Monday, November 10, 2014

There Is Still No Global Warming Greenhouse Effect

Steven Goddard is insisting that there is a "greenhouse effect" due to IR absorption by "greenhouse gases"; he claims they impede heat energy flow from the Earth's surface upward, like a dam across a river impedes the river's flow. My response:

From the Earth's surface to the tropopause, the energy flow is governed solely by the lapse rate in temperature, which is due solely to the gravitational acceleration g and the effective specific heat of the atmosphere--completely independent of just how the atmosphere is warmed, as for example by absorption and emission of IR radiation by IR-active ("greenhouse") gases in the atmosphere. "Greenhouse gases" don't impede the energy flow upward, as--again--my Venus/Earth temperatures comparison proved (simply: it precisely--precisely--confirmed the Standard Atmosphere, which is based upon the temperature lapse rate as the governing physical condition of the atmosphere--and this, despite local and transient, as well as latitudinal, variations of the real troposphere from its precise definition in the Standard Atmosphere). Your argument is based upon a false premise, and is therefore irrelevant, immaterial, and incompetent.


  1. "Goddard" started this nonsense back in October. At first, he appeared to be touting IPCC "science" by linking greenhouse to CO2. He received so much flak that he then tried to imply he was talking about water vapor as the greenhouse gas of significance. He still makes so many mistakes with the science.

    He doesn't seem to know the science very well. If someone presents evidence against his "beliefs", he calls them "idiot" or "moron".


  2. He seems to have changed his tune ...

    and before that ...