Friday, April 3, 2020

Modern Dogmas, Covid19, and Echinacea

This is, as I have written many times before, a science blog exclusively(!), and I take no politically, ideologically or otherwise biased comments, to dilute the absolute devotion to true science here; this is absolutely necessary, with the revolutionary nature of my discoveries. But I have had to comment, repeatedly, on the general intellectual conditions in our world today, always in the context of the new -- and again, revolutionary -- scientific knowledge I have uncovered, which has allowed me to see that we live in a climactic time of a general testing of mankind on Earth, with no real experts. Let that thought sink in, for your serious consideration, even prolonged study. The intellectual character of our time is, to put it bluntly but clearly, tattered, with, indeed, much insanity: The insanity of the loyal but deluded cultist, sane in most matters but insane in his/her devotion to a false dogma, unable to think outside of that illusory box. Most people's casual belief in what is touted as "settled science" -- or "the consensus" -- is the prime example. But there are many false dogmas at play in our time, all clamoring for ascendance over good, honest, dispassionate reason, or, indeed, common sense. And they are driving mankind to war. With all of that in mind, and adding in the Covid-19 "pandemic" now gripping the nation and world: I have posted the following comment to the Conservative Treehouse site, in response to a comment by someone fed up with all of the "expert" comments abounding on the internet, and his determination to "follow Trump", rather than all those with clearly "extremist" agendas:

All of us who voted for, and totally support him, will follow him. For us, that's not the point. But President Trump himself doesn't believe the dark "expectations" of even his "experts", Fauci et al; it would be a mistake to follow them as loyally and closely as we follow the President, for they are in fact compromised specialists, tragically flawed "experts": They don't emphasize individual protection of the immune system, by the use of more or less well-known herbal remedies, for example; they know only their own well-hedged and separate field, which actively repulses such natural remedies and supportive products, in favor of man-made, supposed "cure-alls" (in this, ironically enough, they are the modern equivalent of the old-time "medicine doctors" who wandered the land, selling quack remedies containing alcohol and highly addictive drugs like opium and heroin.

We could, and many of us no doubt do, go on about all of this all day. I'll cut this short. I am a 72-year old physical scientist (who, not by-the-way as it may seem, but very few care to consider and confirm, made the greatest discovery in history, which I call -- for popular consumption, as it were -- "The Great Design of the 'gods' "). I have given my two cents to the public discourse here, in any number of intended-informative comments, on an ongoing number of "imminent catastrophes" being presented to the American people and the world, since Obama was elected President in 2008: His "transformation" agenda, built always upon blatant, big lies, like Obamacare; the "global warming/climate change" war of words, the attempted coup d'etat against his duly-elected successor ("elections have consequences" come back to haunt him), and so on.

I knew before he was elected that he was a man of no character, by the way he squirmed to keep his skirts clean of the "Rev." Wright; I knew, just from common sense and seeing what my mother's and other family members' medical bills were even BEFORE Obamacare, that he was simply lying about it, obscenely; I know there is no valid global "climate" science, and no competent climate scientists (none at all!); I know that none of the FBI, CIA, DOS, DOJ can be trusted after the last 3 years, and the same for the criminal mob and insane cult that Obama's election turned the Democrat party into [this is all part of the "tattered intellectual climate" and "general testing of Man" I have referred to in the introductory paragraph above, and many times before, and must be acknowledged, especially by me, the one scientist who knows something, revolutionary(!), about the origin of ALL of mankind's dogmas, (pre-)historically]. And I know that Covid19 is not the incipient death plague it has been made out to be, but a fairly mild infection, whose main claim to fame is the swiftness, the seeming ruthlessness, with which it gets past the body's outer defenses -- the nose and mouth -- and into the body.

I support those outer defenses fairly simply, as I have written here before, mainly by licking a little chili powder shaken into my palm at the first sign of "tenderness" in the back of my mouth, where nose and throat passages join. I do a few other small things, like sip a little diluted organic apple cider vinegar (Bragg's) to clean the throat and possibly settle the stomach -- but the chili powder is the main thing, and it is a miracle drug for me, keeping me from really getting sick, enough to go to the doctor, for 10 years and more now.

But Covid19, I believe, got past my outer defenses, even to the point where I got an incipient fever, just a tinge, and a compromised stomach/digestive system. When something gets into my body, I depend upon echinacea to back up my immune system and drive it out, and it has worked for me, all by itself, for 25 years now. I prefer echinacea with goldenseal***, and the liquid form (which I haven't been able to get for the last 20 years, but capsules work fine too). The key is not to constrain oneself to the dosage recommended on the bottle: Where the bottle says, take 2 capsules 3 times a day, when I need to cure what has already gotten a foothold I pull no punches; I begin by taking 2 every 20 minutes (!), and only lessen the dose when I'm sure I have already beaten the bug -- virus or otherwise -- then I may take 2 an hour, then one an hour, etc., all the while monitoring my condition. When I got what I believe was covid19, last week, it held on for 2 to 3 days, never able to "put me down", give me a real fever, or give me any other symptom of outwardly apparent sickness. It was "incipient" only, and I quickly knew it was no worse than any other infection I used to get routinely in the past, before I learned about echinacea and used it. Again, I am 72; I don't worry about ANY infection anymore, because I know how to protect myself against them.

And protecting one's individual immune system is precisely not what we are getting from any of the "experts". Well, I did see a news segment on the local news this morning, where the "expert" was talking about supporting the immune system, but all she could talk about was "eat right", "vitamins D and C", along with pictures of healthy foods (but including KALE, for crying out loud). No mention of echinacea, or any other herbal remedy, and to me, that cries out "incompetent", to the point of fraud in a widely-dangerous time like this one. (To be sure, yelling "echinacea" at this point in time is probably too little too late, but only because I am seeing a dearth of it in WalMart and local grocery stores, and even pharmacies.) Everybody is missing a miracle "cure-all" in echinacea, properly administered in large, continuing doses. And that is not extremism, I assure you.

***I have in fact just bought and tried an "Echinacea Complex", containing, in addition to echinacea, elderberry, burdock and cayenne pepper, and found, after using just 3 capsules so far, that it works very well too. Echinacea is the main thing I want to inform everyone about here, as the title of this post indicates. I believe there is no need to wait on the "experts", for those of us not already at death's door from other conditions than Covid19.

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