Wednesday, February 1, 2017

On the Consequences of Too-Long Nurtured Dogmas

I submitted the following comment on American Thinker, in response to other comments that were speculating about the "real evil" confronting the American people and the world now (on American Thinker, the common answer is "Democrats and the Left", and they are right, right now--but not necessarily for long):

I am an independent scientist, who has made a uniquely great--literally unprecedented in history--discovery that has allowed me to see the hardening and escalating confrontations of dogmatic thoughts and divisions of this time, the early 21st century, in a larger light than, basically, anyone else. Right now, we are confronted with what I call the Insane Left, but that is not the full extent of what is going on. I don't have all the answers--I know the heart of it, but not the myriad living connections, acting throughout history and even before, involved--but I know, as no one else on Earth does, that it is not limited to any particular group, or even groups, of people. It is not even a single world view, such as "globalist". It goes beyond any "conspiracy theory", beyond "Left" vs. "Right", and beyond any physical nexus. It involves the entire set of divisive dogmas held by mankind on Earth, and too-long nurtured as inviolate--religiously, unquestioningly held by each separate group, that makes of each such group a cult, when taken too far--and as such it is not even "evil", in its essence. It is instead a GENERAL TESTING of mankind. Unquestioned dogmas--and especially the worst of the worst FALSE dogmas--are generally ascendant over good honest reason in the world now, and we are all being shown the insanity of man adhering to dogma rather than to his god-given ability to reason. Such adherence is false at its heart--to the very freedom of man to THINK--no matter how many "honestly" believe a given dogma. For now, it is appropriate to confront the immediate danger of the Insane Left, but we will be faced with the insane radicalization of other dogmas--Islamic terrorism and expansion is another prime example now, just as an insane "climate science" is--as long as we fail to learn the real lesson being taught mankind. Too many have for too long abused their reason and the reason of others, and it is now a worldwide, full-blown epidemic.


As a scientist, I would add that what makes nurturing a dogma "too long" is, generally speaking, the uncovering of evidence definitely counter to that dogma. "Climate science" is well past that point, for example.

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