Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Skeptic Believers" Wrong: Response to James Delingpole

James Delingpole says that his experts need to be listened to, and I have submitted the following comment in response:

You are not clearing the air here, you are continuing the practice of ignoring the definitive FACTS, not theory, that not only disprove the "greenhouse effect" hypothesis, but reveal the fundamental and general incompetence among the "experts" on both sides of the climate science debates, and directly and simply CORRECTS them, as none of your sources have done, though they have had years to do so. None of the "experts" cited here are entirely competent. For example, the troposphere, the main mass of the atmosphere, is not warmed from the top nor from the bottom. It is warmed by direct absorption, throughout the troposphere, of incident solar radiation, specifically in the infrared portion of that incident radiation. And the fundamental truth of the Stefan-Boltzmann "blackbody" formula is not that one has to compare a given body to a "hole", or a cavity with a narrow opening; it is that the formula specifies that "radiational power in = radiational power (due to attained temperature) out". If there is any non-radiational heat energy emitted by the body--by conduction or convection of heat into a surrounding medium, like the atmosphere surrounds the planetary surface--then the Stefan-Boltzmann formula does not apply. Joseph Postma, and you, were wrong just a week or so ago, when you argued flatly that the vacuum of space (with its 3K thermal radiation) has no temperature; it does.

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