Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Global Climate Hysteria is at Odds with the Stable Global Design I Discovered

I have posted the following comment on the tallbloke site, in response to the news that Great Britain is doubling down on its hysterical belief in "global climate change/global warming":

The whole world and everything in it was designed (in a series of progressively lesser designs, not a single creation). That includes the global mean surface temperature, as the Standard Atmosphere model assumes and I have precisely confirmed over 9 years ago (and explained, by its simple physics, in the years since) on my blog. The world, in all of its complexity and even its most extreme variations (which are local, and transient, not global nor abiding), are utterly stable -- by design.

The foundation of science -- the very idea of unchanging "natural laws" -- rests upon the fact of the world's designed stability.

My discovery and verification of "the Great Design of the "gods" " -- the last in the series of designs -- confirms the world's design, as never before imagined, in all of history, and sets at naught all expostulations of any substantial global climate change (as well as any dogmatic defense of the current, false, central theories of all the earth and life sciences: Darwinian -- undirected -- evolution, and plate tectonics).

The present worldwide insanity comes just as my revolutionary new knowledge would cure it, instantly with that knowledge's acceptance by the wider world. The new knowledge reveals the single, objective origin of all the world's "Ancient Mysteries", and all of its false dogmas, and can cure all those that are now dividing mankind and tearing at the fabric of modern civilization.

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