Monday, March 31, 2014

Climate Alarmism: Just the Latest Big Lie (In a Long Line)

Steven Goddard has a post on the "Big Lie" of climate alarmism, and says: "Climate change politics is straight out of the worst annals of human history, back to the days of burning witches for cooking the weather. Who could have imagined this would happen in the 21st century?" I submitted the following response:

Yet there are clear antecedents--albeit totally within science, and no political coercion--going all the way back to the inauguration of the current scientific paradigm, of undirected evolution of all that we observe in the world today. The origin of today's climate science tyranny lies in the long years of dogmatic assertion of favored theories as unquestionable fact, with the ever increasing suppression of contrary facts; it is no surprise to me that the process of promulgating scientific dogma as fact finally has spilled over into political abuse, on a worldwide scale (it was science that first made its dogmas sacrosanct, worldwide--literally "throwing the baby out with the bath water" for the last 160 years, in order to demonize any idea connected with, or even falsely imagined to be connected with, religion or a belief in God).

And only my scientific research, into the true origin of all the "ancient mysteries", of ancient religious import, gets to the heart of the fundamental human problem, that has plagued mankind through all of known history. Mine is the greatest discovery in all of history, yet the world is so awash in unreasoning anger and fear, and science so abused as to be just another religion, that I literally have no scientific peers--really competent, and honest, scientists--to turn to (as I have found out over the last 11 years of seeking such).

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