Saturday, October 27, 2012

Interlude: "The Heart's Desire" Vs. the "Facts On the Ground"

Steven Goddard presents yet another small post on the whoppers that hysterical climate alarmists are routinely throwing on the flames of public opinion (built upon a bed of public ignorance). I have submitted the following response, which I consider a key to understanding the times:

Here is a clue...we are all seeing, or about to see in the coming months and years, why believing that "You create your own reality" is like children running with sharp scissors. Expansive ideas, at odds with the facts on the ground, as they say. People now just want to wipe away any and all opposition to what each one thinks is the attainment of his/her highest aspirations, the fulfilling of ones own creativity, "naturally" blossoming in a brighter, happier world. (Just think, that is all the jihadists are trying to do as well.) Sorry folks, but obviously that is not how the reality of this planet was designed. There are things, like climate (or the fundamental opposition of the nonbeliever in your pet dogma), that were set in clockwork design from the beginning, and which man does not (yet) have the wisdom or power to direct.

An unrecognized, overarching design to the world -- in all things, including the inner urgings of man -- is the key.

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