Friday, January 20, 2017

What Every Scientist Needs to Know

I have submitted the following comment to the Not Even Wrong site, to a post on "Fake Physics":

I haven't looked up any of the links above; they are not worth my time, because I know from long experience that the fakers are, just like virtually all scientists today, 1) operating within their own mental straitjacket, i.e., on their own favored beliefs, their own unquestioned dogmas, including about what is and is not "settled" science, and 2) they are trying too hard to answer what is to them the ultimate question--"ultimate" only in the sense that they think they know so much, "almost everything", except their favored theories have hit a wall (long ago, actually...when they were first advanced, in reality) and there's just this "final" answer they want (desperately, but they don't know that) to find--the answer to the question, "but is it real?"

Well, "it" is not real. In a word, they are simply deluded all around, because of those unconfronted, unquestioned dogmas they don't even see, won't even look at when they are pointed out to them. Here's the real problem, though: Most scientists today--you too, who are reading this--are religionists, not scientists, and they don't even know it.

Bottom line: There is a general crisis of incompetence across ALL fields of science today, due to a too-long nurturing of false dogmas in the foundations--like uniformitarianism and Darwinian evolution--and new, definitive knowledge needs to be properly confronted and admitted into science to begin to correct ... everything.

Dogma--inherently divisive, false dogma--is ascendant in the world today, in every confrontation, every debate or war, over good (honest and competent) reason.

I don't have all the answers, but I HAVE, as a hard, modern physicist--with the standards of evidence, especially precision, which that description indicates--made what I consider the greatest discovery in hard science in all of history to date, that mandates a new general paradigm about the origin of the world, and mankind's history-long intellectual journey, in search of more knowledge and more peace. If that sounds awkward, even crankish, tough; it merely indicates how central, how all-encompassing, is that discovery.

There is too much anguished pursuing of the whichness of the why, when you all should be open to new, clear and simple knowledge. Scientists have all lost their way, and they are all looking for it under the bright but useless light of current false theories, pursuing questions they only THINK are most important, rather than where they dropped it, deliberately, long ago.

This is off-the-cuff, and should not be taken as designed to be immediately convincing. You are going to have to LOOK and STUDY, competently and seriously, at what I have found, in order to be convinced. Just know that it is essential that you do, if you want to be a competent scientist...because it's the gospel truth, not to be denied forever.


  1. Nice rant, Harry. Judith Currie - and Roger A. Pielke and Denis Rancourt and many more - are all kicking against the pricks lying their faces off about 'scientific consensus.'

    1. Good Morning, opit,

      No use trying to identify my position with those of Curry, Pielke, et al.. They are just as deluded, just as ignorant, just as incompetent, about what is "settled science" and about what is good science (necessary and sufficient scientific method). They're just not liars too.

      And it's not a rant, but a lecture, to spoiled children, from an adult who knows they've been thoughtlessly running with sharp scissors--metaphorically speaking--for far too long.