Friday, May 30, 2014

Degeneracy Today, or The Coercion of Dogma Versus the Coercion of a Design

Steven Goddard has a post on "A Dark Age of Degeneracy", speaking about the state of the Democratic party in the U.S. now. This is no news to me, as I have been referring to them as "The Insane Left" for most of Obama's presidency, certainly since the passage of "Obamacare" in early 2010. But the degeneracy is not limited to politics, nor to recent years. My response to Goddard's post follows:

If you "believe" in undirected (Darwinian) evolution (evolution by "natural selection" of random mutations--the "greenhouse effect" of biological science--which is the consensus theory and the underlying paradigm for all the physical sciences today, particularly the earth and life sciences), you are upholding the major basis for the degeneracy, and you are part of the problem. Just as Obama is the revenge for Bush Jr. (ever hear of the saying, "out of the frying pan, into the fire"?), evolution was accepted into science, and increasingly defended to this day, as revenge for the coercive dogmas of religion (or the very idea of "God", widely misunderstood throughout history as coercive, when it is merely the design of the world which is coercive, just as the design of a car, or anything made by man, is coercive of the things you can do with it). Science went wrong when it thought it could oust the old religious superstitions and magical beliefs with Darwin's amateurish but detailedly argued theory, which simply ignored the logical implications of the designs (often amazingly obvious) he saw in the natural world--and scientists have been on an ever-increasing romp down the slippery slope of unfettered, incompetent imagination ever since, only claiming whenever the need arises that, "anything can happen, given enough time" (such as a runaway global climate, in the present go-round). The future will look back on this and the last 155 years (since Darwin's "Origin of Species") with shame (and it will be abject shame, indeed, before it is through, if we are led to World War for a third time, or if the U.S.A. becomes just another state overly coercive of its citizens, because as I, and so many others, have warned over and over, we, and especially the "leaders", have not learned from our past mistakes--we, taken altogether, are not "evolving", which in reality only means ever more learning, without forgetting--without degenerating).

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