Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Greenhouse Effect: Incompetent to the Point of Insanity

Global warming "skeptic" Anthony Watts, on his wattsupwiththat site, has once again shown his intense antipathy towards those who disbelieve in the "greenhouse effect" (although, as a "lukewarmer", he limits his own belief in it, and disavows the "catastrophic" global warming of consensus climate scientists). I simply pointed him and his readers to the main points of my definitive posts:

No part of the "global energy budget" can be greater than the incident energy,

There is NO increase in atmospheric temperature with an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide, at any given pressure in the troposphere,

and, last but not least,

The System is Broken (and Anthony Watts and others of like mind are not helping as much as they think).


  1. Agreed. Konrad and Stephen Wilde make excellent points as well.
    Anthony's hypocrisy when calling for openness of discussion and episodes like this is hard to miss.
    In Anthony's defense, I have to say at least he's not looking to make a ton of cash off of the AGW theory. Better harmlessly wrong than harmfully wrong.

    Thanks Harry

  2. Good Evening, ewodarz,

    Thanks for the positive feedback. But I would not say Anthony Watts (nor any other "lukewarmer") is harmlessly wrong, as I hope my posts make clear. He may not be commiting deliberate fraud, like the alarmists are increasingly doing, but he is behaving just as badly as the alarmists, in pushing a consensus theory that is not just exaggerated, nor even just wrong, but incompetent, and in emotionally and dogmatically shutting off those of us who have tried to inform him and the world of that fact. The problem of the general scientific incompetentce is far bigger, and more fundamental, than the lukewarmers are willing to admit, despite the definitive evidence against their view that others, and myself especially, have brought out (in my focused view, the way to a true climate theory must go through my Venus/Earth temperatures comparison, and the necessary fundamental corrections to climate theory it clearly indicates). Modern science is in deep trouble, that is the bottom line, and the "runaway global warming" farce, and the fraud that has attached itself to it, is a clarion warning to true scientists to recognize they are dealing with an unprecedented failure of modern science--a failing general paradigm, in fact, as my larger research has made me understand.