Monday, March 5, 2012

The Stratosphere: An Indication of Design

I submitted the following comment to the bishop hill web site this morning, where the solar influence on climate was being discussed, and the variability of the Sun in its output of ultraviolet radiation was brought up. I think a wider, deeper understanding is necessary, particularly in the face of my epochal finding of a wholesale re-design of the Earth and solar system, less than 20,000 years ago:

Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun may be quite variable (and dangerous to living tissue), but it is only 8% of the Sun's power output, and is almost entirely absorbed in the stratosphere (causing the distinctive, positive temperature lapse rate there), above the troposphere and our own, (yes) protected, environment. This circumstance is not merely convenient for us, and all the life on Earth, it is indicative of design. The bottom line is, climate science is today a fool's science, and the stable Standard Atmosphere rules, not "runaway climate". Science and the world have simply been on the wrong track, and miseducated for generations, by the belief in a climate that can periodically, even routinely, crash into a global "ice age" (so why not, they childishly thought, an equally catastrophic global warming?). The vain public debates over climate science, and revelations of its fundamental incompetence, are all just a matter of false dogma in science, bred and raised to a destructive level worldwide, now biting everyone where it hurts the most.

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