Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No, Virginia, There Is No CO2 Climate Sensitivity

The fools continue to anguish over the "carbon dioxide climate sensitivity", in a Wall Street Journal article, by one Matt Ridley, discussed on the bishop hill site. The following is my (by now harsh) response:

And so the incompetent debate goes on. You people are largely stuck in "la-la land" (as some have characterized it) with the alarmists, your thinking premised and conditioned upon the Insane Left's political abuse of the incompetent climate consensus. I refuse to accept or suborn such idiocy, and speak for those who know the science well enough to deny the consensus utterly. Mr. Montford (Bishop Hill) will probably want to refuse to air this comment, but it needs to be said: I have directed everyone, for 2 years now, to my Venus/Earth temperatures comparison, which proves that there is NO GREENHOUSE EFFECT, OF INCREASING ATMOSPHERIC TEMPERATURE WITH INCREASING ATMOSPHERIC CARBON DIOXIDE, WHATSOEVER. Any of you who think you are competent to do it, can analyze the Venus/Earth temperature ratios I have presented at the above-linked site, and closely estimate the indicated CO2 climate sensitivity, given that Venus has 96.5% CO2 in its atmosphere, while Earth has only 0.04%. (To do it properly, you should restrict your analysis to the part of Venus's atmosphere, in the range of Earth tropospheric pressures of course, which is either above or below the Venus cloud layer -- 1,000 mb down to 700 mb, below the clouds, and 200 mb, above them; in that range, you will find there is no discernible CO2 effect at all, whether warming or cooling. Within the clouds, there is a non-CO2, constant cooling effect of about 5°C) The answer is -0.03°C +/- 0.1°C -- or essentially, ZERO temperature change -- per doubling of CO2. Are there ANY competent physical scientists out there who can verify that for themselves? Frankly I doubt it, after 2 years. Matt Ridley is a fool, Bishop Hill (Andrew Montford) is a fool, anyone (like Anthony Watts, Roy Spencer, Christopher Monckton, etc.) who thinks the "greenhouse effect" is a valid global-warming theory, is a fool. You are all playing with the insane, by their insane rules, simply because you refuse to confront and accept the observed Venus/Earth temperature ratio as clearly due only to the solar distances of the two planets. CO2 climate sensitivity is bunk -- period.

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