Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Hydrostatic Condition of the Real Atmosphere

I have submitted the following comment, affirming the stable Standard Atmosphere model for our troposphere, to the wattsupwiththat site of Anthony Watts, in reply to another comment by one DirkH:

DirkH @9:14a.m.: "The principal and terminal fault with climate science and climate models seems to be that they assume the atmosphere to be hydrostatic. It is known that it isn’t ..."

You should be aware of the definitive evidence by now, my Venus/Earth temperatures comparison. That comparison is between the temperature-versus-pressure (T-P) curve of the Standard Atmosphere model, for Earth, and the T-P curve of Venus as measured on October 5, 1991 (over 21 years ago now). The clear result can be stated thus: If you imagine moving Venus to the same distance from the Sun as the Earth, or Earth to the same distance from the Sun as Venus, then their T-P curves are essentially, and precisely, the same (for pressures above and below the cloud layer of Venus, over the range of Earth tropospheric pressures) . Not only does this disprove the "greenhouse effect", of increasing temperature with increasing CO2 (as the temperatures in Venus's 96.5% CO2 atmosphere are no different from Earth's, when corrected for solar distance), but it confirms the Standard Atmosphere, with its defining hydrostatic condition, as the real, stable equilibrium state of our troposphere. If current academics believe the hydrostatic condition does not apply to the real atmosphere, that is just one more wrong belief they harbor, while stubbornly ignoring my definitive Venus/Earth evidence against their theories. Alarmists and lukewarmers alike will get nowhere, no matter how protracted or how honest the debate, unless and until they understand and accept the clear corrections to climate science indicated by that definitive evidence.

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