand at answering a question on a few days ago--a question on planetary orbits that both the asker and the responders seemed to be having trouble focusing upon. Anyone who has ever taught physics knows you get a lot of, shall we say "soft" thinking from non-science majors who take an introductory physics course. That's because physics demands convincing evidence--not glib speculation--and strict rules of logic, not to mention mathematics. Some of those posting on that site were engaging in a fair amount of soft thinking, clearly without realizing it.

The question was, "if the force between the Earth and Sun is constant, why isn't the Earth's orbit a circle instead of an ellipse?" I won't go into the answer; my answer was given 2 thumbs down by viewers, mostly I think because I am a physicist, the question was an elementary one, and these kids--they seemed like kids to me--have evidently been spoon-fed a lot of smooth talk and bad ideas in their science classes.

Chief among these ideas was that planetary orbits change over time according to what is known as Milankovitch theory. Now, I am a physicist, and I don't subscribe to that theory (for reasons to be revealed below); earth scientists, however, do subscribe, and defend it strongly, because they think it "explains" the "ice ages" that are part of the modern scientific canon of holy theories, not to be denied lest you be called a religious idiot, i.e., a creationist rather than a rational person who, by the way, "knows" evolution is a fact.

You can see where this is going--earth and life scientists think their theories are strong enough to be called facts, and they're quite wrong, despite many incompetent physicists who also hotly defend them.

I am not being nice here, because modern scientists, with their holy canon, have not been nice, nor open to legitimate self-correction, for generations, nor have they been competent, particularly recently, in their dogmatic, biased attacks upon critics. Ben Stein even made a movie last year about this well known scientific tyranny, called "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed." To be blunt, evolutionists (in the earth sciences just as much as the life sciences) are the bristly ayatollahs of science, misusing their religiously-taught, religiously-held beliefs.

"Evolution", I might as well tell you here and now, is in fact a robust metaphysical principle, applicable across the full range of human learning, but "undirected evolution", as espoused by modern scientists, is a contradiction in terms, and positively denied by a world of evidence. Milankovitch is one of the subsidiary religious beliefs of most earth scientists, just as epicycles were subsidiary to the planetary circles envisaged by medieval scholars who, inspired for centuries by the empty rhetoric of the universally admired Aristotle, played games with an earth-centered solar system.

Let me cut right through all the intellectual mud that "defenders of science" will want to throw at me. I am a physicist by education and experience, and no doubt of an older, and I think finer, school. I have proved that the surface of the Earth was deliberately re-formed, largely between 20,000 and 10,000 years ago--which just happens to be the time frame of the last supposed "ice age"-- to enable a great design that was the original, objective motivation for all the exoteric ancient mysteries (as opposed to the esoteric, or spiritual truths, also claimed by wise men and women since "the beginning"); I have found enough answers from the design, to a broad range of such ancient puzzles, to state this as a fact.

But, even more amazing, in the context of what modern science thinks it knows but does not, the Earth shows clear evidence of design that should long ago have checked the wayward advance of the earth and life sciences, into the present huge edifice of speculations piled upon assumptions, and arbitrarily legislated by "authorities" to be facts.

I have previously written about the "Clockwork Moon Science Ignores", for example. I have pointed out in another recent article the clear image of a man's face in the outline and inland features of Africa. I could further point out, and suggest the reader check for him/herself, that there are similar images (often incomplete or tantalizingly vague, but many striking in their recognizability) in the outlines of North America, the St. Lawrence Seaway, South America, Iberia (Spain and Portugal), Ireland, England, Scotland, France, Sweden, Italy, South Asia (from Turkey to Indo-China), Australia, Borneo, Sulawesi, New Guinea, New Zealand, India, Greenland, Antarctica, Arabia, Hudson Bay, and more.

I could point out--and I have many times, in the past 6 years of trying to gain recognition for my discoveries--that almost all of these earth images are uniformly upright on the globe, and so could not have been created by chance continental drift, or any undirected process. I say that as a physicist, confident of my estimations of the probabilities involved, which simply rule out chance formation of the landmasses. The fact that these images are also the original "sacred images" of mankind, worldwide--precisely described in the world's most famous myths--is merely icing on the cake, solidly confirming the basic, readily observable physical facts.

But science is so incompetent right now that no one, apparently, can even do such quantitative calculations, because scientists and their defenders simply don't believe design can be considered in the origin or history of the physical world. This is nothing short of juvenile delinquency on their part, and a gross, worldwide dereliction of scientific duty.

I have put a "Challenge to Earth Scientists" post on my blog, with a clear scientific and visual argument that positively proves design in the layout of the landmasses on Earth. Of course, this simple demonstration immediately invalidates undirected plate tectonics, the central theory of all the earth sciences, as well as the uniformitarian assumption underlying, and critical to, undirected evolution theory, at the center of all the life sciences. I present the pertinent images here, and simply state, and dare any scientist to disprove the statement, that the landmasses of the Earth were deliberately "parked" along their eastern coasts, to follow a strict dodecahedron pattern of lines laid out on the Earth--a pattern specifically and precisely indicated in the "Great Mapping" I found (as I call it).

The odds against chance placement of these landmasses according to that strict dodecahedron pattern, are on the order of a million million to one--that's how precisely, how uniformly, those coasts are separated one from another, and how certain is their deliberate design.

This is simply undeniable by any competent physical scientist: This pattern in the landmasses of the Earth, all by itself, shows that plate tectonics is a huge affectation, a modern myth, ascribed to by science as a matter of religious faith, just as the earth-centered universe once was. There are many scientific critics of plate tectonics (I refer to several in my blog post, "The True Origin of Continental Drift"), but none have been able to garner wide support, and neither they nor the theory's defenders have shown themselves capable of wresting their attention from the minutiae of their specializations, and lifetimes of study, to make the simple observations above, which the Great Design allowed me to make as a mere by-product of that discovery, literally unprecedented in all of known history.

Just that one by-the-way demonstration of the validity of the Great Mapping as an intentional world design, and the central theories of all the earth and life sciences are humbled. Until now, only the creationists have dared to judge these theories so harshly, and been reviled for even their best, most expert judgment. And they have not seen the Great Design, either.

The powers that be always leave the great discoveries for one person to find, before all others. I think it is meant, not to set that person up as a unique genius, but to tell man, in no uncertain terms, that the mind of every single person is of paramount importance in the world, and should be developed and used with great care.

I am not a "creationist", nor an "Intelligent Design" follower. I am an independent research physical scientist, who did my own dispassionate, unprejudiced research, and made world-altering discoveries of the intellectual origin of man on Earth, and I am here to tell the world that such seemingly small things as those soft-headed responders to that question about planetary orbits on, are fundamentally objectionable--blindly assuming Milankovitch theory is true, when it certainly is not; nor were undirected "ice ages" responsible for the carving of the Earth's surface as we see it today.

Nor did "God" do it, at the true beginning of all things. The ancient testimonies of man, worldwide, swore "by all that is holy" that the "gods" came down, and interbreeded with man, and taught him all he knew, and remade the world, and indeed the entire solar system--in the "birth of the new gods", the planets of today, as Greek myth remembered it.

I am an unknown in science, and I try to honestly call myself a competent, honest physical scientist, but until science confronts, and honestly accepts, the Great Design, I tell you it is incompetent working at the frontiers of human knowledge, and its theories will ever be subject to fierce debate--because they are wrong, and worse, wrong-headed.

Never mind calling me egotistical, fellow scientists (as both evolutionists and creationists have done); it is the specific design of the "gods" that tests you, and finds you lacking, when you are told of it and yet deny it, and refuse even to look at it. So many should not be so incompetent, on so clear a point as this; so the test is also obviously (to me) spiritual in nature, and worldwide, and has emerged just now because a fundamental, undeniable truth is nevertheless being denied by modern man: Design of the world.

And finally, as promised in the title: Hannah Montana Naked. She's a beaut, isn't she?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Holy Grail and the Great Design

I have a seminal new article on, which can be read at

The Holy Grail and the Great Design.

First-time visitors to this blog are encouraged to read the earlier posts--not many--especially the "Challenge to" posts, for the larger vision.

Friday, June 19, 2009

New Articles: One Step at a Time

The world design of the "gods", even explaining as it does the entire mass of ancient mysteries, is such a huge idea, it requires approaching it one small step at a time, assuring oneself with the clear facts at each step. I am trying to do that with this blog. To reach a wider audience, I have also started to write a series of short articles at, beginning with the idea that there are many very clear examples of design of our world, which could and should have been recognized as such long ago. The first article, which has gotten a good initial reception, is:

The Clockwork Moon Science Ignores.

Here is another, not about world design or my work per se, but illustrating the value of recognizing and focusing upon the best evidence, when one is judging a complex or confused situation:

Two Simple Facts Prove the Roswell UFO Is Real.

Yet another, which shows that some elements of the Earth design, while entirely obvious even to a child, are so outside of people's experience they can be relied on to evoke strong laughs, and expressions of amazement such as "what a coincidence!":

For Monty Python Fans, A Special Request.

And finally, here is another article I published two years ago, on, which I think introduces my work simply and clearly.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Challenge to Human Vision: Benefits of the Design

[To understand what this blog is about, and to appreciate its unprecedented scientific perspective, I recommend you read the earlier posts on this blog first -- there are not many -- in particular the "Challenge to Science" posts I, II and III.   Also, check out The Clockwork Moon Science Ignores, my new pop article on, I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it.]

For scientists, when they confront and verify the world design I have uncovered, the physical reality of the design corrects the uniformitarian paradigm ("the only forces that have ever acted upon the Earth are those we see acting today") which has arbitrarily limited science's appreciation of the true history of the Earth, by proving there were real, advanced designers behind much of the complexity of the Earth -- no "supernatural" intrusion (a long-held bogey-man used to alienate scientists from design of the natural world) is needed; nor was an extraordinary and highly unlikely series of undirected events ("ice ages", for example, which are surely spurious, the reality being deliberate forces exerted upon the Earth to enable the design). It allows scientists to trust the obvious nature of the many designs, that they are designs, and invites investigation of the intent behind them (for example, the Moon being so precisely and improbably -- by chance formation alone -- the same size as the Sun in our sky, and made to eclipse the Sun in eternal round, in a precisely repeating cycle). It also rehabilitates the intellectual reputation of ancient man, showing he had extraordinarily good reasons, even if they became confused and thoroughly misleading, for his many religious obsessions and superstitions.

For alternative researchers, particularly those investigating extraterrestrials, the design proves extraterrestrials not only exist, and visited the Earth in the past, but actually re-formed the Earth and solar system with a design centered on the Earth. Of course, those designers were, according to all ancient accounts, extraterrestrial human beings, who interbreeded with Earth humans. SETI (the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has been scooped, but vindicated fully, by the finding of the world design.

For the average person, the design gives the best of both worlds, the scientific and the spiritual: It confirms that science has solved the ancient mysteries, until now considered outside the province of science as "mystical", "magical", "paranormal", and above all subjective and hence illusory. Instead, all of these mysteries are simply the result of an extraordinary world puzzle set for mankind, and its extraordinary clues passed down among men, with increasing fragmentation and degeneration of meaning, through "sacred" images and dramatic stories. It also affirms that even the "gods" believed in God and a higher reality (known in all ancient traditions as "heaven", and given physical presence in the great design as the celestial sphere literally above the world of man), known among the wise of all times as the spiritual realm.

The design proves we are not alone in the universe, nor are we unimportant in it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Challenge to Science and Religion

Since I am a scientist, I am more concerned with science's mistakes than I am with others', and that is the reason behind my "Challenge to Science" here. I have found and verified a coherent world design which science today dogmatically refuses to confront and accept, because it invalidates the fundamental assumptions underlying the hotly-defended, central theories in the earth and life sciences today. But I am aware of all the evidence, not just that which puts today's scientific dogma in a bad light. I am not a follower of "Intelligent Design" theory, nor of biblical creationism (although my research findings reaffirm that design is behind everything we see on the Earth, and in the solar system beyond, and surely in the universe beyond that). I know, based upon overwhelming evidence, that the ongoing "debates" are obsolete. My research has taken the next step, beyond all three of these widely-held positions: undirected evolution, one-time creation, or even a single Creator/Designer of all that we observe.

Because of my fundamental commitment to openness throughout my work, I have sent the following communication to, which deals with this theme:

The ongoing debates over evolution vs. design of the natural world are obsolete, due to new knowledge uncovered by my research into the objective origin of the popular "ancient mysteries": 1) constellation forms on the heavenly sphere; 2) myths and legends about the "gods" and the semi-divine heroes they sired among men; 3) sacred traditions, images and words; and 4) megalithic monuments of precise construction and astronomical/terrestrial alignments. All of these proceeded from a common real, physical source. I suggest everyone needs to read my work, which scientists and scientific publications have universally dismissed without competent consideration. I recommend as a start the new blog at, for a maturer perspective that does not get bogged down in divisive speculations about First Cause, which the medieval scholars many centuries ago decisively showed were in vain.

I am a hard scientist, but I believe I can [also] give a clearer, simpler metaphysics. The term "evolution" is abused and universally applied because it is only a robust metaphysical reality, not a physical one; across all fields to which it is applied, it merely reflects human learning. Here is the fundamental philosophical truth that needs to be apprehended by all sides today: "Evolution" requires design, and design requires an overarching, prior intelligence. Undirected evolution is a logically inept metaphysics, a fundamental confusion of the mind, and the "intelligent" in "intelligent design" is superfluous.

And there is more to the story of man than God and undirected physical processes. The "gods", for example, really existed (as my scientific findings establish, along with their design, as fact) and they (not "plate tectonics") really re-formed the Earth, and the entire solar system, to a great design (as the design itself and the ancient records of mankind both attest). I invite everyone to engage in a more adult intellectual study of the amazing past of mankind. The current "debate" is medieval; learn instead the new field of science I have re-discovered, after thousands of years of human history and human struggle to learn in this world: The design of the "gods" who were our true forebears.

Undirected evolution is invalidated 1) above all, by its denial of meaning (or truth, or higher reality) underlying the physical world; 2) by a great deal of positive evidence of design on every scale of observation throughout the biological realm (such as the many remarkable examples of "co-evolution" and its deeper, characteristic presence, across the entire class of flowering plants, for example); and 3) most surely by the world design I uncovered, which communicates a coherent message encompassing, and thus surely the original motivation for, all of the ancient, religious obsessions held in common by men worldwide.

One-time creation is invalidated by equally sure evidence of past changes in the creatures inhabiting the Earth, again on every scale from global down to local. This is really all that Darwin--an amateur scientist who got caught up in his own worldly success among scientists--began by arguing against, and all he was right about, in the final analysis. The Earth is clearly older than 6,000 years, because the ancient records of the earliest civilizations, particularly Egypt, honestly claimed and diligently recorded a far longer history, a far longer human memory.

A single Creator of the material universe is logically equivalent to the metaphysical necessity for an underlying coherence, and meaning, to it. This idea is unassailable and adhered to by everyone, whatever they may claim. But Man is a designer, too, who has added to the natural world through domestic breeding, of dogs, cats, horses, and no doubt more. Someone also domesticated, in the millennia before known human history, the grains, fruits and other staples we enjoy without thought for how they came about. Multiple designers were thus already strongly indicated by scientific findings, even without my re-discovery of the "gods" and their great world design. My verification of a real re-formation of the entire surface of the Earth (and of a real re-orientation and re-formation of the entire solar system) at the heart of all the ancient mysteries of man on Earth, proves that other designers preceded man on Earth, and were known to later men, worldwide, as the "gods" (or "divine immortals").

Design of the world--and by extension, the material universe--is the underlying truth of all. Evolution is a powerful metaphysical truth, a universal metaphor for learning across all disciplines, every human endeavor and design.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Challenge to Science II: Focus on Design

Appreciation of the world design requires one to focus one's attention on hard, unyielding observations that have before now entirely escaped the notice of generations of even the best of scientists. The dodecahedron pattern obeyed by the Earth's major landmasses, discussed in the last post (see below, on this page), is a prime example of this. The observations are not really hard to interpret (once they are noticed, and given serious consideration), it is only that science has deliberately kept its focus away from the truth, of a real design of the Earth. And, as the authors of Hamlet's Mill noted, solving the great riddle of worldwide myth and other ancient testimonies--which, my research shows, refer directly and precisely to the design--requires competence in working with the celestial sphere, and no scientist before me has married such competence with a professional interest in getting to the bottom of the ancient mysteries. For example, I had to develop my own software, UrMaps, capable of mapping the celestial sphere onto the Earth in any way my research required, and enabling efficient, precise calculations on the sphere, after I discovered the central elements of the design using one of the common star-charting programs, as detailed in my book, The End of the Mystery. The design I found is the key to all the ancient mysteries--their single, primordial source.

All of the scientific authorities today strenuously and dogmatically assert that design of the natural world is an idea that simply cannot be broached in a scientific context. Examples of design in the natural world are so widespread and easy to see, they consider the idea "non-falsifiable"--which is spectacularly wrong thinking (it certainly is falsifiable, it just turns out it's not false), but it's the only way they can continue to deny design. The sheer idiocy, the unadulterated scientific incompetence, of that assertion should be obvious to scientists (and all the scientists in the world who have proclaimed it should be summarily kicked out of science), given that man adds his own designs to the world all the time, and scientists in particular can and do speak of changing the natural world, of terraforming the world and creating new species as if these things were no big deal, "in principle". I don't intend to go further here into this sorry intellectual degradation of science--I am a serious, competent scientist (possibly the only one, based upon my experience in looking for others of my kind over the last six years), and I will not dignify the so-called debate over "intelligent design", on the part of dogmatic authorities (either scientific or religious, on either side of this intellectual war) or the many self-styled defenders of science, with further comments here, which would only provoke the usual dogmatic, and unsupported or irrelevant, assertions from them. I will only say that when the design is identified--not some vague speculation about the idea of design, but the particular fact of it I have found--its validity is independently confirmed by every line of study, in strict conformity with the highest standards of dispassionate, unbiased science. Again, the facts are extraordinary, but thoroughly unyielding and determinative. I am the only one who has done this scientific duty so far, and found the world design--others have only followed the many fragmented theories that abound, of biblical creation, plate tectonics, expanding earth, 12th planet, cosmic catastrophes, and so on, without once seeing the real design (and even denying the possibility of it--especially those scientists I have tried to inform--rather than investigating it, like competent, dispassionate scientists would do).

So let us continue with the dispassionate consideration of facts. In the last post, I showed that the east coasts of the continents obey a strict dodecahedron pattern on the surface of the Earth, with the probability of this having happened by chance being only about 1 in a million million. Technically, this observation by itself is enough to disprove "plate tectonics" and prove the design. The truth, however, is that this simple demonstration was only a late, added confirmation of the design I had already verified long before, along every independent line of study. I found what I call the Great Mapping--of the celestial or heavenly sphere onto the Earth, or "heaven on Earth" as the ancients would have said--in September-October of 1997, and not until July of 1998 did I realize that a primary feature in that mapping directly indicated the dodecahedral pattern in the layout of landmasses on the Earth. In short, the particular pattern of lines I showed on the Earth in the last post was not something I pulled out of thin air; it was precisely indicated in a prominent element of the Great Mapping, and thus was one confirmation--among many--of the validity of that mapping as a deliberate act of the designers.

Remember, all it really takes is focus upon the fact. Here is an image of the Great Mapping:

The black line in the image is the path of the ecliptic on the celestial sphere. (Remember, the ecliptic marks the plane of the Earth's orbit around the Sun, and the apparent path of the Sun among the stars as seen from the Earth.) While it may not look like it (due to the limitations of a two-dimensional image of a three-dimensional sphere), the ecliptic is a great circle on the sphere, an undeviating line. The Great Mapping was found from matchups between elements of the celestial and Earth spheres in the immediate area of the circle in the center of the image. (That circle marks the successive positions of the celestial north pole among the stars, due to the Earth's precession, i.e., the precession of Earth's spin axis around its orbital axis.) The point to be made here is that I found the Great Mapping from a few central elements, and validated it with precise matchups of form and name at sites scattered over the globe. I can't go into the many details of that extended validation in this short post.

But look at the ecliptic path, in particular how it follows the east coast of Asia. Now look back at the preceding post, and the illustration there of the line along the Asian coast, in the dodecahedron pattern discussed there. The ecliptic path in the Great Mapping is essentially this same line. So the Great Mapping, among many other virtues, points to the dodecahedron symmetry in the landmasses on the Earth, and its meaningfulness--its great scientific importance as a deliberate design--is spectacularly confirmed by recognizing this precise dodecahedron pattern on the Earth.

Here again is the dodecahedron pattern I was drawn to by the Great Mapping, showing how the eastern coasts of the landmasses conform to that strict layout:

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Challenge to Earth Scientists

The surface of the Earth has been subjected to deliberate design; that is the truth behind supposed past continental drift.

As mentioned in the last post, the continents were moved, but not by plate tectonics, which is a modern fantasy, or myth: It would have us believe the Earth is a precise natural machine which smoothly cycles the light crustal materials on the surface down into the denser material beneath through subduction, along a deep ocean trench for example, while at the same time bringing deeper material back up to the surface as molten magma, primarily along a spreading fault (as in the mid-Atlantic). It is nothing more than a crudely imagined conveyor belt system, which, according to expert scientists critical of the theory, the fundamental laws of physics applied to the known properties of earth materials denies; those materials are simply not up to the task, they do not work that way, on their own. In any event, whatever truth there may be in current plate tectonics theory, it was not responsible for the present shapes and positions of the continents on the Earth. This is my scientific claim, and I can prove it easily, so that anyone can understand. It is not hard science, it just requires being able to look at the Earth without the preconceived belief in currently accepted theory--and being able to honestly recognize design.

Seeing is believing; that is, it should be, but in modern science and contemporary thought it is not, to science's ultimate shame. Believers in modern earth science will not like what I am about to show here, and when confronted with the fact will dismiss it without the consideration science owes every observation of the natural world. Generations of earth scientists have utterly failed to notice what you are about to see, although it is a primary visual characteristic of the landmasses on the Earth. But I believe the ordinary person can appreciate it for what it is, without involved scientific analysis. For such people, I assure you that I have made the scientific analysis, and I dare any other honest and competent scientist to do the same. If you do, you will verify my claim by concluding the Earth was in fact re-formed to a great design.

We will begin by focusing our attention upon the east coasts of the continents; I'm going to show you a simple order, a precise (!) pattern to their positioning on the globe. And that pattern, remarkable as it is, is just one aspect out of many in the world design.

The above image shows the east coasts of Asia and of Africa/Arabia. The red lines drawn along these two coasts are great circles on the globe; they are undeviating in direction, the counterparts of straight lines on a flat surface. They show that both Asia, and Africa and Arabia, lie along lines that make the same angle with respect to the equator. That angle is 63.435 degrees. Note also that the Asian line crosses the equator at 120 degrees east longitude, while the line along Africa and Arabia crosses at 48 degrees east longitude, a separation of 72 degrees on the globe. Finally, note that the Asian line used here is right on the well-known "Rim of Fire", a line of volcanoes rimming the Pacific ocean along the east coast of the Asian continent; it is thus a physically exceptional line marking that coastline.

The eastern coasts of North America and of South America/Iberia (Spain) also are aligned with great circles at 63.435 degrees with respect to the equator. The line along South America/Iberia--crossing the equator at 24 degrees west longitude--is also 72 degrees to the west of the African line in the previous image, and North America--whose line crosses the equator at 96 degrees west longitude--is again just 72 degrees further west. Note that the east coast of Iberia serves to pin down the line along South America (which parallels its coast closely, and is neatly hooked by the curving southern tip of the continent). The North America line is also neatly pinned by the east coast of the Yucatan peninsula in Central America, and by the western end of Cuba; it passes directly over the eastern limits of Cape Hatteras and Cape Cod, marking the North American coastline.

All of the major continental landmasses are thus spread out with their east coasts precisely separated by 72 degrees from one another around the equator, and all of those coasts are angled by the same 63.435 degrees with respect to the equator. (A proper scientific analysis would estimate the uncertainty in both longitudinal position and in angle with respect to the equator; in every case, that uncertainty is just a few degrees and is small compared to all the possible positions the landmasses could have attained by chance alone.)

Finally, look at the larger islands in the Pacific ocean:

Yet a fifth line, again angled 63.435 degrees with respect to the equator and crossing the equator at 168 degrees west longitude, closely follows New Zealand in the south, the line of the principal Fiji islands further north, and bisects the Hawaiian islands even further north. This completes a full pattern of five such lines, strictly adhered to by major landmasses on the Earth.

For anyone open to honest recognition of non-chance, or designed, placement of the landmasses on the Earth, this should be a delightful discovery: The landmasses of the Earth are closely "parked", according to a strict, simple pattern on the globe. I will identify the name of that pattern below. For the hard scientist like myself, such an unexpected finding should be honestly confronted, and an analysis made of just how closely these landmasses follow the indicated pattern, and thus the probability that they could have achieved this close pattern by chance as opposed to design (and I would remind you, vain speculations as to the identity of the designers is irrelevant to such an analysis). I calculated that the probability is on the order of 1 in a million million (1,000,000,000,000) against chance placement of these landmasses. They were parked there by design.

Now, what is this pattern? It is part of a dodecahedral arrangement on the surface of the globe. Consider first a regular dodecahedron, circumscribed by a globe:

Each facet of the dodecahedron is a regular pentagon. An axis from the center of the globe through each facet of the circumscribed dodecahedron is like a polar axis with its own "equator"; in the above image, for example, the axis emerging in the middle of the North Atlantic would have an associated "equator" that is in fact the line along the eastern coast of Africa/Arabia in the pattern we brought out above. The same is true of the lines we identified above along the east coasts of the other landmasses; the "equator" for the axis emerging in the center of the above image of the globe--on Egypt, not far from the Giza pyramids of ancient fame--is the line of the "Rim of Fire" alongside Asia. The latitude at which these lateral axes emerge from the globe is 26.565 degrees, which makes the angle of the lines along the eastern coasts of the landmasses precisely 63.435 degrees with respect to the equator, as earlier stated. The Earth was anciently believed--as a "sacred truth", not a scientific fact--to be formed according to a dodecahedron. So this demonstration confirms the ancient, esoteric religious tradition.

Plate tectonics is simply disproved by this readily verified observation of the dodecahedral pattern obeyed by the eastern coastlines of the major landmasses of the Earth. QED and hold onto your hats, ladies and gentlemen. I told you before, the Once and Future Paradigm is back.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The True Origin of Continental Drift

What we will be dealing with in the future is so big that most people can't get their minds around it, and need time and looking at it from different angles to get used to the idea and its validity. For example, when I say "the Earth was subjected to a wholesale re-formation in order to enable a great design", many followers of currently-accepted science consider this claim an insult to modern science, and to the theory of plate tectonics in particular. So they refuse to look at the new facts I have uncovered in my own research program. After all, that theory is the recognized linchpin, the central theory, for all the earth sciences today. As an older scientist, I would counsel the newer generations to remember that it achieved this high status only recently (within the last 40 years or so). Here is an article I wrote about a recent development brought forward by scientists in the field, to show another way of looking at it for the average interested reader:

I have just coined a new term: Punctuated Plate Tectonics.

Remember when Stephen Gould hypothesized "punctuated equilibrium" to explain the strange apparent pattern of evolution as a succession of ages, each beginning with a worldwide extinction of most previous lifeforms, followed by a swift repopulation of the world by new ones, with relatively little evolutionary change through ensuing millions of years, until the next catastrophe-led "age"? Perspicacious critics of evolution pointed out that his hypothesis merely admitted the obvious--that natural selection was a mechanism for homeostasis, or little change in species over even geologic time spans, rather than for continued, gradual evolution--but they were ignored or dismissed as religious creationists, not the scientists they often were.

Now comes a report at that plate tectonics, too, shows clear signs of being an on-again, off-again process. As the report says:

Writing in the January 4 [2008] issue of Science, Paul Silver of the Carnegie Institution's Department of Terrestrial Magnetism and former postdoctoral fellow Mark Behn (now at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) point out that most of today's subduction zones are located in the Pacific Ocean basin. If the Pacific basin were to close, as it is predicted to do about [sic] in 350 million years when the westward-moving Americas collide with Eurasia, then most of the planet's subduction zones would disappear with it.

This would effectively stop plate tectonics unless new subduction zones start up, but subduction initiation is poorly understood. "The collision of India and Africa with Eurasia between 30 and 50 million years ago closed an ocean basin known as Tethys," says Silver. "But no new subduction zones have initiated south of either India or Africa to compensate for the loss of subduction by this ocean closure."

From this simple observation and other evidence, the scientists conclude:

Plate tectonics is driven by heat flowing from the Earth's interior, and a stoppage would slow the rate of the Earth's cooling, just as clamping a lid on a soup pot would slow the soup's cooling. By periodically clamping the lid on heat flow, intermittent plate tectonics may explain why the Earth has lost heat slower than current models predict. And the buildup of heat beneath stagnant plates may explain the occurrence of certain igneous rocks in the middle of continents away from their normal locations in subduction zones.

"If plate tectonics indeed starts and stops, then continental evolution must be viewed in an entirely new light, since it dramatically broadens the range of possible evolutionary scenarios," says Silver.

Scientists critical of plate tectonics have long pointed out that the total length of "subduction zones" (trenches) and "collision zones" is only about one-third of the total length of "spreading zones", quite contrary to the theory, so this newly-perceived lack of new subduction zones in the wake of the closing of the Tethys sea merely confirms those critics. Plate tectonics is not the robust , successul theory--the triumphant linchpin of all the earth sciences--that it is usually presented as being. It is failing; it has always failed. This report admits "subduction initiation is poorly understood," but scientists such as David Pratt, Dong Choi and others have pointed out the real truth, that there is no good evidence for subduction at all, anywhere, and calculations indicate the subduction of lighter crustal material into the denser mantle cannot be initiated, much less maintained by heat-driven, internal currents. Geophysicists resisted continental drift for about 50 years because they could find no sufficient physical cause for it. Although science is now well assured that the continents were moved over the Earth, it still has no physically reasonable cause for such wholesale movement. Science does not want to face it, but the truth is that we know "continental drift" occurred, but (some of us know, and all should know) "plate tectonics" was not responsible. The reader is also referred to, a site devoted to detailed scientific discussions and articles critical of plate tectonics theory.

This is where my discoveries come in. I have shown in my work that the Earth was re-formed--not created, re-formed--wholesale and by deliberate design, less than 20,000 years ago according to both ancient testimony and the design itself (which communicates a coherent, verifiable purpose). Remembrance of that design, through "sacred images" and "sacred stories", or myths, was the motivation for the subsequent religious obsessions, and all the greater endeavors (toward science as well as art and religion), of mankind. Plate tectonics as it is currently envisioned will never be confirmed, because physics has all along been against it, and now the design of the "gods" (as they were known in earliest recorded history, worldwide) makes it unnecessary.

Isaac Newton famously compared himself to a child playing with pretty stones on the beach, while before him lay the real ocean of truth, unexplored. When will science stop tossing up "pretty stones"--like the article reported on here, claiming what I call "punctuated tectonics"--that really only underline the fundamental, even logical, weaknesses of the most-admired theories of our time? The real history of the Earth has been one of successive designs.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Looking Around

"Change we can believe in" is what we all want now, but the reality is entangled in everyone thinking and doing just what they are accustomed to do (and no more!), and change can go hang. It's going to take rock-solid leadership to get people to work together, for one another.

What the country really needs--what we need--is the courage to lead ourselves. We have dreams and hopes that are stunted and shunted aside, by the forces of inertia both around and within us; we know they are there, crying to get out. We may even see another person, here and there, expressing what we would do ourselves if we could only see the way. We think of the angles, the risks, the seemingly inevitable bruises or worse we would be asking for, and we decline. We can't do it now, we say. We have to wait for a better time, a decent chance. Only the chance never comes.

We have to make our own chance for ourselves. We have to stand forth, out in the fierce rain of public ridicule and near-universal dismissal. We have to show ourselves, and one another, it can be done.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Design vs. Contrivance

Above the entrance to the library where I first went to college (CU Boulder, Colorado, 1966-70) are these words:

"Who knows only his own generation remains always a child."

I have always been a fan of very old wise sayings, and this one stands out for me, over the 44 years since I first read it, as particularly appropriate for our time. I am quite sure that not until we all make a renewed effort to reclaim the wisdom of the far past (from before the beginning of known history, it turns out), and integrate it with our modern knowledge and experience in a more thorough understanding of our humanity, will we be truly grown-up.

We don't have to go back too far to begin to see how scientific belief has changed, in just a few generations. Here is how Isaac Newton, the father of modern physics, thought about the world as little as three centuries ago:

"Newton was not the first of the Age of Reason. He was the last of the magicians... Why do I call him a magician? Because he looked on the whole universe and all that is in it as a riddle, as a secret which could be read by applying pure thought to certain evidence, certain mystic clues which God had laid about the world to allow a sort of philosopher's treasure hunt to the esoteric brotherhood. He believed that these clues were to be found partly in the evidence of the heavens and in the constitution of elements... He regarded the universe as a cryptogram set by the Almighty..."
(from Newton the Man by John Maynard Keynes, quoted in the preface of Hamlet's Mill, which can be found at

Now here is Charles Darwin, a century and a half ago, or two centuries after Newton's Principia inaugurated modern physical science:

"I own that I cannot see as plainly as others do, and as I should wish to do, evidence of design and beneficence on all sides of us. There seems too much misery in the world..." (from a letter to American botanist Asa Gray)

Note that it is the lack of beneficence, not design, upon which Darwin hangs his reasoning. His is basically the quintessentially childish complaint of every generation--"it's not fair!"--that adults should be able to answer with real wisdom ("No, it's not, but there is more to it than you yet know, and reasons for everything, many of which you can and will learn as you go through life, if you will keep your eyes and mind open.")

In another interview, upon the publication of his The various contrivances by which orchids are fertilised by insects (and note that a contrivance is a design--"artificial arrangement or mechanical assembly as opposed to natural or logical development", as Webster's Third New International Dictionary defines it), Darwin noted:

"I am inclined to look at everything as resulting from designed laws, with the details, whether good or bad, left to the working out of what we may call chance. Not that this notion at all satisfies me. I feel most deeply that the whole subject is too profound for the human intellect. A dog might as well speculate on the mind of Newton..."

Fair enough, but note his use of the term "designed laws." He could not escape consideration of design, something that modern science refuses to honestly and properly acknowledge. Design of the natural world is a taboo subject within science, to their intellectual discredit and ultimate shame.

Now, if the world were not now full of stubborn children knowing only their own generation, I shouldn't have to instruct anyone on "why is there evil in the world," the thing that was such a stumbling block for Darwin--though he led a charmed life of financial security and the admiration of others--but not for Newton. Not to make a big deal out of it here, as I won't be dwelling on it, but the short answer is: Because we are here to learn, dummy, and especially to learn that this world is not the end-all and be-all of our existence.

I intend, if this blog generates sufficient interest, to demonstrate in coming posts that Newton was, astonishingly (to the modern scientific mind), right about the world being a complex riddle or cryptogram, whose solution indeed partly involves the "evidence of the heavens"--though the world design I have uncovered was not Creation, nor was it done by the Almighty. Darwin, and all the undirected evolutionists of the last century and a half, have indeed been weak-(and generally closed) minded in failing to honestly recognize real design(s)--as Darwin himself insincerely admitted in the above--instead opting to celebrate design by other names, such as "contrivances", "co-evolution" (something quite contrary to supposed "universal competition" or "survival of the fittest"), "self-organization", and even "natural selection". But don't think this is a Creationist or Intelligent Design rant. I won't be dwelling on the living world, but the physical, for that's where the verifiable world design is to be found--involving the actual layout of the landmasses on the Earth, as well as the observable forms in the heavens, or the celestial sphere. I'm talking about new knowledge, new facts proving a real world-encompassing design, which science does not want to hear and refuses to hear.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Once and Future Paradigm -- Is Back

Man is an animal, as modern science would have us believe; but he is far, far more, as the same science too often would have us forget. We are insignificant on the Earth, and in the vastness of the universe. Yet our minds constantly slip these bounds, and all others that are placed upon them. We are very much minds with bodies, not bodies harboring only a simulacrum of mind. Physical reality is a hard reality we constantly bump into -- and we are annoyed, or insulted, or scared witless, or worse -- because our minds touch a higher reality, a prior reality, that entices us inward, and outward, with the ultimate freedom. Thus, within this physical realm, we must learn in order to survive and to prosper -- to deal with the structures of physical existence.

I'm talking about physical details. The world is full of it, more often than not far too much of it for our simple tastes. So we say "The Devil is in the details." Or better, "There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Horatio." Science is about finding simple answers to the astounding detail of physical processes, physical phenomena. It gathers large swaths of the physical experience into classes, and sets of classes, and organizations of sets. It would replace the real many (the near-infinitude) with much fewer, simple categories. Yet the real physical world is "everywhere dense" in detail, and resists every simple-minded categorization, no matter how "unified" the approach, how sophisticated the philosophy. Sooner or later the old observation comes back to haunt the present: "There are more things (still)...."

This blog is about something that science, along with the entire human race throughout history, has neglected to learn...or been misdirected from realizing. Something fundamental to everything Man has studied for thousands of years, something at the very heart of our physical existence on this world, and the very origin of all our learning. Call it the First Paradigm, or the Once and Future Paradigm. Because it's back. More later.