Friday, July 17, 2009

Atlantis Details

The truth about Atlantis is one of those mysteries that lay bare a piece of the actual physical process by which the Earth was re-formed and the great design of the "gods" enabled, rather than delineating the design itself. While it is not on the main line of my research into the design, the fact is I was able to find enough hard evidence to identify Atlantis to my satisfaction, and therefore to be worth communicating to the world, which flounders in many speculative (as opposed to hard factual) theories about its location. Here are two more articles on Atlantis I have written, on, with the clearest evidence (but not all, by any means) for what became of it:

Details of Atlantis Disprove Modern Theories, and

Atlantis, Greenland, and Ancient Testimonies.

Of course, the reader should read the article "Atlantis At Last" -- in the July 4th post, just below -- first.


  1. Mr. Huffman: Again, bravo. My associate, Roger Shuffield, and I were discussing the "man in the moon" and the myths relating to it (him) when your Clockwork Moon piece came out in Newsblaze.
    For 20 years,I have been researching the worldwide earthworks and earth art, sculpted mountains, islands, coastlines- all of which are explained by your findings. The late Daniel Ruzo spent his life trying to convince scientists of the "design" which he found worldwide. He was met only with rejection and ridicule by the established "experts". As are all visionaries. I look forward to your continuing efforts to be heard... B.W.Ash

  2. Hi

    You may enjoy my postings on similar topics over the past two years.

    google arclein

    Particularly tackle Pleistocene nonconformity posted in July 2007