Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Time For a Sign

Here is another article, on

Signs of An Amazing Time,

about the need to focus on great changes now occurring, and how insight really works.

Also, here is an eye-opening article I wrote three years ago, after finding

Independent Confirmation

by other scientists of the precise symmetry of the world design I found back in 1997, earlier illustrated in this blog in the "Challenge to Earth Scientists" and "Challenge to Science II" posts. Their own scientific papers, referenced in the above article by me, are

EarthTessellation and EarthTessellation2.

The Independent Confirmation article shows some of what I have had to deal with over the last six years, revealing how science today (and most of the alternative research community as well) simply ignores what it doesn't want to hear.

UPDATE: The original Independent Confirmation article has disappeared. See my April 14, 2021 blog post: Independent Confirmation for an updated account of this post.

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