Saturday, January 9, 2021

A General Testing of Mankind's Many False Dogmas Now

I have submitted the following comment on the Conservative Treehouse site, about the roots of mankind's many competing dogmas (expressed as bumper stickers, as one commenter noted), in the context of the term "son of god":

“Bumper stickers” is just another way of saying “dogma” (unquestioned, religiously-held belief), and the history of Man on Earth is the history of his many dogmas, which are all rooted in an unplumbed pre-history, passed down as uncounted and mythologized shards of knowledge of that earlier, unchronicled time. I write as the one who has pierced all of that obstructing past, to reveal WHY mankind is riddled with false dogmas.

The world’s dogmas (competing, conflicting, and to varying degrees, all false) are being tested now. We are living in a climactic time, a general testing of our many beliefs. “Anything to avoid addressing the point” is the order of the day, across the full range of “points”, of conflict. This time of testing coincides with my uncovering the very roots of mankind’s dogmas. All must sooner or later finally question all of them, as you are doing in a limited way with your questions here.

The overall point is: Everyone’s dogmas are false, to a generally unknown extent. The less you know about each conflicting dogma’s actual history (how it has affected past generations) and its origin above all, the more you will get hung up on others wanting to respond to you with their dogma, rather than your “logic and reason” (which is severely limited by your own apparent ignorance of how it all came to be, and developed, over millennia, not instantly as the dogma itself is always presented, as an unquestioned and unquestionable axiom, cleansed of all history, and falsely so).

I suggest you are asking the wrong people, and like every other truth-seeker who ever lived, you will need instead to study in lonely isolation.

You seem exercised to point out imperfection in Christianity, for example. Widen your search, to all religions. Christianity is not the same for every Christian, either.

Or just study the term “son of god”, throughout all texts throughout all of written history. This won’t answer the questions you have posed here; rather, it will enlarge your frame of reference, and free your mind to work better (all religions are imperfect, and riddled with false dogmas, AND all have come out of the same origin — which I alone have uncovered — but followed along different historical paths and cultural interactions to a plethora of religions.)

Look at the Greek myths (then look at the early “gods” myths of all cultures). You will find the “son of god” to be a central theme. Hercules was the son of the high god; all of the “mighty heroes” (the “men of renown” the Bible calls them) were literally the sons of the gods.

The “divine right” of kings — what distinguished a king from his subjects — was his supposed direct lineage as a son of god. You may see where this is going: ALL mankind are “sons of god”, just here in a degraded state of ignorance. This is the very root of “the inalienable rights of man”, of EVERY “man” (meaning human, meaning intelligent being, capable of learning …all…but of course not all at once).

The Bible even says, casually and entirely too shortly, that the sons of god saw the daughters of men, that they were fair, and out of their mating came those “men of renown”, who (wouldn’t you know) inherited their essential “mythical” character (or unquestioned religous DOGMA) of “son of god”.

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