Monday, April 18, 2016

Scientific Sainthood Today

The wuwt site has a post on "Three Little Known Scientists Who Changed Our World View of Climate". I was shocked to find the scientists being lauded included Alfred Wegener, the discoverer of past continental drift, and Milutin Milankovitch, who theorized that periodic variations in the Earth's orbit and axial tilt are responsible for ever-repeating, dramatic changes in the "global climate", between global "ice ages" and warm "interglacials". My response:

The fundamental assumptions of all of the earth and life sciences, including continental drift and Milankovitch cycles, have been disproved, by my discovery and extensive verification of a deliberate design imposed upon the Earth's surface, and the entire solar system, less than 20,000 years ago, which I call the Great Design of the "gods" (because the images wrought in the design, on both the terrestrial and celestial spheres, account for all of the ancient religiously-held obsessions of mankind, in particular the belief in the "gods" who were universally held to live among the stars and to have come down to Earth and remade the world).

Plate tectonics is most simply disproved (for those unwilling to confront and accept the full testimony of the Design and its countless, precise echoes, in ancient "myth" and all the famous "ancient mysteries" of the world) by looking at the precise arrangement of the continents, which are all "parked" along their eastern coasts in a simple and very precise pattern (anciently well-known, to the likes of Socrates and Pythagoras) which cannot be the result of chance formation, as I showed in my 2009 post, "Challenge to Earth Scientists". Of course, there is much more evidence than this, a whole world of evidence, which I have made available to the world in my book, "The End of the Mystery" (the clearest, simplest bits and pieces of which I have written about in this blog and elsewhere on the Internet), but except for a handful of open-minded truthseekers, the world (and particularly the scientific community) WILL NOT hear of a real, deliberate past design of the world, by real, historical beings from beyond the Earth (not "God"). By dogmatically outlawing the very idea of design of the world, science has cut itself off from the real past history of the Earth, and miseducated generations of scientists, ever since the hasty (and frankly religiously-biased) elevation of Darwin to scientific sainthood (in order to "remove God from science").

The Great Design itself indicates, again precisely, when it was inaugurated: 15,128 BC, (+/- 20 years). Again, the "mythical" histories of not-so-ancient Egypt, and the same or similar myths from around the world, all confirm such a late date for the "remaking" of the world and solar system.

And, since the world and solar system were subjected to wholesale re-formation less than 20,000 years ago (and continuing to as late as 10,000 years ago), Milankovitch theory is irrelevant, as is all of "paleoclimatology", indeed all of geology that is now attributed to before 10,000 to 20,000 years ago.

"Skeptics" of today's climate science are ill-advised to accept and promulgate the pronouncements of other "consensus" fields of science, including Milankovitch theory, but also plate tectonics and undirected (Darwinian) evolution theory. They have all been overturned, and must be fundamentally reconsidered, in the light of the new paradigm, the Great Design of the "gods". You don't need to remove "God" from science; you need to learn to distinguish design from undirected physical processes, the (pre)history of the Earth from its unattended operation according to physical laws.


  1. Your arrogance (that's a Biblical failing, by the way) falls apart when you realize EVERY continent is moving, constantly, every second of every minute, MEASURED by satellites, not to mention the deep sea volcanic ridges roughly equidistant from every continent are spreading, inexorably, constantly, too...

  2. Dave (No "Good Morning" for you),

    No, YOUR arrogance falls apart when you realize I have not said there has been no continental movement, or even that there is no movement now (although frankly, more needs to be understood about any supposed present movement). So your observation is irrelevant, and incompetent, and merely underlines what I wrote above about all of you who "WILL NOT hear of a real, deliberate past design of the world...."

    Just go back to my "Challenge to Earth Scientists" (at the link provided above), LOOK at the pattern I uncovered, and ask yourself, "How is it that, with 'every continent...spreading, inexorably, constantly...', the continents should be, just now, in that precise pattern?" And know that I have verified the design along every line of study, so it is not just that pattern involved.

    Go on, I dare you to CONFRONT THE EVIDENCE honestly, and as a competent scientist should do. (And don't bother trying to write arrogantly but incompetently here again. "It's a coincidence" is not an allowed response either, however addicted modern earth scientists are to that "explanation".)