Monday, October 28, 2019

Only New Knowledge Can Correct False Dogmas in Today's Religions and Sciences

I have submitted the following comment to the Conservative Treehouse site, in response to another comment averring that we need to start separating true religions from violent ideologies (Islam):

It will take new knowledge of ancient history -- more correctly, pre-history -- to clean out the false dogmas in every religion. Islam was created when Christianity was seen to be the inheritor of the Roman Empire, exercising its "worldwide" power (as it has ever after tried to do, from the walled "city" of the Vatican). Islam was an Arabic jealous reaction to that exercised power, mimicking both Christianity and Judaism while positioning itself in total opposition to them; it is literally founded upon a view of a religion as a coercive world power. Islam itself teaches that the term "Islam" means "submission", but that is an ancient lie (though a telling truth about its coercive nature) and false dogma -- Islam literally means, to any properly educated in the ancient languages, "No Peace" (as "I-Salaam", just as the biblical Isaac, the son of the century-old Abraham and Sarai, means "no laugh", because Abraham childishly swore to God that he "did not laugh" when God told him a son would be born to them so very late in life -- though he DID laugh). Islam is a mirror of the dogmatic imperfections in the religions it aped, making those false dogmas central rather than mere hangers-on from the older time, of the "capricious and jealous gods" who once ruled the minds of men.

New, unprecedented knowledge -- which I, an old and better educated scientist, have uncovered, as the Galileo of this climactic time, and which this generation is too full of dogmatic hates and false judgments to conceive of, much less to heed.

True religion teaches the young true morality and strong character; false religion coerces adults, in the name of God, treating them as children and stunting them intellectually. All religions need pruning at the very least, just as all modern sciences do -- my unprecedented discoveries reveal a new paradigm needed by both.

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