Saturday, February 9, 2013

Casting Off Fearful and Hateful Dogmas Is the Key

Steven Goddard has a post on the saving grace of the Internet today, where he concludes: "Information is the key to keeping the tyrants at bay." My response follows:

I think a true sense of morals--above all, honesty over self-interest, and logical reasoning over unquestioning acceptance of received "wisdom", or dogmas--is the key. I have known, ever since I discovered the Great Design of the "gods", that unquestioned dogmas were the key, and the universal threat to man, in this time. That's because I found that all of the "ancient mysteries"--and hence, all the earliest and most stubborn, religiously-held dogmas--came from visual images wrought on the Earth and celestial spheres by the design (the original "sacred images" and "sacred truth", never to be questioned by mankind). And also, because some of those early dogmas, of the bloody-minded, fearful variety, are among the greatest threats to free men now (most obviously, the lie that passes for a religion, Islam, in which "Allah" really has the same jealous and demanding nature as the "gods", and is really based upon the same, age-old superstitions left over from the worst age of the "gods").


  1. I have a sinking feeling that Goddard's readers, a majority atheists, would call you a crank for that.

    This is off topic, but what's your take on NASA's and SETI's obsession with aliens? Was Crichton right, or...?

    1. I read Goddard regularly, am agnostic and have no problem with Harry's post.

  2. Good Evening,

    I know. The world is awash in what I long ago came to consider second-rate and third-rate reasoning, of which atheism is the prime example. Scientists' denial of the possibility, much less a demonstrated reality (as I have shown), of design of the "natural world", is due to its dogmatic and emotional rejection of the idea of God, which I consider is really the rejection of a logically necessary, a priori, overarching meaning--in a higher reality that includes our physical reality--which underlies, and thus assures the objective reality of, the meaning we sense, and confirm with our every coherent thought. Why do we think at all, and to such good effect, if our thoughts are but the result of undirected physical processes, as evolutionists insist? The "consensus" viewpoint on this is sheer idiocy, and atheists are too obsessed with denying a strawman God, of the "old man with a beard, sitting in the sky" variety (yet they cannot disprove even that caricature, they can only deride its obvious childishness).

    I don't know anything about NASA's "obsession" with aliens, nor what Crichton thought about them, and I have, since the first time I heard of SETI in the 1960's, thought it was a childish waste of time, in both its motivation (the crude "Drake Equation" for the supposed probability of other intelligent life in the universe) and its method (monitoring the most universally, naturally-produced, hydrogen wavelength of cosmic radio waves, searching for randomly-sent messages from extraterrestrial intelligences). My discovery and verification of the great design of the "gods"--as I call it--makes SETI obsolete, of course. Shortly put, extraterrestrials not only exist, and visited the Earth, but they were directly responsible for the intellectual (and physical) origins of mankind on Earth, and for our entire, ever-troubled history of abuse of religiously-held ideas. I have made the greatest discovery in history, of the objective origin of all those ancient obsessions, and all the highest intellectual endeavors of man on Earth. Knowing that, should I be bothered by ignorant people, ignorantly calling me a crank? No, anyone who knows the design as I do, is at one with the "gods" themselves, and immortal. As I wrote in my book, "The End of the Mystery":

    "How can I describe the feeling of immediate revelation, the intellectual joy of unlocking time itself and speaking directly with the ancients? When one reads a phrase in a book that moves one, or solves a puzzle set by another, one's mind resonates with the same thoughts as the author's, a form of communication. Now, my mind had touched the mind of a designer separated from me by the entire history of the human race, a mind that had encompassed the sky. I am a physicist and mathematician, trained in diamond-hard ideas, and this was a new one, entirely new (yet obviously so old)..."

  3. Crichton smashed SETI, and like you viewed the Drake Equation as useless. So many variables based on nothing.

    Have you ever heard of CSICOP? It is a so-called skeptical organization that views religion (Christianity; no other religions are criticized) as evil and dogmatic, and wholly believes in the man-made global warming theory.

    And lastly, are you the only one aware of such knowledge? You seem to be (rightfully) critical of conspiracy theories. Yet I have no doubt you have been labelled as a crank by either side. I'm sure with your research you are not the only one to know such things. Do you think such things will become acknowledged someday?

  4. Unknown,

    You are stirring the ashes of a never-ending conversation, running through all of history and all peoples. I come into the wider public discussion with the new knowledge of the original, objective motivation for that conversation, the world-encompassing design whose shattered remembrance, in the (precise) details of myths and other ancient testimonies, gave rise to all the "ancient mysteries" of man on Earth. Am I the only one aware of that specific, world-changing knowledge? Yes, if you discount the possibility that a literal handful of others might even now be reading my book or internet writings, and accepting what I have written.

    There are, of course, quite a few "alternative" researchers into the many ancient puzzles, but the Great Design of the "gods" is as new to them as to everyone else, and the ones I have communicated with (years ago now) have been loath to part from the specific lines of their own research, or openly acknowledge my rather all-encompassing findings. At least one responded with righteous anger at my "arrogant" claims to having found the heart of so many famous mysteries--time and time again--where no one else had, and giving detailed explanations quite different from what others were now writing.

    I know CSICOP, by its dogmatic rejection and suppression of anything that challenges the scientific consensus. It represents a slavish adherence to the overreaching speculations of academics, or current scientific authorities, which it represents (falsely) to be the "scientific facts" or "settled science". Having found the central, historical truth that renders the "science vs. religion" debate/war obsolete (and upon which CSICOP feeds), my findings literally erase the reason for its existence. The war CSICOP fights is misbegotten and, at bottom, justified only by past wrongs done, not by fundamental truths denied--just like the war jihadist Muslims now fight, and as you mention, both of these wars largely against Christianity, because of its central place in the history and thinking of the U.S. and the West, and its various, inevitable sins (being a flawed, human endeavor), both real and imagined (the latter, because its critics are also flawed humans, and equally ignorant of the larger historical truths I am trying to communicate).

    I have found the single source of it all--for the original division of mankind, and its plethora of historical consequences--so yes, that truth will someday be acknowledged as the truth, by the world. For now, the world is divided into aggressors and defenders (and the aggressors most loudly proclaiming they are the real defenders).