Monday, August 13, 2012

Schizophrenia, and Cancer, in the System Today

The Warning Signs site of Alan Caruba has a post on the seeming "schizophrenia" involved in America's lagging commitment and investment in nuclear power for our growing energy needs, to which I respond:

It seems the energy industry and government have been increasingly at odds, since Three-Mile Island at least. The war on coal long pre-dates Obama, as I first noted it, as a research associate, back in 1991-4, while analyzing data on aerosols at remote, federally-protected sites; and even then I noted some scientists were pushing "greenhouse gases" over real air pollution, which I realized seemed stupid, though I was but a tangential observer of that group of atmospheric scientists. The turning of the environmentalists away from actual air pollution, like black carbon from diesel fuel burning (incomplete burning), to first the "ozone hole" scare and then the "greenhouse effect", plainly marked their slide into scientific barrenness and closed-minded insanity. As a bit player, I was not then in a position to connect the dots (I had my own job, requiring all my ability to sniff out the truth--for which I was summarily terminated, "due to cuts in funding", by my incompetent boss and his superiors, leading all the way up to the EPA). All roads in the current environmental insanity, by the way, lead to the EPA, and I now regard it as the fox in the hen house, or the thief in the upstairs master bedroom, or simply a cancer within the system. Those working in the system think the system is working as it should, but they are like eunuchs in an ancient temple that has been corrupted by its priests to the most licentious moral crimes. The secular corruption of today, I believe, mirrors the religious corruption of ancient times. It presages worldwide revolution, of both science and religion, and the more that timely corrections are repressed now, by the aggressive promulgators of false dogma in both science and religion, the more violent it will eventually be.

Just on the scientific side, there has been no continuing advancement--though it is sorely needed--in fundamental physical science, across all major fields, for most of my life (64 years). Instead, our civilization (and the world) is coasting on a still-advancing, but aging--and strangely shallow yet popular--technology (with internet applications like google and facebook, i-pads, i-phones, etc.). I don't know what can be done, in the near term, to get the world to address the real crisis--I have made the greatest discovery in history, of the true, objective origin of all the so-called "ancient mysteries" of the earliest known civilizations, which will require a complete re-thinking of the central, most hotly-defended and yet wrong-headed theories of our time; but I have been unable to get any recognition for it, just as my finding of the definitive evidence factually disproving the "greenhouse effect" is ignored and dismissed, not only by consensus climate scientists, but by the climate skeptics community as well. I know, as no other scientist does, that there is, quite simply, a crisis of incompetence across all of modern science (and in government worldwide), and a closed-minded rejection of any criticism of current theories--current dogma--in all fields.

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