Monday, October 31, 2016

The Avoidance Behavior Is Strong In This One

The wuwt site has a post on "Science is in deep trouble...", concerning the sorry consensus-defending state of peer-review and the wider world's mistaken reliance on it as the arbiter of scientific truth. One comment questioned the post, by falsely questioning the author's (Donna Laframboise, I think) qualifications, not her points; I consider that avoidance behavior, and my response is:

The system is broken and truth is where you find it. Those who follow their favorite prejudice, or dogma, rather than seeking the truth, wherever it lies, will not recognize the truth as such even when it is presented to them, already found and perfectly clear.*** Instead, they bolt for the nearest rationalization for not confronting the truth and accepting it through honest reason. Dogma is ascendant over honest reason in the world today, as never before (because the rot is so universal today, not just political or religious, as in the past). The very paradigms (the fundamental assumptions)--by which the people come to, and hold to, their beliefs in this time (in politics, in religion, in science, in society and civilization itself)--are being strained beyond their natural limits, and visibly failing, for those with eyes to see. The underlying problem is unquestioned dogmas, in every field of human endeavor, too long nurtured and by now too strongly believed by too many to be questioned by all (and thrown out) as they should be.

*** The most obvious example right now: Those who will vote for Hillary Clinton believe the system is working tolerably well and want it to continue as it is, while those who will vote for Trump see that it is fundamentally broken and needs immediate fixing. The truth is that, if people want real progress, they will have to change themselves, by letting go of the false dogmas that are now choking the system, in so many ways (as all the insults, dismissals and denials on all sides clearly show).


  1. "Avoidance Behaviour" Nice euphemism, Harry. I like a couple of related terms. Bi-Partisan Tyranny ( that would be for the Narco-Kleptocracy ) and Bob Altmeyer's Authoritarianism ( shown clearly in George Orwell's Homage to Catalonia, where the war against Franco betrayed the common people by the communists every bit as quickly as the fascists ). BTW The movie Dogma is fun except for perhaps the final 10 minutes, when it bogs down badly.

    1. Good Evening, opit,

      "Avoidance Behavior" is not a euphemism (i.e., a "nicer term" for something one finds too harsh, or ugly, to contemplate--like "pushing up daisies" is a euphemism for "dead"). Using a euphemism is an example of avoidance behavior, and calling my use of the term "avoidance behavior" a euphemism is another example of avoidance behavior. Identifying a misleading argument as avoidance behavior is not a euphemism--it is telling the hard truth, calling a spade a spade, no matter how harsh that truth is for those who want to avoid it.