Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sunshine and Fair Weather Skeptics

The Bishop Hill site today asks why persons in authority talk about healthy scientific skepticism, but deny its applicability to the climate science, a.k.a. global warming, debate. I submitted the following answer:

Nobody wants to hear it, but the reason is because DOGMA--received, rather than reasoned, belief--is ascendant in the world today. Science, it was once hoped, would counter the old dogmas, and so it did, but only so long as it didn't become addicted to dogma itself (and it never wiped out the endemic dogmas of established religions, superstitions, and ethnic traditions, whose dogmas continue to pound relentlessly upon the shores of reason and civil society). But with Darwin (yes, and denying it doesn't make it less true, in the final analysis), science made a fundamental error, cut off a whole line of valid reasoning about this strange and wonderful world--that it was in fact subjected to wholesale, intentional design, as my epochal research has uncovered for science--and has increasingly become mired in dogma, over sound (air-tight) logic, and sound experimental discovery and verification. A broad and deep, entrenched incompetence in science has been the result. Science has become just another part of the problem of Man on Earth, trying to learn how to treat, and how to live with, others of different beliefs.

As the discoverer of unprecedented new knowledge about the origin of the world as we find it today, I can only keep harping on the need to FOCUS, upon the DEFINITIVE FACTS that alone can correct current false theories. I have discovered, and verified, the definitive facts for correcting climate science (see my climate science posts, such as "Venus: No Greenhouse Effect"), but the world community of scientists needs to focus upon them, and accept them, in order to recover a competent climate science.

And the whole paradigm, of blind, undirected "evolution" of the Earth, and all the life on it, needs to be let go, because there is new knowledge, correcting both science and religion, waiting to be acknowledged, studied, and accepted by all. If you are not ready to hear that, you are part of the problem, that vexes us all.

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  1. Readers,

    I have been asked, sarcastically, by someone who read the above, "think much of yourself?"

    The answer to that is I think the world, not of myself, but of the amazing, world-unifying truths I have discovered, and been able to thoroughly and scientifically verify, about the objective (both the physical and the intellectual) origin of the obsessive beliefs of ancient man, which cut across all the mythologies, superstitions, and indeed all of the religious expressions (including megalithic constructions), of all the ancient peoples--and which constitute a new paradigm for both science and religion; in my first post on this blog, back in 2009, I called it "The Once and Future Paradigm": The "gods" of ancient worldwide myths really existed, and they actually re-formed, not just the Earth, but the entire solar system, to a great design, with a still-verifiable message for mankind. Do you want me to HIDE that knowledge from the world, just to avoid being called egotistical? Or do you expect me, a professional physical scientist, to RANT about it, as a cultist personality would do? I merely inform those who will listen, as honestly and as simply as I can, of the truth I have found, wherever I have a reasonable HOPE they will truly listen. (Of course, I fully expect the truth to become widely known and accepted in the future, and then those who still remember my name--and maybe no one will--will know me for what I actually was to this time. And even that doesn't thrill me--of course it doesn't, since fame among men is so uncertain; but the AMAZING TRUTH, unknown before me--that does.)