Thursday, June 30, 2016

A "Climate-Political Nightmare", But So Much More

The notrickszone site has a post, on the "climate-political nightmare" of Brexit (Britain leaving the European Union, due to a referendum of its outraged population, not its feckless political leaders). My response:

Here's a new word (I haven't seen it used yet, anyway), to describe the situation: Dementia. Total dementia, being "serious" about "climate policy". The REAL question is, how do we restore sanity, when the "top scientists", and the "97% consensus", are the loons? When the politicians pushing the alarm buttons are engaged in a criminal conspiracy for control, not reasoned policy-making? When the ordinary man or woman (much less the scientists, on BOTH SIDES of the debate) cannot and will not come to grips with that sorry fact, for whatever reasons? What the worried world needs to do is begin to come to grips with the fact that the "climate science" is totally wrong, and wrong-headed, and incompetent: There IS NO global warming greenhouse effect due to "greenhouse gases" like CO2, and there is not even any proven "global warming" (see my recent post, "Responding to a Believer in False Science") and thus climate science is a waste of everyone's time and concern. And that truth means also (and this is too bitter a pill for scientists, or anyone, to accept, who doesn't already know what will replace it), the reigning paradigm in modern science--that the world in all its amazing forms and processes just came out of undirected physical processes, which in and of themselves can produce only chaos, yet somehow were restrained by "evolution" to become only like cogs in a precisely-functioning world-machine--a DESIGNED machine--is failing, has in fact (in climate science, but actually across the board) failed. Climate science today is based upon the belief that the world in all its magnificence is an accident, a very lucky accident but still an accident, and as such it can "come apart" in its formerly orderly workings, with a "runaway global warming"; that it can do so due to a tiny increase in a very tiny portion of the atmosphere (0.04% CO2, up from 0.028%, according to the "experts").

It is a monstrous delusion, from the reigning paradigm (of "undirected evolution" of the world) on down to the frantic adjustments and continuing tinkering with the "global temperature" data, to make it fit the incompetent scientists' imagined "science", and the politicians' desired control over all the people.

The world is divided, and can only be divided further, and to the point of world war itself, by such aggressive dementia. Think of it this way: Climate science has become a jihad, a holy war, against all who would oppose it. It is courting its own destruction, and the longer it is respected, in ANY way, in any of its parts, any of its "explanations", it sows the seeds of destruction in all directions, to all of us.

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  1. Harry, just found your blog thru your link at NoTricksZone. Now added to my read list. Thanks for being there!